Portsmouth NH Marine Corps Recruit Station (RS)

The Portsmouth New Hampshire NH Marine Corps Recruit Station is part of the 1st Marine Corps Recruiting District.

RS Portsmouth Headquarters

755 Banfield Road, Suite 2
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Recruit Sub Stations of RS Portsmouth

3 thoughts on “Portsmouth NH Marine Corps Recruit Station (RS)”

  1. Would you folks know how I could check the name of a Marine Recruiter stationed in the Portsmouth, NH area office in 1946-47?

  2. Hello I was wondering if the marine corps would accept my record, I’ve gotten a underage drinking charge from 2009 and a transportation of a controlled drug for two marijuana roaches and a pipe in my ash tray from September 2013

  3. I’m going to be going to the Basic Recruiter Course in the next year, and am currently looking for information about the various RSS for each RS within 1st, 9th, and 12th district. Right now I can’t seem to find which RSSs fall under RS Portsmouth anywhere that I look other than RSS Central Maine and RSS Southern Maine. I only know those two because it’s the area I’m originally from. Any help will be appreciated.

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