Meps Disqualifications

Joining the Marine Corps requires at least one trip to the Meps (Military Entrance Processing Station) nearest to your recruitment office. Typically, you spend at least one day at Meps to make sure that you qualify for the Corps, and then you’ll go back there on the day you ship out to boot camp. This is not a comprehensive list and nfl t-shirts for men it certainly does not mean that you will automatically be disqualified for any of the reasons stated below; these are simply some contributing factors that can ultimately lead to either being completely disqualified from joining the Marine or disqualify you from applying for specific jobs within the USMC. These Meps disqualifiers also do not NFL T-shirts always mean that you will never be allowed to join; you may simply need to take care of something before you are able to enlist.

Meps Disqualification List

  • Lack of depth perception (This will only disqualify for certain jobs; not the military in general)
  • Color blindness (This will only disqualify for certain jobs; not the military in general)
  • A history of mental nfl t-shirts for toddlers depression and/or other mental health problems
  • Tattoos on the head, neck, hands, fingers or inside of the mouth
  • Any tattoos that are racist, sexist, drug-related, vulgar, anti-American or are associated with any extremist group or nfl t-shirts for women gang
  • Lying about any information you provide
  • Extensive criminal background
  • Overweight or underweight
  • Marijuana or other drugs in your nfl t-shirts wholesale system
  • Too young or too old (must be at least 18 and not over 28 for active duty, 29 for Reserves)

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  1. Dear Recruiter’s , i am a 29 year’s old male, i am physically fit, fully capible of all bct and other training, i have plenty of endurance that other’s even younger than me could only dream of having. I have no medical issues and am highly intelligent, i only wanted to do reserves, i wanted to EARN that Title Marine so badly sense i was a little boy. My family emergancies had stopped me, my grandmother as abandoned and was going to die, i helped nurse her back to health, such issues have happened and burdened upon me / stopped me from being a decent american warrior, i finally have a fighting chance to get in, but i will be needing a wavier, due to my teeth issues that have had occuried recently, i have to have teeth installed. not all of mine are gone, only the front adult teeth. Whenever i have this proceger completed, i am wondering, will meps fail me on this ?. I pray that this is not just a hacked out blog and that i can recieve the proper information. I need to know this, so that i can save time and effort’s. I desperately wanna be a MARINE !. Its were that my soul and heart alies Ma’am’s and Sir’s Aye Folks. Have a Wonderful Evening. Paul~. P.s Thank you so much for taking the time out to read and reply to my post- Sincerely P H-.

  2. Hey please need help! I’m 18 and still high school and I’m currently joining the marines and finishing filling out the paper work. I’m stressing out that me and my friends left school and was going out for lunch but one of my friends was going to smoke weed. We went to woods and was caught right after when my friend was rolling. My friend dropped the weed but the cop found the weed.i didn’t get charged but just my friend cause he admit that his. The police officer just put me and my other friends on a police report and soon I might get suspend. Can I still join?

  3. I have a close friend that is currently trying to enlist but he’s very unstable and mentally ill. He’s tried to kill himself recently and I dont think its a good idea for him to enlist but he lies to his ssgt and to his previous therapist. He won’t listen to me or anyone that he needs help. I don’t want him to put his life in unnecessary danger or any other marines.

  4. I recently attempted meps (2 time) the first being at 17 and passing but not shipping out while in DEP. I’m now 21 and re attempted mep, but due to scars on my arm the chief medical doctor on sight dq’d me for mutation. The navy sent a waiver stating why I received scars reason being sports&a handling of small animals. Waiver was denied . Am I now dqd from all branches? Is there ANYTHING I can do? The navy is and has always been my life goal and I am determined to fight for it . I reached out to an online lawyer and he suggested a lengthy time “not guaranteed” dd form 149.? I know this is more so for navy but would I have the same luck trying the usmc as well.?

  5. My son was recently pdq for protein in his urine at meps. We have followed up with his primary care physician as well as a kidney specialist whom have all said he is healthy and that it is benign. What are his chances of getting into the marines with a sign off from his primary care physician as well as the kidney specialist. Someone please help!!!!

  6. My son was disqualified at MEPS due to Lyme disease he contracted last summer, July 2015. He completed his 3 week full course of antibiotics and has been completely symptom free since then. What are his chances of getting this waived. He has only ever wanted to be a Marine and will be devastated if they don’t waive him. If they don’t waive his condition, what if any is the course of action?

  7. What to do?
    I have had previous surgery, rotator cup, I work out and shoulder has not bothered me for years. If I go to meps and not lie about this surgery. Will I have a chance?? I do have two scars, small but noticable, Will there be a waiver available if I brought notes that state my shoulder is completely use able and that I’m active? If I do state this surgery will I have to give MEPS my full medical records or just the stuff about my surgery and PT notes.

