1st Marine Corps Recruiting District

The 1st Marine Corps Recruiting District covers most of New England. It covers areas of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Pennyslvania, New York and New Jersey.

RS Albany
RS Buffalo
RS Harrisburg
RS New Jersey
RS New York
RS Pittsburgh
RS Portsmouth
RS Springfield

10 thoughts on “1st Marine Corps Recruiting District”

  1. Hello. I just turned 39 a few months ago and I have 8 years prior service in the Marines. I would like to re-enlist as an officer. I was told there is a minimum age requirement in order to have 20 by 50, but on occasion age waivers are granted. Do I qualify?

  2. I am trying to find a Marine recruter I met at the Maine mall in the state of Maine. The mall is in So. Portland Maine and his name is Casey…how might I get in, ouch with him…? Thank you for your help…Brian

  3. I am interested in getting in touch with the Concord, NH Recruiting Office.
    My Motorcycle Club would like to see if we can obtain some “goodies” to deliver to the ten Marines who are residents at the Tilton Veterans Home on the Birthday.
    Several are in the “dementia unit”, but we would like to see if a little Birthday celebration might brighten their day.

    Thank you

    Semper Fi

  4. Looking for a Marine that was at Panera on Monday in Stroudsburg Pennsylvania. I would love to get a hold of him. He might be a recruiter in the Stroudsburg Area. I might know this because right in the same shopping is a recruiting Office. If anyone can help please reply back. Thank you

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