4th Marine Corps Recruiting District

The 4th Marine Corps District covers parts of the Northeastern, Mid-Atlantic region, eastern Midwest and some of the South Atlantic States. Oddly, its headquarters are located outside of its own jurisdiction in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania.

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  1. I’m currently trying to find a recruiter near were I live in in Ohio is there anyway sum1 can help a location website anything ! Plz and thank you

  2. I am trying to find contact information to file a complaint regarding a recruiter in the WV area that posted comments on an open internet discussion about an individual that has not been able to pass the asvab test. I was under the impression that this information was to be kept confidential and not to be posted on the internet for everyone to see. What happened to “military bearing” regarding this gunny?

  3. My Dad fought in Iwo Jima, I would very much like to find whatever information I can about his tour of duty. The only thing I know is he was a lineman and in the 4th Division. Can you tell me where I should even start to look? I realize this is probably not where to begin but know that you’d be able to tell me what questions I should ask to begin the quest. Thank you from the daugher of a proud Marine.

    1. Why don’t you contact the Commandant of the Marine Corps, Recruiting. I will bet you get an immediate response.

      I worked for the Director, Fourth Marine Corps District, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the late 1960’s. Reserve Recruiting.

    2. Ginnie Thompson,
      By your post, I am going to assume your father has passed. If so, you are eligible to ask for and receive his military records. Within his records are a whole lot of information pertaining to your father. Write to the Marine Corps Personnel Records Center, I believe in Kansas City, Missouri. Google that name and, ask for address. Give his name, rank, service number, social security number, then his last duty station he served. Finally, where he was discharged, if known.

      If you do get the records, however, you may expect to receive both good and bad information. Prepare yourself for both! Hope you receive your father’s records.

  4. I would like to join the marines but would need a waiver for marijuana charges and on under 21 alch charge could I even get in?

    1. The Marine Corps is currently looking for potentional recruits that have exhibited high moral standards and values. If you have prior drug and alcohol abuse charges, you have an extraordinarily low chance of being accepted.

    2. Jamison,

      Prove to the Marine Corps that you are worthy, if you did not get in. How do you prove yourself? Serve your community, get to know the police, and then get the police to know your better side. Ask to speak to a judge about your endeavors, and ask him what he thinks about how you can improve your attitude, your dignity, your respect for others, and then do what everyone has told you, all positive things to do. This will take time, but in time, your attitude will change from the past to become a more positive, self-confident person. Above all, get as much information as you can get about how to be a Marine. Exude your confidence when you speak to those Marines.

      And notice your remark, above. Look at your spelling of Marine. Learn the correct spelling of Marine and anything and everything you can learn about what a Marine is, then practice all you learn.

      Good Luck!

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