    1. Don’t tell them anything trust me I’ve had similar shoulder surgery I tried to enlist for 3 years in the Marine Corps, I had 2 notes from 2 different surgeons Say my shoulder is good and I’m a stud, I saw two different MEPs doctors and they said my shoulder was fine, my dad is a retired Marine and knew people from Marine Corps Recruiting Command, had had them call BUMED which is the place they deal with waivers and they still diened me from enlisting after being able to do 40 pulls being active such as lifting wrestled in high school doing kickboxing and MMA , if you tell the Marine Corps they will denie you I’m pretty sure any other branch will take you but not they Marine Corps I just enlisted in the Army, good luck bro

    2. You will most likely be denied. I was in the exact same situation with the same surgery and got DQed for it. At the marine pool functions I was getting nearly a perfect PFT but when I went to MEPS they didn’t even test the strength or anything, they just looked at the name of the surgery and said you are DQed. My opinion is lie. If you truly want to be a Marine and believe that you are not putting anyone’s life in danger in combat I would lie about it.

    3. I had a large cyst removed I’m my neck, all I had to give to MEPS is my medical record of the surgery. But the also do a look-over of the area where the surgery was done to completely clear it.

  8. I have MRSA. It is under control and I don’t really have outbreaks. I’ve had one and caught it right away and started my anti biotics.. It’s more of a hygiene disease I do believe. Does this disqualify my chance of joining.

  9. Back in 1981, there was NO dq for providing information of mental illness, before or after tour of service. Many of us who still fight this inner war are homeless, jobless and living in abject poverty, much to the patronizing of society. I am one of many who, to this day, can’t get any benefits because of my discharge. I intend to do make the public aware by investigation and federal lawsuit. even in boot camp, we are the few that get recycled into other recruitment platoons because we have failed in one area of comprehension in the one we started with. I can remember seeing one of my fellow recruits “flip out” and had to be man-handled into an ambulance on Paris Island, as our platoon 1051, was just coming back from chow (dinner). I also have a best friend who followed me into the Corps and when he got out, was sent to a sanitarium for a year before he could resume a normal life. If there are no measures of responsibility for the recruitment practices for a sound mind and body then it tarnishes my honor to have served under manipulative duress.

  10. Heading to MEPS next week. I was recently diagnosed with sciatica, but had a procedure (not surgery) performed to correct the problem. A couple weeks back, a fireman carry with a heavy set individual caused my sciatica to act up again. I had an epidural injection to alleviate the nerve pain, but I am still walking around with a slight limp. I’m nervous every about the mobility tests, as my problems may disqualify me. Is it worth going or should I put it off till I am walking correctly again?

    Looking forward to your feedback.

    Thank you

  11. Hi, my son has been waiting on the recruiter for almost 10 months, he is now 18 years old, had history of asthma when he was a child, growing up he became a track runner, and played football in high school, they have been giving him the runaround for months, asking for more test which came normal lung function, more paper work from his doctor, and nothing yet, my son is becoming depressed because of this issue considering he scored 97 on his ASVAB, my only guess, that they are doing that to make him give up! His brother was honorably discharged with conditions, and required a waiver to return to the army, can they reject my youngest son because of his brothers discharge, please advice, my son needs to move on .thank you

    1. My son is waiting on a waiver. Mets denied him because a principle put on his school transcript from 1st grade he had a secure with no medical proof to back it up.even had we paperwork from same day stating was just being a child and throwing a fit . And also because he had an I E P for help in math in school. Itshe been almost 5 months still waiting to hear hang in there and tell your son to keep fighting. Hope my son doesn’t have to give up all because of someone without a medical license making a call on her own.

  12. Hey so i am 16 years old, I’ve had my right ACL reconstructed twice in the past 5 years due to football injuries. My doctor says this should not be a problem just looking for some clarification… Also, I was hospitalized for one night due to suicidal thoughts, I have never done anything severe to hurt myself such as cutting or over dosing on pills\alcohol, would tense prevent enlistment?

    1. First of all your 16 so don’t worry about it too much yet. Also get to know your recruiter if he sees your physically able to do it a lot of the times they will cover for you.

    2. I don’t think the acl will disqualify you. I’ve had several knee injuries and the marine recruiter said I was fine. As for the suicidal thoughts I don’t know. Good luck

  13. When I was 11 or 12 I was messing with a pencil sharpener and drawing a design on my arm which left scars and obviously being 11 I didn’t realize it would. I now have 5 small scars on the top of my arm and I am wondering if I will get dq’d for this? They were not self inflicted to purposely injure myself but so many people get dq’d because MEPS believe it is self inflicted. I have no other scars that would be questionable and I have never injured myself on purpose. Is it possible to still be dq’d over these?

