USMC Recruiting Districts Map

If you want to become a Marine, you should contact your local recruit substation (RSS). Every substation is under the jurisdiction of a Marine Recruit Station (RS), usually each RS will have around 10-15 RSS’s.Each RS is part of a Recruiting District. There are six districts across the nation. The Districts are part of The Marine Corps Recruiting Command (MCRC), responsible for military recruitment of civilians into the USMC.

USMC Recruiting Districts Map

USMC Recruiting Districts Map

The MCRD has a few responsibilities. First and foremost, it has to find volunteers to join the Marines. It is responsible for getting those civilians ready for boot camp, Officer Candidates School, or the Naval Academy.

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  1. How do I get into a Marine ROTC program in college? I do not need nor want a ROTC scholarship.

    Thank you.

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