6th Marine Corps Recruiting District

The 6th Marine Corps Recruiting District cover Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and most of the Deep South.

RS Atlanta
RS Baton Rouge
RS Columbia
RS Ft Lauderdale
RS Jacksonville
RS Montgomery
RS Nashville
RS Orlando

6 thoughts on “6th Marine Corps Recruiting District”

  1. I would like to express my disappointment in the unprofessionalism of the recruiters in the Columbus Ga office (RSS Columbus). I sent my son off into the marines on Sunday November 4th 2012 and it was the first contact I have had with his recruiters. The recruiters we dressed like punks, chewing and spitting tabacco, they did not represent the Marine Corp. in any respectful, professional manner! I was highly upset and very disappointed.

    1. I am a poolee at RSS Columbus and the recruiters there are some of the best. Every poolee that has gone through them will tell you the same thing!

    1. Jean (John) Corvoisier
      Admissions Representative

      ITT Technical Institute
      8301 Southpark Circle, Suite 100
      Orlando, FL 32819
      Direct: (407) 371-6020
      Toll Free: 866-489-8441

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