  14. Hi i was wondering i went up to meps. Awhile ago and they temporarily dq me for high cylinders and well i got a council with a expert eye doctor the 2nd time at meps and he said its a small astigmatism which is currectable by glasses but the meps doctor still making me wait for a waiver what would be my chances getting it approve

  15. I am 17 now looking to see if I can enlist in the Marines but I have had surgery on my whole left leg for hip Displacia begging in 2001 when I was five years oil and then in 2011 to correct my leg length because I was given a growth hormone in 2001 and I now have two rods in my leg one in my tibia and my femur can I get a waver for this? Also I take medication for ADHD for school focusing and I am able to run I am still waiting to hear from my doctor about the 100% but he has been out on vacation the last two months am I able to join?

  16. Hey if I have a felony coaf (property damage) and when they look up my record it shows “Malicious property damage of $160+ : Non-conviction”
    Do I have to tell them I had a coaf or can I say yes I went to court but it was dismissed

  17. You already have so much to be proud of! I wish I had not been so self-centered and desperate to find a husband when I was in high school! May God bless all of our military men and women; may God bless all of you who have the courageous hearts to pursue this honorable mission. Semper Fi!

  18. My son wants to join the military. Has been through MEPS but told them that one his 21st birthday he accepted a dare and cut himself. It only happened once. He told the truth. He would have made it through if he just hadn’t pointed out the scar to the doctor. His recruiter sent a waiver, came back DQ. The military calls it “self-mutilation.” It is now 5 years later, and three college degrees under his belt, never so much as a speeding ticket. Recently he went to a different branch, was again honest with the recruiter. The recruiter says probably is a PDQ. This kid is as solid as the day is long. It was not self-mutilation….it was a stupid one time dare…never again. Any advice?

  19. I have burn marks on my wrist from tattoos i removed myself will this disqualify me they are a little bit bigger than a pencil eraser

  20. I have heard that if you have extensive acne problems they will temporarily disqualify you for meps. Is this true? Also I took concerta as prescribed as a kid I stopped taking it about a year and a half ago does that effect my chance in any way ?

  21. I have a tattoo that just goes over my collar bone,BUT my recruiter had me in PT uniform and the short sleeved button up. the tattoo doesnt show in anyway except if i pull the collar apart and now i have to get a wavier. does something that little disqualify me?

  22. About a year and a half ago, I checked into a mental health facility(on my own no one made me) I have all the documents that I received from the doctor. Even if I bring the documents with me will that dq me from joining the MARINES. I was cleared of all depression.

  23. I’m 15 Turing 16 in April and I had a disk bulging surgery back in September of 2014 will this be an automatic disqualification at Meps once Im ready to enlist?

  24. I broke both my radius and ulna about 3 years ago and they’ve healed nicely, I also have 3 more years before I enlist but will this be problematic when I do try to enlist?

  25. Would a minor head injury disqualify me from enlisting? I didn’t have a concussion neither was I unconscious at any point during that day or werks too come. I haven’t had any abnormalities or problems arise from the injury 2-4 months ago.

  26. I’m 23 years old and about 4 months ago I had a very minor head injury at work. Went through my work day with ease and did my full route shift of about ten hours. In the evening my wife got home from work and noticed my injury perhaps needed medical attention and we went in to the hospital. Didn’t spend the night there nor did i have any abnormalities found in either cat scan or mri scans. I went home later on that night and returned to work after my weekend off. So does that disqualify me from enlisting in the Marine Corps?

  27. Hey guys, so when I was a junior, I smoked weed 2 times…I haven’t smoked since then and have a spotless record, can I still be a Marine?

  28. Personally I have tried to attempt suicide before and have done self-harmed in the past. I am 17 turning 18 in 4 months, and I would love to join the marines. It has been 2 years since I last tired to commit suicide, I don’t know how to go about joining can anyone give me some advice????

    1. If you do not tell the recruiter they won’t have any proof that you have tried to commit suicide. The recruiter can go into you medical background if you tell them. Now if at boot camp you become depressed or suicidal they can go into your medical history and you will be asked to leave.

  29. I have ADD/ADHD and I take prescribed medication for it, every morning and evening. I take them to help me focus in school, but other than that there is no other reason for me to be taking them, some times I forget to take them in the morning before I have to leave for school. In the way i function without taking the meds and with taking the meds varies very very little, my Marine Recruiter said that I need to get a document saying that my psychiatrist never prescribed me Concerta, or any other meds. My two questions are #1. am I still eligible to enlist in the marines if have no trouble functioning the same with or without ADD/ADHD medications?
    #2. Is it illegal to lie about prescribing ADD medications to a patient who is trying to join the Military, and needs a form saying the patient was never prescribed meds for ADD/ADHD treatment( even though I function the same when I don’t take the meds)?

