San Diego Training Schedule

This training schedule is based largely on the training schedule posted at the Parris Island recruit depot web site. The training is almost exactly the same, except the days themselves may change slightly. At both recruit training facilities, Parris Island and San Diego, future Marines undergo some of the country’s most strenuous military training over 3 months. USMC recruits are challenged and grow through a training process that is divided into three training phases.

The first few days are reserved for what is called “processing”. Processing consists of a Welcome Aboard speech, recruits are issued uniform clothing and gear, they complete a medical screening, perform an Initial Strength Test (IST) and meet the Drill Instructors that will challenge and guide them throughout their training.

Phase 1

weeks 1-4

Topics for training in this phase include:

  • Military & Marine Corps history
  • Military & Marine Corps Customs and Courtesies
  • Basic First Aid
  • Marine Corps Uniform Standards and Care
  • Marine Corps Leadership
  • USMC Core Values
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat Techniques through the Marine Corps Marts Arts Program (MCMAP)

Phase 2

weeks 5-8

  • Water Survival
  • Swim Qualification
  • Initial Written Test
  • Initial Drill
  • Marine Corps Rappel Tower
  • Boot Camp Gas Chamber Training
  • Marine Corps Recruit Marksmanship with the standard M16 A2 Service Rifle
  • Team Week
  • Final Drill

Phase 3

weeks 9-12

  • A-Line / Basic Warrior Training
  • Basic Field Training and USMC Recruit Combat Skills
  • Boot Camp Day / Movement Course
  • Marine Target Training
  • Combat Endurance Course
  • Training Practical Application Evalutaion
  • Final Drill
  • Written Testing
  • Ceremony Practices
  • Marine Corps Recruit Graduation

If there are any current or former Marines who have gone through any of this, please leave a comment! What week was your favorite? Which week was the hardest to get through?

11 thoughts on “San Diego Training Schedule”

  1. To Whom It May Concern;
    I would like to know if there is a way to get a copy of a Recruit Training Schedule for MCRD, San Diego in January of 1977. I commenced training 2 Feb. 1977 and graduated 20 Apr. 1977. I was assigned to 3rd Btn. Platoon 3012. In addition, I would like to know where I can go to see if I can obtain Platoon photo’s and a copy of my recruit photo. I never purchase any pictures. I was also Platoon Honorman. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You,
    Louis Reyes USMC RET.

    1. Louis Reyes,

      I can send you some basic information that may help you in your search efforts.

      Contact me via e-sending and I will send you what I have.

      Semper Fidelis;

      Para Marine with silk chutes.

  2. Looking for my sons address. He is at basic training in San Diego,CA. Who would know other than his recruiting station?

  3. Gentlemen – Good Morning. My son was shipped down your way from Seattle 29 Sep 12. I figure he will be graduating Friday 21 Dec 12. Is this correct? Also just for planning purposes, after graduation will our Marine be able to travel with us (on the same private carrier flight) home for the holidays? If so, how does that work – do we pay for travel, or is there some sort of partial pay from the military for the travel leg home? I understand they will be shipped to another duty station to begin MOS training after the holidays. Will that be via private carrier as well? Do we make those plans from Seattle? Just trying to make sure it is all preplanned and it all plays out smoothly. Appreciate any insight on these matters.

  4. We are ready to make our plans to attend our son’s graduation in San Diego. He left on Aug 21st and we estimate his graduation is Nov 16th.I also wanted to establish communication via this website throughout his training.

    I will also call his recruiting office,tomorrow,to confirm.

    Thank you, John R. Ornelas

  5. On Nov. 23 1977 I graduated from Boot Camp at MCRD San Diego. Is there going to be a graduation on that same date 2012. If so I am planning on attending. Thanks

    1. Sir,

      Good afternoon. I am a Series Commander in Co F, 2d Recruit Training Battalion. Co F picks up their next cycle of recruits on 31 August 2012 and they graduate on 21 November 2012. This will be training cycle 35-12.

      As you are aware, Recruit Training graduations occur on Fridays of most weeks. But, due to the Thanksgiving holiday, our graduation was shifted from Friday 23 November 2012 to Wednesday 21 November 2012. This will allow for families to get their new graduated Marines home for the holiday.

      It would be an honor to have you at our graduation. Please feel free to contact me for more information.

      Very Respectfully,
      Rob Sherwood
      Capt, USMC
      Series Commander
      Co F, 2dRTBn, MCRD SDiego

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