The Marine Corps Community Services at Marine Corps Recruit cheap customize buffalo bills Jerseys Depot San Diego is tasked with providing Marines and their families with quality of life services. The MCCS runs all sorts of services and programs that aid families by making life a little easier. The MCCS tries to provide recreation, dining, the Marine Corps Exchange, family services, the family readiness division and more.


A lot of wholesale buffalo bills Jersey family members of Marines or people that live in San Diego buffalo bills Jerseys for sale in buffalo ny look to apply for work at the MCCS partly because they want to be involved in the Marine Corps community and partly because the benefits are great. There are a few different ways that interested cheap customized buffalo bills Jerseys applicants can apply for a job through MCCS:

You can mail or drop off your resume off at this address:
MCCS Human Resources Office
3800 Chosin Avenue, San Diego, CA 92140-519
Building 5 West
Phone number: 619.725.6226
Fax number: 619.725.6233

MCCS MCRD Benefits

  • Shopping
  • Fitness Center
  • Recreation Center
  • Dry Cleaning, buffalo bills Jerseys dustin hopkins Laundry and Tailor
  • Watch and Jewelry Repair
  • Personal Financial Management
  • Credit Union
  • Tuition Assistance
  • 401k Benefits

2 thoughts on “MCCS MCRD San Diego”

  1. I would like to know if there are any discounts for families that would want to fly out there and see their son graduate. You would think there would be some kind of help for the parent with hardley any income, this is so important to me and im sure it is for a lot of parents that dont have the monney to fly out there. I know it would meam a lot to my son l00k out in the crowd and see that i was thered!! This is th USMC, help parents be able to be a part!!

    1. Hi Kena, call the airlines and ask if there is a discount if you’re flying in for a military graduation. You can also see if the recruiter’s office near you can assist you at all. Good luck and congratulations to your son!

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