    1. I had this same problem, and i can answer question number 2. I heard it’s a felony which will result in a fine and possible prison time. I’v talked on the phone with the Marines and once i mentioned i have ADHD (after being transferred about 10 different times) They told me, “We can’t accept you.” as for your first question I’d say. just give it a try.

    2. I had to take a Psychological evaluation and there was nothing damning about it besides it told I had nonspecific Anxiety and Nonspecific Personality disorder. That’s it no further treatment no in or out patient treatment. Will this affect me getting into the Marine Corps? PLEASE HELP.

    3. I had an accident last year in welding class where metal entered my eye. I had a cataract and some scare tissue, and I ended up with 13 stitches. Two weeks ago I had the surgery to fix it up. I got a new lens and My former Navy doctor who is my surgeon said that the Marines wouldn’t take me with a cornea transplant since my body could reject the cornea at any time. So he instead cut an off center circle and rotated the scar tissue out of my vision. It is healing and my vision at about 20/40. Will they still take me?

      1. Logan,
        I too had previous cataract surgery and Dr. Killberry, at the MEPS in Little Rock, AR. ended up PERMANENTLY disqualifying me from ALL branches of the military. I had went through 4 years of ROTC, 4 years of boot camp training. Three of those boot camps were authorized by a joint effort of the United States Navy with USMC Drill Instructor at NAS Pensicola and the 4th year was spent at Camp Robinson in Little Rock, AR.

        All I EVER wanted to be was a UNITED STATES MARINE!!!

        How did things work out for You, Sir?
        Just curious…

    4. It will not disqualify you if you have been off your meds for 2 years and have a letter from your doctor saying you are cleared, and your pharmacy records.

  30. I take ADD/ADHD meds to help me with school, I take them every morning and evening. Some days I forget to take them before I have to leave for school, but when I don’t take them I function no different then when I do take them. they are prescribed, but since they help very little, does it still dq me from enlisting in the Marines?

  31. Im 26 and I have a fiancee, who has a kid. And we have 2 kids together. 3 kids all together. She has MS and doesnt work. And is in the process of awaiting SSI and I have been claiming the kids, will this hurt me with enlisting in the Marines?

  32. I went to MEPs awhile ago and they said my hearing wasn’t good. I had tubes once before but they fell out years ago. Is it disqualifying if I get tubes now at the age of 19 to help me pass the hearing test at MEPs? This has been my dream for awhile and it’s not that simple just to give it up like that. Any body know if you can go through the hearing test with tubes in your hears??

  33. I noticed a few other posts regarding scars and I wanted to see if anyone has anymore input. Self-inflicted cuts seem to be an automatic DQ, but I’m not finding much info on the subject. Obviously mental health is a big consideration, which is why there are psyh exams, but can someone with scars on his or her forearm still be considered? How about if theyre not noticeable without close inspection? Ten-fifteen years ago there seemed to be a lot of young people cutting themselves for reasons other than mental illness.

    1. I have the same issue and I’m still in high school. I have plenty of noticeable scars, some from cutting and others from accidents. But is that a legit reason to disqualify someone from the military? I don’t believe so, but apparently they do. I have talked to multiple recruiters and they have all told me that my scars are acceptable. Just like if you have tattoos that do not include anything sexist (express nudity), racist, eccentric or offensive in
      nature, express an association with conduct or substances, illegal, drugs, drug usage, or paraphernalia, you can qualify even if they are on your head or neck. My brother Joshua is in the Marines and is covered in tattoos but none of them include anything as I listed above, so therefore if you are covered in ink that is suitable for the military you qualify.

      1. Alyssa you are very wrong. The rules have changed. Self inflicted scars show a tell tale sign of a mental health issue. Scars on the forearm, thighs etc. consisting of more than 1 perfectly vertical elevated laceration is a permanent disqualification. Tattoos on the feet, hands, neck, mouth, face are a DQ. Please fact check yourself. Best of luck, OP.

    2. I actually have large scares on my forearm that are not self inflicted. As long as you have medical records or a statement from two people as to who, what, when, where, why and how the scars originate from (and there is no disabilities involved), disqualification is highly unlikely. If they are admittedly self inflicted, the likelihood of disqualification are higher, but if there’s proof that said individual got passed a state of self inflicted harm, or received help, then disqualification may be reconsidered.

  34. I’m 18 years old, I have had both of my feet completely reconstructed, I have a letter from my doctor saying he sees no reason why I can’t join the military he did both of my feet, I have scars fron the surgeries and I have scars from a surgery I had a long time ago when I was 2 for a feeding tube because I had issues swallowino, I am 100% clean and clear from any restrictions, I am actually a firefighter and able to do anything such as, running, squats, duck walk. Everything works. My dad keeps telling me I won’t get in, I tried with the airforce already and they said no.. but I didn’t do the waiver I just handed in medical records. I decided to try the airforce because I thought I’d get in but I’ve always wanted to be a marine since I was a kid, any suggestions? Or am I just gonna be dissapointed when I get a no?

