Marine Corps Recruit Assistance

While on leave, recruits may be selected for the “Permissive Recruiter Assistance Support Program” (PRASP) to help out USMC recruiting efforts in their hometowns.

Recruiter’s assistance is an opportunity for a new Marine, home on a post-boot camp 10-day leave, to work at their local recruiter’s office. It’s a great way to work towards a promotion.

A lot of Marines really enjoy this opportunity, as they are proud to have recently earned the title of “Marine” and are now back home as a new person.


PTAD is “Permissive Temporary Assigned Duty”, which, in this case, means “recruiter’s assistance”. Not every Marine is even eligible for recruiter’s assistance; it depends largely on what MOS you are in. Specifically, infantry Marines and reservists are not eligible for recruiting assistance duty.

So what does USMC recruit assistance entail? Well, it’s usually long hours (often it’s from 7am-7pm Mon-Sat) where you will assist recruiters in your hometown. The job changes depending on the needs of the recruiters, but in general, it means accompanying recruiters to talk about the Corps to high school-aged teens around town. You may attend events, go to shopping malls or other locations where potential recruits may be found and you’ll relate to them as someone from their own town who chose to join the Marine Corps. You’ll answer their questions and help prepare poolees for boot camp. Who better to give useful advice than a Marine fresh from boot camp? Also, recruit assistants help with a random assortment of tasks like scheduling training events and calling interested people.

Marine Corps recruit assistance does not have a set amount of time, but it tends to be about two weeks long.

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4 Responses to Marine Corps Recruit Assistance

  1. Jelly says:

    how long does recruiters assistant last for the job i mean?

  2. J. Hello says:

    Yes you can still be a Marine. Become an American citizen and pass MEPS and the ASVAB and you will go to boot camp.

  3. mo patiño says:

    i´m not american and i live in mexico;
    the thing is that i want to be a us marin, it´s that possible?

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