USMC Book Reading List for Marine Recruits

There are few things better for preparing for the Marine Corps than educating yourself on the history and expectations of the USMC. It will partly help you in boot camp for USMC history testing and will perhaps clue you in to some of the items you’ll need to know, but it’s real benefit is getting you in the right frame of mind for your duties in the Corps.

The following custom cincinnati bengals Jerseys is a partial reading list of books about boot camp and about Marine Corps history that may help you on your journey towards becoming a United States Marine.

Marine Corps Books & Boot Camp Reading List

Guidebook aj green cincinnati bengals Jersey for Marines

The “Guidebook for Marines” is published by the Marine Corps Association and issued to new recruits. It covers Marine Corps values, history, law of war, drill, first aid, small arms, clothing and equipment, detailed weapons info, marksmanship, squad tactics and so much more. It’s a great head’s up for wholesale cincinnati bengals Jerseys for sale anyone getting ready to join the Corps and get a jump cincinnati bengals Jersey cheap on learning a lot of the items you’ll need to know in boot camp.

The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday: Fighting the War on Terrorism

This is a series of stories and essays compiled by Andrew Anthony Bufalo. It’s by and about Marines fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and includes stories about the global war on terror and profiles about Marines that you probably didn’t hear about in the news.

Chesty Puller’s Rules of Success

A book created by retired Marine Col. Bill Davis, it highlights 20 “self-imposed principles of action” of legendary Marine Chesty Puller. This is a great uplifting book, perfect forgetting you motivated.

The United States Marine Essential Subjects

Put out by the Department of Defense (DOD), the book covers Marine Corps history, Code of Conduct, close order drill, land navigation and much personalized cincinnati bengals Jersey more. It includes helpful photos and illustrations; another great book for a soon-to-be Marine.

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