  35. I had two head surgerys one when i was 6 months old and the second when i was 1 year old will i still be able to join the Marine Corps

  36. I’ve been wanting to join since I was young, I talked to a recruiter last year and he told me that I had to be off my old meds for a year and it has been over a year so I’m good on that. BUT I have a tattoo that goes from my elbow to my wrist and I’m wondering if that will DQ me from joining. It’s nothing offense or anything. All it says is friends. If I get it removed or covered up, will I still be able to join?

  37. I am not replying to anything… I have a question my son is a poolee and up to the Saturday prior to leaving everything was OK. He was told he needed a waiver for his astigmatism which really upset him. His vision is better than 20/20 with glasses. I have read everything possible BUT what are the odds of his waiver going thru he is very health and passed over a year ago with MEPS. His Senior year he did not apply for colleges or any scholarships, nothing!! BECAUSE he was going to the Marines now he is in a position of the wait game. Any words of HOPE ?

    1. Don’t give up in anyway. Be proactive in anyway possible.Gather information from Eye Drs., Military Mommy group sites,there’s tons of them online and contact his Recruter to offer your assistance in whatever way possible to help your son to become the Marine he wishes to be. Good Luck.

    2. Most likely he will be fine. The whole waiver process is obnoxious, but patience is key. If his vision can be corrected to 20/20 he should be fine as long as he passes the rest of the vision tests at MEPS (peripheral vision and colors). Just never forget it’s government time, but I personally know a girl that had the same issue and received a waiver and was allowed to swear in within a month of the time it was submitted. Goodluck to him!

  38. Hello, I want to join the USMC but I have one stupid problem. I have very mild asthma (I practically don’t have it) and I have never had any problems with it. Can I still enlist?

  39. So as a juvinile I was charged charged for a controlled substance (felony) and have not ran into trouble since than, am I still eligeable for the corps?

  40. Hi I’m Raymond and when I was young something apparently happened to me which I prefer not to say but I only have 1 working ear which would be my left ear and I really got inspired by a good friend of mine and we were planning on doing the buddy program, so will this disqualify me for only having 1 good,working left ear and a deaf right ear

  41. I am 28 years old and I will be 29 next year in May of 2015. I have 1 child and I’m not married, but the mother and I are together. If I have to, I am willing to give her full custody to join the Corp. Do you think I’ll get accepted for this?

    I talked to a recruiter already and he said that I pretty much will instantly get disqualified for my age and having a child. I’ve done my homework and it looks like I am still eligible.

    Thanks in advance.

  42. Two questions, how important are grades to a recruiter and also, when I was younger I had problems with asthma. I haven’t had any serious issues with it in years and I was wondering if this is a dq. Anything helps. Thanks!

  43. If I broke my arms 5 times and they are crooked now, would I be dismissed from being able to serve in the army?

  44. When I was 15 I fractured my growth plate in my right hip. I am 100% recovered from that but I also have snapping-hip syndrome and when I was 14 I sprained my right hip also. Will this disqualify me from joining the marines?

  45. I have a large tattoo on my chest and is a little over the collar bone you cant see it when wearing a t shirt. Does this disqualify me because my recruiter says it does but I believe they’re lying. What should I do im 20 years old and I really want to join. Please help.

  46. Well I was wondering if I would get disqualified if I had an infinity sign tattoo on my pointer finger. When I was 13 I broke my arm and they had put 8 screws and 2 metal plates in my arm. I could get them removed but not unless it is imparitve.thanks, please respond!!

  47. 17 year old son is being sent home from Marine bootcamp due to a bunion affecting his ability to run. We will take him to doctor upon return to see about surgery. If all goes well, and the orthopedist declares him 100%, will he be able to reenlist?

  48. I’m 24 years of age I work out every day never broke a bone or had any problems with my health but I have tattoos the sides of my hands say love and hate I have a cross on the outside of my forearm letters on my wrist representing my nieces and nephews and mom tattooed on my throat I talked to a recruiter and he said they disqualify me I was wondering if I had them removed by laser if I could join? Or if they scared from the removal would that be a problem?

