Marine Corps Recruiters

A Marine Corps recruiter’s job is to find qualified applicants to fill the ranks of the USMC and assist potential recruits with everything they need to know and prepare for before boot camp. They make sure interested applicants are eligible for Marine Corps duty, they help them with all of their paperwork, they answer questions about training and military life for the recruit and their family. A recruiter will help potential recruits get ready for the rigors of boot camp.

Marine recruiters work long hours, often Monday through Saturday. It’s a demanding job with an irregular schedule, with work days often beginning as early as 5am and ending late into the evening. It requires a lot of driving including visits to various high schools, malls and other areas where potential applicants may be found. It requires home visits to poolees homes. It often requires trips to MEPS to drop off and pick up poolees. There are many hours spent on the phone calling people who have expressed interest in joining the Marines.

A typical recruiting goal is to attract at least three applicants a month, which is quite a demanding task.

It’s good for anyone interested in joining the Marines to understand the goals and responsibilities of a their recruiter. cheap chicago bears Jerseys for kids Unfortunately, there have been cases of recruiters lying or misguiding applicants because of the pressure they are under to cheap chicago bears Jerseys for sale produce results and get qualified applicants to enlist in the Corps. Make sure you know your rights. Make sure you do not lie or cheat to get into the military. If it is discovered that you lied during your application process, you could be discharged from the Marine Corps.

A recruiter is there to assist you, not pressure you or bully you into joining. They’re there to make sure your questions are answered accurately and that you are sure of what you’re getting into. Understand that they will definitely tell you about the best parts of Marine women’s chicago bears Jerseys cheap Corps life, but they will also probably focus less on what is harder…so make sure that you chicago bears Jersey youth really think about your decision and how it fits into your life. Don’t be afraid to ask gsh on chicago bears Jerseys your recruiter what the drawbacks of military life may be…strain on the family, danger, moving around a lot, etc etc.

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  1. Hi my name is Antin Tamwabeti from the Republic of Kiribati in the Central Pacific. I always dream of becoming a US Marine Corps but the only problem is that I am not a US citizen and still living outside the US. I wanted to know if I can have a chance to join the Marine Corps.

  2. Hi my name is [name removed] and my dream is to be a marine I already graduated from high school. The problem is that I’m over weight and I need to lose 100lbs before joining. I wanted to know if there is any way that a marine recruiter can do a one on one training with me so I can join in.

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