101 or 232 Reasons to Love Your Corps

I debated whether or not to include this video on this site because it’s more fun than informative, but I decided to post it because it does say a thing or two about the Espirit De Corps and there’s a certain amount of information that potential recruits can get from it. It’s fun, hope you enjoy.

The Marine Corps Times created their own list of reasons to love the Corps, a more updated version than the video. Some of the winners:

  • 1. Cpl. Jason Dunham. First Marine to receive the Medal of Honor since Vietnam. If jumping on a grenade to save a buddy isn’t worth the top of the list, nothing is.
  • 9. Lump-sum re-enlistment bonuses up to $80,000. Many of you would consider doing it for free.
  • 15. The Wounded Warrior Regiment.
  • 29. Recruiting in Texas is like hunting at the zoo.
  • 39. The transformation. Who you are when you join is not nearly as important as who you become.
  • 41. If you’ve been on liberty in Twentynine Palms, you’ve been on liberty in Yuma and Barstow, too.
  • 48. After decades of debate, there remains no resolution on whether sand fleas trump “The Reaper.”
  • 50. Cpl. Gareth Hawkins, lying on a stretcher after an IED shattered his leg, demanded re-enlistment before medical evacuation. And got it.
  • 76. Tax-free combat pay. Doing what you signed up for and not having to give Uncle Sam a dime back.
  • 77. Montford Point Marines. The first African-American Marines know a little something about honor, courage and commitment.
  • 84. The Crucible
  • 111. Tattoos #4. Reaction to the new policy: Conway says sleeves are going away, Marines run for the chair. Tattoo parlors never saw so much business.
  • 139. The honor, privilege and responsibility of leading, mentoring and caring for junior Marines.

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