  49. Hi, I’m still young (15) . A Freshman in H.S. and I am currently a cadet in the JROTC Program and I am interested in joining the Marine Corps. BUT! My Mother is concerned and worried that my dream will be shattered because of a birth defect I was born with; Can I still get in with Gastroschisis? PLEASE HELP! It’s been bothering the hell out of me.. I would like to know soon so I can hopefully try to look into a different career (Although I would rather be in the Militar. I would greatly appreciate and be honored to be in the USMC)

  50. I have a mild case of eczema I’ve had since I was in 6th grade. I have it under control and contained to a few small patches on my right arm and my right ring finger. It only flairs up when I use scented soaps and lotions and when I’m in water for a long time. I treat with a non prescribed skin cream. I also have a fish allergy and had a concussion when I was in 8th grade due to going over the handlebars on my bike. Do any of these things disqualify me from joining?

    1. Hi I’m 16 going to be 17 on the 27th I want to be an 11B in the marines but I have scars from surgery when I was a baby I had a collapsed lung and a tube in my chest and neck (I was 4 months premuture) I was just wondering if this will be a problem I have no problems after I’m 100% cleared by doctors I really need an answer on this

  51. I have wanted to enlist in the marines since freshman year of high school, I never had a problem about it till my parents told me I could get disqualified for having a peanut allergy and because I used to have asthma, this has been my dream goal and I can’t let it die cause of something I can’t fully get rid of. I am now 17 and a junior in high school. Please help!

    1. first question or one of the first asked is asthma . if have or had you are asked to leave . . i was permanently disqualified due to football injury causing knee surgeries 2-3 yrs prior to enlisting . . made it thru till duck walk part at end when doctors told me not to

    2. Ask a recruiter that’s the best thing to do. If he tells you to lie, don’t do it. Also a peanut allergy will not disqualify you at least I believe. Like I said best you can do is ask a recruiter near you.

  52. I had cancer when i was around 9 to 10 but it was still in the starting stages thank god so when they found out i had it removed. It wasn’t the real bad type of cancer said the doctor. well anyways 8 years passed and i always had a check up every year to see if it came back. NO it didn’t return thank god so i want to join the marines so i wanted to no if this will disqualify me in meps because i really want to join the Marine corp and i don’t want something so insignificant from my past slow me down. I had surgery and i have a scar on my neck not a big one about 2 inches or a little less. SO what should i do in order to get into the corps?

    1. As long as it was removed, and the doctor can annotate you are in remission with no signs, you would not have that big of an issue enlisting. Let me know if you need guidance on who to contact. I am a recruiter in New york City.

  53. Awhile ago i had tubes put in my ears. One side has came out already but the other hasn’t. Will having a tube in my ear (even if my hearing isn’t affected) disqualify me at MEPS?

  54. I am 21 years of age broke my wrist when i was 17, i can do plenty of push ups/pull ups i voulenteer at a fire dept. i work out all the time. i never have any issues with my wrist. what are my chances of the meps saying im good to go? i have proven to the recruiter that i can do both push and pull ups. my wrist was doing just fine after words. never have issues with it.. Whats my chances?

    1. It shouldn’t be a problem, I broke my 7 bones in my right ankle/foot in a motorcycle accident 5 years prior to enlisting. I went on to serve as squad leader in the Infantry with the rank of corporal.

      1. How were you allowed to enlist with all those injuries, my boyfriend is trying so hard to get in but he has had surgery twice!

    2. Why don’t you just not mention it unless asked and don’t go into detail about it. If they ask you to do pushups or pullups just do them and there wont be a problem

  55. So I want to join the marine corps once I graduate but I have a few road blocks in front of me. I had recently Started To get anxiety attacks but This only happens every blue moon but because of this I have started to get what looks like psoriasis and don’t know how this will affect me. I also have not told my parents that I want to join because there was an issue that happened when my brother had joined up and was honorably discharged after a year for a reason I’m not aware of. I can’t talk to my brother on this situation because I know he would try to discourage me from enlisting and, would inform my parents of me wanting to become a marine which would create a problem for me because of the current financial situation we’re in. I have unable to have the time to properly contact a recruiter because of School and work. I would also like to know exactly what would happen if I would request being put in the (DEP). Would I be able to decide how long I would wait or would this be decided for me? Anyways I plan on becoming a United States Marine because if you want to serve your country you might as well join the best of the best.

  56. ok i was hit by a car while in DEPS i have a plate in my cheek bone and a missing tooth and a broken tooth they gave me a dq but told me because it was before 6 months now i have to reenlist in 6 months will the plate or teeth fuck me or ???

  57. Hi my name is Staci and I am trying join the marines I have my retake asvab tomorrow and MEPs Friday I’m worried I won’t pass my physical cause I have cut scars in my left wrist mind you there is nothing wrong with me never has been I just did it to fit in with a group of friends back in like 5th grade. Will they disqualify me?

    1. I had the same problem, just make it clear what that it is NOT self Mutilation. And don’t give in. Even if they say your story doesn’t make sense. I spent an hour trying to explain the burns on my arm. It was ridiculous but you should be fine.

