9th Marine Corps Recruiting District

The 9th Marine Corps Recruiting District is one of 6 USMC recruiting districts in the US. The 9th Marine Recruiting District covers large portions of the Midwest in areas of Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota

It has the following Recruiting Stations:

RS Kansas City
RS Chicago
RS Des Moines
RS Indianapolis
RS St. Louis
RS Lansing
RS Milwaukee
RS Twin Cities

12 thoughts on “9th Marine Corps Recruiting District”

  1. I served in the 9th District for many years, and retired from RS Des Moines. Iwas the RI for 4 years when it was RS Rock Island, I also filled every billet with SUPERLATIVE success. My question is why have I never been invited to a Marines Corps Ball? Col. Dave Goulet, former Commanding Officer of the 1st Marine Corps District has invited me to his. I live in the “TAOR” of Rs Des Moines. I served the District very proud and well. If you can tell me I would appreciate it. Semper Fi Timothy D Waynick/Msgt/USMC

    1. Hey Tim
      I have not been invited either to the Ball or a retired Marine lunch, which is required by the Programs Book! I guess they forgot about us.
      Bob Vance

  2. I’m interested in learning about the 9th Marine Corps District as a unit – the unit’s history/awards, etc. What can you tell me?

    1. I am Sgt Douglass S. Huseman, USMC. I was assigned to HQ, 9th MarCorDist (1979-1983) when the unit was located in
      Shawnee Mission, Ks. I was the District’s Files, Directives & Publications Clerk under Colonel’s Humphries, Lessard, and Breath.
      I never did get an answer to my question, which was about what unit awards the command holds. Thank you.

  3. My son, who desires to be a third generation Marine, has attempted to make contact with recruiters out of both RSS Dixon, IL and RSS Aurora, IL. Both RSSs have offered poor initial contact and lackluster follow up. In fact, after making an appointment, and driving 2 hours one way, to meet with the recruiter at RSS Aurora yesterday afternoon, then sitting and waiting in the combined recruit center with the Marine recruiter failing to show or meet he began talking to another recruiter. After a little over an hour he left and asked me if the Corps was this F’d up when I was in. I joked about how the “Old Corps” was always harder, sharper, etc. but then understanding what took place, I am genuinely embarassed by the actions, or lack there of, of these Marines.
    Please let me know who he can seriously talk to concerning enlisting.
    Semper Fi,

      1. SSgt Goedert, I am assigned to RS Twin Cities and I am very curious as to which sub station and which recruiters you are having problems with? Find me on the global and let’s see if we remedy this situation.

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