MEPS Hearing Test

Marine Corps recruits must pass a hearing test at MEPS. There isn’t a whole lot you can do to prepare for this one; you either have good hearing or you don’t. There are different levels of hearing though, so if you don’t pass the test with a perfect score, you may still apply for a waiver if the job you want doesn’t require the highest hearing level.

A few tips for passing the MEPS hearing test:

  • Make sure you don’t have an ear infection at all before you go. Have you been swimming lately?
  • Clean out your ears! Make sure you don’t have a wax build-up (the doctors won’t disqualify you for a wax build-up, but they might make you go to a nearby doctor’s office to get it removed, which may add an entire day to your MEPS visit.)
  • Don’t listen to loud music or go hunting or shooting or ANYTHING loud ahead of time that might create ringing in your ears
  • Don’t wear earrings during the hearing test. You want your ear to not be obstructed at all.

The Marine Corps Hearing Conservation Program (MCHCP)

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for members of the military to suffer from hearing loss from a variety of loud sounds (i.e., gunfire, explosions, airplane engines, etc.) Gunfire in particular can be damaging to Marines ears due to the high-intensity impulse. Often, Marines don’t notice that they are losing their hearing as it can happen slowly over a long period of time.

In April of 2010, the Marine Corps Times published an article titled “War is Hell — On Your Hearing”. In the article, it is written that “Defective hearing and tinnitus are the most common service-connected conditions diagnosed among veterans” and that around 50,000 Iraq and Afghanistan vets have reported hearing loss.

For anyone wanting to be a Marine Corps recruit, take your hearing seriously. Once you lose it, you can’t get it back. Don’t cheat on the test (if that’s even possible) and practice safe hearing practices throughout your military career.

8 thoughts on “MEPS Hearing Test”

  1. can i be in the marines because i have Ben wanting to join seance 2 years old and i have hearing loss in my right ear so can i still be a marine

  2. I have the same problem i am half deaf in my left ear and i am dying to join the Marine Corps. I will do anything lellgal to become a marine. Ever since i was 5 years old i have wanted to be in the military so i have faith in myself to make it.

  3. I have slight hearing loss in my left ear… Does this mean Im not gonna get into the Marine Corps? Im about to lose my job because of business problems within the company. Ever since I was 3 years old when I seen the Marine Core recruitment commercial its what I have wanted to do. Although Im scared my slight loss in my left ear will cause me to not be able to join….

  4. Not all recruiters are scrupulous; “Get it in writing”; and DON’T “SAY NO TO EVERYTHING BUT LUNCH” you will be barred for five (5) years! Don’t comprise your integrity, and read the manual:)

  5. I would defently go to another recruiter. I am in the final stages of my hearing waiver. I have to go back up to meps to redo it. First my recruiter told me I would have to, then he told me I didn’t have to and now he is telling me I do which has me really confused.. But do not give up. God is only testing how bad you want to be a Marine and if you give up the Marine Corps is not for you.

  6. I have a friend who had just figured out that she has a hearing loss when she was down at MEPS… her result was an H2 to H3. What does this mean and is there any chance of her joining? She will do ANYTHING WITHING REASON (LEAGAL)TO BECOME A MARINE! Also she did do a waiver but her recruiter didn’t do the waiver right… so what can she do or should she do? Go to a different recruiter and try to resubmit another waiver? She is willing to do what ever it takes to be A MARINE!! She was a Navy and MARINE KID. Yes raised by a MARINE AND By an Admiral in the Navy! So please help me out to help my friend out!

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