      1. Quick question I am trying to go to the Marine Corps and I also have scars from cutting I have a lot of military buddy’s and some tell me to be honest with meps doctor and some say lie i think im going to be honest with them to an extent i will tell them it was not suicidal it was simply for attention and i recived treatment for it . probably not a good thing to lie to them what if they ask for medical records

      1. As of 2016, any self inflicted lacerations will prevent you from ever serving in the United States Armed Forces. I would suggest you look elsewhere for a career.

  58. Hey everyone. I have been going to pt for months now. I have lost over 30lbs in my pursuit of my dream of joining the Marines. But I am worried that an old injury will disqualify me. I got a herniated disk in my thoracic area on my back in the tenth grade while playing football. I have been cleared by my doctor to do powerlifting and play all sports and when I asked him about the military he said he did not see anything stopping me. I haven’t taken any pain meds at all for it in years and haven’t even had a doctors appointment in over a year and a half. But what I’m really worried about is will I be able to join the Marines even though I never had the surgery and it is still herniated? Or can this we waived?

    1. They are going to make you see a doctor again mostly likely for an updated clearance letter that’s signed and dated within 3 months of going to MEPS. I’m not 100% that your injury will require the letter in that time period but I have talked to a lot of people going through similar injuries when they get to MEPS and don’t have all the right or updated paperwork. Just to be safe go see the doc and get medical records and that letter head! It’ll save you that long day at MEPS. Worst case scenario they will make you get the surgery. I would be prepared for that because if you have a medical issue that requires surgery you probably need to; then go through the waiver process. Hope some of this helps.. Goodluck

  59. Hello, my name is Brittany and I am working on trying to get a waiver approved for my lazy right eye and I have a very supportive recruiter. I do not have Strabismus Amblyopia or a squint. I have no abnormal involuntary eye movements or any degenerative eye pathological diseases that cause significant vision loss, Thank God. I have normal alignment of my eyes and normal muscle movements of the eyes. I do have a compound myopic astigmatism in right eye only, causing Refractive Amblyopia. Corrected, my vision is 20/20 left eye and 20/40 right eye with glasses, an improvement better than my previous eye prescription. My new prescription eyeglasses will be -2.00 spherical diopters left eye and -8.50 spherical diopters by -2.00 cylinder diopters of astigmatism. My depth perception is also getting better. If I can prove my eyes are otherwise healthy with supportive medical documentation in full detail, will the waiver be likely to go through this time? By the way, this may sound irrelevant but I am trying to join the Army National Guard. The military is something I really want to do and I will not back down no matter what even if I have to put up with an uphill battle trying to get in fair and square. Fraudulent enlistment is NOT the way to go. Thanks for the time. Take care amd God Bless:)

  60. hello. I went to MEPS about a year ago and failed due to hearing. While at MEPS i wrote a letter trying to prove my case. After a few months i was told i was disqualified. Is there anyway i can fight that, by going to a private doctor?

  61. I am in the proccess of doing my paper work, I just turned 18 I already have a tattoo on my right shoulder blade. I am planning to get one on my chestt within the week, someone told me today that chest tattoos are no longer allowed. Is that true?

      1. Not true, if they don’t include anything sexist (express nudity), racist, eccentric or offensive in nature, express an association with conduct or substances, illegal, drugs, drug usage, or paraphernalia they can’t disqualify you.

  62. I’m about to turn 17 and start my recruitment process for the army. I was wondering that if I had a minor finger surgery on my pinkie that involves no metal being left in my body and full range of motion still in my finger. Would the surgery delay me getting recruited.
    Please Respond,
    Thank You

  63. I want to join the marines but i was in impatient care as a minor for 2 weeks for some temporary depression problems. I currently have no depression feel better than ever and know I will pass a mental health exam. I was wondering if that 2 weeks is a DQ or can i still serve as one of the few and the proud?

    1. what ever you do tell them this…. because i shot my mouth of now im in the hold… i need to get a paper from when i was in the er in arizona…. also tell them that you are in perfect health and ther is nothing wrong with you… dont be nervous or jittery… they will thnk something is wrong with you… i went their yesterday and i was excited as hell cause i couldnt believe the life i wanted was coming true… well good luck

        1. Of course you should keep it to yourself, as long as it’s not on paper or any records that they WILL be seeing or will need to see. Don’t tell them ANYTHING that they don’t ASK about.

    2. I’m 15 and I have a history of self mutilation. Nothing terrible just thin scars on top of my left arm. When I was 14 I was hospitalized because my parents were afraid I would cut. Is this going to effect me at all in going into the Marines? I’m currently going to a physiatrist and have not done anything or had suicidal thoughts since. Please let me know. Thank you.

