Marine Corps Recruiting Offices

The USMC has the responsibility of recruiting qualified applicants from across the nation as well as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. It’s a huge job. Whether you live in the bustling cities of New York City, Los Angeles or Chicago to a small rural town in Wyoming, there is discount chicago bears Jerseys a recruiting office orange chicago bears Jersey near you where a Marine recruiter is available to answer your questions and assist you in the enlistment process of joining the chicago bears Jerseys custom Marines.

The US Eastern and Western USMC Recruiting Regions

The Marine Corps divides its recruiting efforts into dividing coverage areas into various districts, which are comprised of recruit substations. There are two recruiting regions, the eastern and western chicago bears Jersey cohen recruiting regions which are each divided into three recruiting districts.

Find Your Local Marine Recruiting Office

There are six Marine Corps chicago bears Jerseys clearance recruiting districts, find out which one you are living in and browse the recruit substations for the one nearest you.

1st Marine Corps Recruiting District

Includes Albany, Buffalo, Harrisburg, New Jersey, New York, Pittsburgh, Portsmouth and Springfield areas.

4th Marine Corps Recruiting District

Includes Baltimore, Charleston, Cleveland, Detroit, Frederick, Louisville, Raleigh, and Richmond recruiting offices.

6th Marine Corps Recruiting District

Includes Atalanta, Baton Rouge, Columbia, Ft Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Montgomery, Nashville and Orlando USMC recruiting offices.

8th Marine Corps Recruiting District

Includes Albuquerque, Dallas, Denver, Forth Worth, Houston, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, and San Antonio Marine Corps recruiting areas.

9th Marine Corps Recruiting District

Includes Kansas City, Chicago, Des Moines, Indianapolis, St Louis, Lansing, Milwaukee, Minneapolis and St Paul recruiting offices.

12th Marine Corps Recruiting District

Includes Portland, Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County Marine Corps recruiting offices.

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  1. Hi sir/madam;
    i am Blamah B. Sirleaf from and lived in Liberia, a junior student reading Criminal Justice with emphysis in sociology.
    It has since been my dream of serving the United State, by joining its Marine Corps , but i do not have the financial support to get to the United State.
    in the name of God i am appealing to anyone who love God and United State to kindly assist me to forfail my dream, may the almighty God be with you GOD BLESSEED AMERICA.

  2. Hi I’ve been interested in joining for a while, I was speaking to a recruiter and I guess I wasn’t ready,and I’m not a hundred percent sure if I want to join I just wanted to ask because I had a severe accident and I was left with a bald spot on the back of my head now I am currently thinking of getting a tattoo on it and I was wondering if I later decide to join will I be able to join if I get a tattoo?

  3. Hi
    I am a South African male and I want to know if its possible for me to join the USMC without being a US citizen? I have no previous training and I am looking to start basic training with the USMC

  4. how can I find the closest recruiting sub station near Chapel hill N.C.. looking for info on Marine Corps rotc program.

  5. I am looking to see where I could sent care packages to troops overseas. If anyone knows of an address or anything around springfield ohio please help thank you.

  6. Hallo sir,am kenyan currently working with the prisons department but i have had this passion of joining USMC.I got a C+ in high school,am physically fit;infact i underwent 9months physical training to become a prison officer.I don’tave physical or mental ability and i have no criminal record.So is it possible for me to join the marine with the above details sir please

  7. I would like to know where I could file a complaint about a local Marine if anyone has any info on that, I would appreciate it. Thanks

  8. I’m trying to sign up but I can’t find a recruiter around the West Monroe Louisiana area. If someone could contact me on my email, facebook, or some other way to help it would be greatly appreciated.

  9. I’m doing adult education in Henderson Nevada I’m in classes with other students and theres a teacher in the class room I go 5 times a week and wondering if I can still join The US Marines with a adult education high school diploma I’m 19 years old with a clean record

  10. I need to now if I will be able to join the a marine because I am short but keep up with people bigger that me I even past my ist when I went pt w marines. I really wanna go back but not sure if ima jus wast ther time if I dnt grow and dq at meps for hieght or do I hav a chance:?

  11. I’m a senior in High school wanting to join the Marine Corps and eventually become a Marine Scout Sniper and I need to know were I can go to sign up for the Marines

  12. I am Yemeni (not american) and i really want to join the marines i was in Hawaii and i joined the MCJROTC program in the high school and i am a cadet 2nd i am in Yemen and i want to join, is there a possibility for me to do so..

