Springfield MA Marine Corps Recruit Station (RS)

The Springfield Massachusetts MA Marine Corps Recruit Station is part of the 1st Marine Corps Recruiting District.

Recruit Sub Stations of RS Springfield

RSS Auburn

Auburn atlanta falcons Jerseys walmart Crossing, 482 Southbridge Street,
Auburn, MA 01501-2468
(508) 832-6231

RSS Bridgeport

4490 Main Street,
Bridgeport, CT 06606-1800
(203) 365-6575

RSS Brookfield

132 Federal Road,
Brookfield, cheap atlanta falcons Jersey CT 06804-2545
(203) 740-2032

RSS Fall River

374 William South Canning Boulevard, Suite 10
Fall wholesale atlanta falcons Jerseys walmart River, MA 02721-2352
(508) 674-5553

RSS Hartford

U. S. Marines, 233 Pearl Street, Suite 4,
Hartford, CT 06103-2106
(860) 493-1315

RSS Milford

206 East Main Street, Suite 2B,
Milford, MA 01757-2830
(508) 381-5045

RSS New Haven

55 Church Street, Suite 102,
New Haven, CT 06510-3014
(203) 789-4485

RSS Northern Vermont

1944 wholesale atlanta falcons Jerseys military Williston Road, Suite 1,
South Burlington, VT 05403-6092
(802) 865-7681

RSS Warwick

1800 Post Road, Suite 10, Airport Plaza,
Warwick, RI 02886-1534
(401) 586-6369

RSS Waterbury

581 Wolcott Street,
Waterbury, CT 06705-1325
(203) 591-5015

RSS Worcester

255 Park Avenue, Suite 308,
Worcester, MA 01609-1991
(508) authentic atlanta falcons Jerseys 755-1338

OSO Amherst

6 University Drive, Suite 205,
Amherst, MA 01002-2265
(413) 687-6259

Officer Selection Office OSO Providence

222 Richmond Street, Suite 114,
Providence, RI 02903-4225
(401) 521-1244

4 thoughts on “Springfield MA Marine Corps Recruit Station (RS)”

  1. Is there a way to report a recruiter that is outright lying? Does anyone higher up the food chain care? I thought joining the marines I was joining a life long brotherhood. Not sure I want a back stabbing recruiter as my brother. Gives the marines a bad name.

  2. I have been going through the recruiting process near my hometown, I have considered every branch of the military and Marines is without a doubt where I want to be. Although I am already having problems with my recruiter. He has rescheduled my MEPS trip twice and has made up excuses and false statements already. I do not want to bash him or “throw him under the bus”, So I was wondering how I can talk to a different recruiter without making it a big deal or getting him in trouble, because I’m sure he will get himself into his own trap.

    1. Great choice with USMC! OORAH! Go talk to another local recruiter, in Bristol or Hartford or somewhere else. Look up the substations for RSS Springfield and talk to them. I have had numerous problems with the Torrington Recruiters in CT. I don’t know where you are from but there are Recruiting Sub Stations all over, look them up for your area and go talk to them.

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