Marine Corps Recruiting Districts

Western and Eastern Recruiting Regions

All enlisted recruits begin their journey in the Corps by coming into contact with one of the Marine Corps Recruiting Districts. The Corps manages the recruiting districts by dividing the country in half using the Mississippi River as a marker. Generally, all areas west of the Mississippi River are covered by the Western Recruiting Region, and all areas east are covered by the Eastern Recruiting Region.

USMC Recruiting District and Recruiting Stations

Each recruiting region is divided into three districts. Then, each district is divided yet again into multiple recruiting stations in cities or populated areas and recruiting sub-stations in smaller less populated areas.

There are estimates that there about 48 recruiting stations in the nation and about 575 recruiting sub-stations. The USMC must cover all areas of the continental US, Hawaii, Alaska, and various US republics like Puerto Rico and Guam.

Check out this Marine Corps Recruiting District Map to see which area of the map your recruiting district is in:

USMC Recruit District Map

12 thoughts on “Marine Corps Recruiting Districts”

  1. Hey I am an Australian high school student graduating in 12 months. I have seen international applicants join the USMC how would one go about doing this, call a recruiting office in the States or?


  2. I am a Disabled Veteran and Marine Recon guy, Honorably Discharged in 2002. Graduating with a Bachelors of Science in the spring of 2015, I am incurring on a Roman Catholic Deacon position, with a question I leave you??? If Disabled Status of 100 percent, is there any type of position that can once place me in the ranks serving God and the USMC? Please respond appropriately. Semper Fidelis, Semper Reconnaissance.

  3. Good day, I am a retired Navy veteran and my son is thinking of joining either the Army or the Marines. We live in Naples Italy, he is a US citizen. How can we talk to a recruiter ? Do any recruiters ever come here ? Thanks

    1. I would think your son would have to return to the states both to enlist and go through basic. It’s obvious you have access to the internet, type in USMC and you should get the phone book. With all due respect, things may be tough, but I don’t think the Armed Forces of the United States are compelled to recruit outside of the United States or are allowed to. Go to the US Embassy in Italy, they may be able to help.

  4. Trying to find this person. A dog tag was found in Vietnam 2 years ago by an Australian teacher. His name is not on the wall. The name on the dog tag is martinson t. t. – 1984028 – U S M C Please contact me by email if you can
    tell me how I can find this person.

    1. Marine Corps records are out of Kansas City, I believe, 198? had to have gone in in ’65-’66. The V.A. may be able to help.

  5. I’am a marine vietnam veteran I have a beef with a recuiter in the philadelphia area. It envolves my granddaughter. I need to talk to someone about this problem please email me with the contact info. asap

  6. Just looking to talk face to face I’m 26 lost my great job I’m 6’3 and 280lbs looking for a change and do my part

    1. 26, 6′-3″ and 280 lbs? Sounds like you can do whatever you want in any branch of the armed forces, except maybe submarine duty. If a college graduate, look into an officer program. I mean you sound perfect for the Corps. Any recruiter would be happy to speak to you.

  7. Great article but I want to point something out. should it be puerto rico instead of dominican republic? last time I checked puerto rico is the US territory and Dominican Republic is an independent country?

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