  13. I’m a senior in high school and I live over seas in Japan on a US Naval Base and I want to join the Marines but there is no Marine recruiter here and I don’t know what to do

  14. I am trying to find arm bands with marine logo. My son is a marine told me to try recruiter in my area. Annapolis, Maryland.

  15. To whom it may concern, im looking to join the USMC, however im needing some information 1st. im a british citizen and i have a partial hearing problem, so i was wondering what my chances would be before i applied, any info would be great.

  16. For all those asking questions about how to contact a local recruiting office; I am sure this information is widely available on the internet. Also, you could just drive around your area and chances are there is an office close by. For those who truly want to enlist in the Marine Corps, I would recommend contacting a recruiter directly vs. posting your own contact information on this website.

  17. hi. my name is kaleb. im 19 years of age. i dropped out after 8th grade. started down the wrong path in life. i caught a case in lafayette indiana. it got dropped here recently. i need help. i have no g.e.d or high school diploma. but i will do whatever it takes just so i dont live the life im living now. ive made mistakes. but its time for a change. if any recruiter can help. plz do so. greatelly appreciated. kaleb petersen…

    1. Kaleb im sorry to tell you this but your chances are very slim to none…the Marine Corps will not accept anyone without at least a GED and even with a GED its very hard to go still.

  18. Looking for contact info for Marine Corps Recruiting Station in Jackson, MS…
    Please fwd address and phone number, if possible.

    Respectfully, Leo Roberts….Captain, U.S. Marine Corps, Retired

  19. I’m looking for a recruiting officer I can talk to about joining the Marines I am a 21 yr old male I have a high school diploma. I live outside Dallas and would really like to talk to a recruiting officer for my area i live in the 75125 zip code is there anyone that can help me?

  20. I’m a soldier of the Nigeria Army. With all my mind, I wish to become a Marine in the US Marine corp. I am begging the Us government to make a way for non American to able get enlisted into the US marine.

  21. Im looking for a recruiter around Birmingham Alabama to answer some questions for me about switching over to the marine corp from the army

  22. I want to join the marines but do not know if I am eligible to do so. I was involved in a car accident while I was intoxicated. I was charged and convicted of 4th degree aggravated assault and a DWI. This was the first crime I committed, I served less then six months in a county jail. Its because of this that I’m unaware if I’m eligible to join the U.S.M.Cs. If I’m not eligible I am eligible for the foreign legion. I’ve had a couple of friends (former marines) tell me that I should be accepted but, they are not 100% on that. I’ve also read from a couple places that I may still be eligible because it was a DWI related incident. Anyone know for sure? I want to be a soldier in my country, but since we are so up tight these days and like to persecute people for things, I may fight under another flag if necessary.

    1. You want to serve your country, yet you’re willing leave it to become a citizen of another country just to get the glory of saying you fought for something…interesting.

      1. I want to fight for my country above all but, it’s in my blood to be a soldier. So I’ll be a soldier even if my country rejects me. I want to preserve and protect life. I don’t want glory or commendations, I need to be a soldier. So before you question any service I may do, don’t think there is a hidden agenda within it.

        1. Well Daniel the whole thing is when you go to MEPS the recruiter will ask you about any former convictions. I personally dont really know how a DWI would be but im guessing it might have to go to a waiver..but contact your closest Marine Recruiting Station to get the whole thing. Good luck wherever it is you end up

  23. Hi,
    I want to be come a US Marin, so i want to know the requirements as i am an African from the west part of Africa Sierra Leone, please send me a detain information,
    Brian Fofanah


    1. You need to take the practice ASVAB first. Trust me its easy as long as you score a 32 you will be able to go on to take the ASVAB..just remember though with the ASVAB your line scores are what matters most and will determine what jobs you qualify for.

    1. I’m trying to assist my son to enlist in marine Corp. We live in US Virgin Isle. Zip 00803. He didn’t complete high school, dropped out 11 grade.
      Is there a program that allows him to aquire GED while insisted?

  25. I am a teacher at Virgil Middle School (152 N. Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90004) and have been trying to get in touch with the nearest Marine Recruiting Office by phone for several days now. We have many students very interested in the Marine Corps and were wondering if a recruiter could be spared to present at our career day on April 6, 12:30-3:00pm. Please reply with appropriate contact info or forward this on to the appropriate office. Thank you so much,
    Bethany McWhirter

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