Milwaukee WI Marine Corps Recruit Station (RS)

The Milwaukee Wisconsin WI Marine Corps Recruit Station is part of the 9th Marine Corps Recruiting District.

Recruit Sub Stations of RS Milwaukee

RSS Appleton

3436 W. College Ave.
Appleton, WI

RSS Fond du Lac

622 Wildwood Rd.
West Bend, WI

RSS Green Bay

2809 S. Oneida St. Suite C
Green Bay, WI

RSS Janesville

2900 Deerfield Dr. Suite 9D
Janesville, WI

RSS LaCrosse

2322 State Rd.
LaCrosse, WI

RSS Madison

1781 Thierer Rd. Bay B264
Madison, WI

RSS North Milwaukee

8333 W. Appleton Ave. Suite 300B
Milwaukee, WI

RSS Racine

5650 Durand Ave. Bay B264
Racine, WI

RSS Rockford

5458 E. State St.
Rockford, IL

RSS South Milwaukee

6176 W. Layton Ave.
Greenfield, WI

RSS Upper Peninsula

American Mall, 535 County Rd HQ Ste 1
Marquette, MI

RSS Waukesha

17135 West Bluemound Rd. Suite C
Brookfield, WI

RSS Wausau

330 Grand Ave. Suite 104
Wausau, WI

2 thoughts on “Milwaukee WI Marine Corps Recruit Station (RS)”

  1. I am a director of a day camp in Milwaukee. Do the marines ever come out for PR and talk to children in elementary school age?

  2. i wanted to inquire as to getting recruiters assistance and herd that my home town of Tomah, WI just opened up a recruiting office and was wondering if this web site just has to be updated or if the rumor is false if you could please get back to me on the subject in the near future that would be much appriciated. thank you for your time

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