Parris Island Training Schedule

The training schedule for a Parris Island recruit is a three-month long period where the recruit will progress through three distinct training phases. The training schedule for the Parris Island Recruit Depot is very similar to the schedule of the recruits training at Recruit Depot San Diego.

Before the three phases begin, recruits go through a processing period that takes up the first few days.

Phase 1

weeks 1-4

Recruits are trained in military & Marine Corps history, customs and courtesies, basic first aid, uniforms, and leadership and core values. The recruits will be trained in hand-to-hand combat skills through the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP), which is comprised of several martial arts styles.

Phase 2

weeks 5-8

Weeks 5-8 include water survival and swim qualification recruit training. Historically, the Marine Corps has been an amphibious service “on land and sea”. These weeks also focus on initial written testing and initial drill. If you’ve watched any videos about recruit training, you’ll see recruits scaling down a rappel tower or filing out of a gas chamber. Recruits also begin training on the fundamentals of Marine Corps marksmanship with the standard M16 A2 service rifle. Phase 2 ends with Team Week where recruits perform various maintenance tasks around the recruit depot and work on final drill.

Phase 3

weeks 9-12

Phase 3 starts out with A-Line/Basic Warrior Training. Training will focus on basic field and combat skills through various exercises including a day/movement course, target exercises, a combat endurance course, a practical application evaluation, final drill, written testing, ceremony practices and graduation.

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25 Responses to Parris Island Training Schedule

  1. carolyn thomas says:

    My granddaughter kiana is at parris island know at bootcamp getting ready for her crucible please send prayers to all in her plotoon 4040 for all of their safety durning there training and lets remember those who are also coming after them. God always watches and take care of his.

  2. david says:

    My son is in boot camp now. Bravo co 1072 he graduates Oct. 17 2014 I cant wait to see him. His mon and I are so proud of what he is doing with his life. Go big clay

  3. Corina says:

    I have a question about joining, I am about to finish my associates degree this summer and I want to contact a recruiter soon, how long does it take for them to contact us back?

  4. My grandson Hunter starts is third week of training and I am proud of him. I hope he will be a good Marine.

  5. Maynor Estrada says:

    My son Kent E. Plt.1077 is about 4 weeks from Graduation as Marine at Parris Island.
    I’m proud of him and I wish him the best. Keep up the work Marines….!

  6. Bill says:

    My son is there now in boot camp training and i’m so proud of him and miss him a lot. I wish you the best of luck for the next 3 months. GO MARINES!!!!!!!!

  7. jill harris says:

    Platoon 4018..1987….oooh rah!!!.

  8. Jake McClearn says:

    My very good friend is in Echo company 2nd recruit platoon 2049 we love you bud hang tough oorah. USMC- Release the Dogs of War

  9. nick fetzko` says:

    plt 3003 parris island apr 1978 graduated honorman and lcpl…….oooooooo rah

    • Kyle S says:

      Congratulations nick fetzko`. That is what i am aiming for this year 2013. Going in July 08. I am graduating out of high school in may and am turning 18 in may as well. my IST is currently 25 pull ups, 172 crunches and a mile and a half time of 8:40. I plan on getting better and better on my IST before july comes around. And I know I can achieve Honorman! OOOO RAH!

  10. merle johnson says:

    plt 1057 1st bn Bravo Co. march 1984 to june 1984… so long ago, But just yesterday..

  11. Paul Hackney says:

    To Monica:
    Stay in college but join the USMC PLC. You will go for training at Quantico your last two summers in school and graduate as a Second Lt.

  12. Billy says:

    How can i go to Parris Island?

  13. marie says:

    Dear Terrell. i cant wait till family day so i can see you. I love you so much and am so proud of you. love mom

  14. juddie lewis says:

    Hey Jerald,
    You family is so proud of you. See you February 9, way to go. Hold on not long now. Love mom

  15. Monica says:

    I have a question about joining the Marine Corps after 2 years of college, how excatly would that work? Would I be ranked or would i start from scratch the way i would if i joined right out of high school?

    • Roman says:

      You would have to go to OCS to train for an officer position.

      • Joe says:

        you need a bacholers degree to be an officer in the usmc but warrant officer is open and u would be ranked higher for your college creidits but everyone starts the same in bootcamp

  16. williamson says:


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