8th Marine Corps Recruiting District

The 8th Marine Corps District covers the southern part of the Central states and parts of the Mountain states covering all or parts of Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona. The 8th Marine Corps District headquarters are located in Dallas / Fort Worth Texas.

RS Albuquerque
RS Dallas
RS Denver
RS Fort Worth
RS Houston
RS Oklahoma City
RS Phoenix
RS San Antonio

6 thoughts on “8th Marine Corps Recruiting District”

  1. The 8th Marine Corps Recruiting District Color Guard had the colors backwards during the National Anthem. Prior to the game between the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins while on national “LIVE” television the Marine Corps was embarrassed . Yea your every day Joe and Jane would not catch it however, a retired Marine sitting at home did.

  2. I was a recruiter at RSS Austin, Texas, from 1975-1978. At the end of my tour, RS San Antonio was awarded a Medal (Marine Corps Achievement?) for recruiting accomplishments. We assembled as a group in front of the Alamo, and a picture was taken of all the recruiters from RS San Antonio. I was wondering if there is a copy of that picture on file somewhere, and if so, if it would possible for me to get a copy of it.

    Thank you,

    Bill Fischer

  3. Gentleman,
    My grandson is a Jr. at Copperas Cove High, in the JROTC (SFC) and. has been interested in the United States Marine for the last two years. I was wondering if you have the delay entry program and where the nearest United States Marines Recruiting station would be. He works at McDonalds after school. I would appricate the help. Thanks MSG Grubb

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