C130 Cadence

C130 going down the strip
251 gonna take a little trip
Stand up buckle up shuffle to the door
Jump right out and count to four

If my chute dont open wide
I have another one by my side
If my reserve wholesale cincinnati bengals Jerseys camo dont blossom round
Ill be the first one on the ground

Lo, right- left
lefty , right lea eft
lo, right left
lefty-right left

Soldier Soldier have you heard,
I’m gonna jump out a big iron bird,
Up in the morning in the drizzlin’ rain,
gonna pack my shoot and board the plane,
C-130 rollin’ down the strip,
US Marines on a one way trip,
Mission top secret, Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys destination unknown,
I don’t even know if i’m comin home.
Jump up, hook up, shuffle to the door,
jump on out and count to four (or, jump on out and shout “MARINE CORPS”)
If that shoot don’t open wide,
I’ll be splattered on the country side,
unless i got a reserve by my side,
if that shoot should fail me too,
look out ground, i’m comin’ through,
If i land in your drop zone,
Box wholesale cincinnati bengals Jerseys schedule me up and ship me home,
If youth cincinnati bengals Jersey color rush i die on a chinese hill,
take my gear or the commies will,
if i land in korean mud,
bury me with a case of bud,
bury me with speakers all around my toes,
so i can rock to axl rose,
bury me with speakers all around my head,
so i can rock to the grateful dead,
pin my medals all upon my chest,
tell my momma i did my best,
then bury me in the Leanin’ Rest #77 cincinnati bengals Jersey

2 thoughts on “C130 Cadence”

  1. God bless Chesty, and those SOG Marines who fell last night in the crash last night. And do not forget the Navy corpsman who also perished standing for our country. Once a Marine always a Marine. Semper Fi.

  2. On the 236th birthday let us reflect on those that served.
    From its beginnings at Tuns Tavern 236 years ago.
    They went from the Shores of Tripoli it was our first real encounter with Islamic terrorists.
    Marines were in the forefront on the ships of the Fledgling Navy many in the rigging as snipers.
    Marines have fought in every conflict this nation has engaged in they have given their blood sweat and tears to make the United States the freest nation in the world.
    They were in Mexico at Chapultepec indicated by the Red Stripes NCO’s and Officers wear on their Dress Blues
    The Marines were in the battles in Cuba and around the world during the Spanish American War.
    Marines were in the forefront in the boxer Rebellion earning Sgt. Major Daley his first of 2 Congressional medals of Honor. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Daly
    General Smedley (Old Gimlet Eye) Butler also another twice decorated medal of Honor winner commented on Sgt. Major Daley Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler as,”The fightin’est Marine I ever knew!”
    Marines were given the name the name Teufel Hunden, (Devil Dog) by the Germans in World war I the war to end all wars. general of the Armies once made the following comment “The deadliest weapon in the world is a Marine and his rifle!”
    After that came the banana wars and the beginning of the career of Chesty Puller winner of 5 Navy crosses the second highest award a marine can receive

    Then came WWII and their are numerous Marine Corps heros from this war, Manila John Basilone, Lou Diamond and yes Chesty Puller, Col. David Shoup and in the Marine Air wing we have the leader of the black Sheep a medal of Honor winner Pappy Boyington
    General of the Armies Douglas MacArthur once said “I have just returned from visiting the Marines at the front, and there is not a finer fighting organization in the world!”
    Then came Korea and Yes Chesty won his final 5th Navy Cross of his Military Career, and the Frozen Chosin.
    Then Viet Nam who can forget the heroes of Khe san were the Marines surrounded took on the forces of North Viet Nam and won the Battle.
    We cannot forget those that lost their lives in the Barracks in Lebanon.
    We are now engaged in Iraq, and Afghanistan, and as usual throughout the Corp’s history Marines are in the forefront in the battle. Marines will always be in the forefront
    God Bless them All

    from a Former Marine 1963-1967
    Good night Chesty.

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