  64. I have had a therapist for depression off and on over the course of half a year, I took (over the counter I think) anti depression medicene, though my family doctor never officially put that on any of the paper work in my medical history. I stopped going to the therapist because they did not help and I got perfectly better on my own (the reason why it was off and on for the short time it did happen). I’m one hundred percent sure I would ace a mental evaluation. Would I be disqualified completely, partially but handed a waiver, or not have any problems?

  65. Hello, My name is Bailey i am 15 turning 16 on christmas eve, i am 6ft 2′ and i weigh 168.5 Lbs. I need to know what the first step is to join the marines, I dont have Excellent grades, mostly b’s and c’s.
    What Should i take as a first step in the path of joining the Marines?

    1. talk to a marine corps recruiter. I was the same age as you when i first wanted to join and the recruiter wont talk to you alot because of you age as soon as your 17 he will talk to you but you need a parents consent

  66. i have tattoos on my neck, and i have been removing them to join the marine. But the question is, will i be qualified to join when the tattoos get removed?

    1. you may or may not be qualified. they will have to have the tattoos or in your case the places of removal wavered.

    2. If you have tattoos and if they don’t include anything sexist (express nudity), racist, eccentric or offensive in nature, express an association with conduct or substances, illegal, drugs, drug usage, or paraphernalia they can’t disqualify you.

  67. When I was younger, I went to Jamaican and got bitten so bad by mosquitoes that they left visible dark scars on the lower part of my legs. Can this disqualify me in MEPS?

    1. Where you in the hospital??? if so you need a medical record from that hospital… because once you get a physical they will see it and ask how it happened. if that is the only thing wrong say that their is nothing wrong with you in other cases thats what my recruiter told me

  68. I’m trying to join the marines, but the problem is I have a posession of marijuana charge and 4 misdemeanor alcohol offenses. I believe I can get the marijuana charge exponged, but will I be able to join considering the other offenses?

    1. Hello, Tyler. Even if the marijuana charge is expunged, it will still show up in your background check during the enlistment process into the Marine Corps. The marijuana charge will also still show up in your security clearance process if your chosen MOS requires one. You still must tell your recruiter about this charge and the four alcohol misdemeanor offenses. Hopefully he or she may be able to process you for a moral waiver for these. One thing to to consider, though, is that some types of offenses considered misdemeanors in the civilian criminal justice system may be considered felonies to the military court system called the Uniformed Code of Military Justice. Please talk to a Marine Corps recruiter for information regarding moral waivers and he or she will help you if you have any questions.

      1. Oh, another important thing: stay away from recruiters that encourage you to conceal your moral history and to “keep your mouth shut at MEPS.” Do not listen to that kind of advice. You do not want to begin a military career with a fraudulent enlistment.

  69. I failed the 8th grade only a semester doe from lack of absences from fighting…I only got into 2 fights…would I still be able to join after hi school 🙁

  70. Quick question, do you know of any cases where an applicant with signs of lattice degeneration got waived ? I went in for a consult concerning past corneal abrasions … The consult went great as far as the abrasion goes, but they discorved signs of lattice in the process ….. & now I’m beyonddddd worried that I won’t be able to join the Marines.

  71. I think I was charged with simple assault at the age of 12 I didn’t tell my recruiter or anyone at meps. When they do my FBI background check will they find out about it?

    1. No,at this point don’t bring it up for any reason and you should be fine. If they diddnt find out at meps then they wont find out unless your job requires a security clearance.
      -Active duty Marine

    2. First off it’s not an FBI background check, that would cost to much money. That background check is only local and state. And yes bring it up. It won’t disqualify you.

      -Marine recruiter

  72. Hi. I’m a UK citizen, 17 y/old and was thinking about my future, possibly joining my own armed forces or moving over to the States and try to get into the USMC or another branch. I was wondering how long and how hard, would it be to get a Green Card? I’m only asking this because, from what I’ve heard in the news over here, is that the current US administration is clamping down on immigration, and making it harder to get into and live permanently in the US. Also, when joining the USMC, do you have to pledge allegiance to the US? And would this rule me out of serving in military outfits in the UK if I decided do go back?

    1. If you are able to get a workers visa and live in the U.S. then you can try to enlist and the Marines will even give you a green card in boot camp or shortly after. If it is a student visa then you would have to obtain a degree and then try for a workers visa to join or apply for permanent residency.

  73. Quick question, do you know of any cases where an applicant with signs of lattice degeneration got waived ? I went in for a consult concerning past corneal abrasions … The consult went great as far as the abrasion goes, but they discorved signs of lattice in the process ….. & now I’m beyonddddd worried that I won’t be able to join the Marines.

  74. I have a tattoo of a compass and a rose on my left calf and was wondering if this would effect my chances of becoming a Marine

    1. Hey dude having any tattoos from mid upper arm or thigh down is an automatic DQ. Other branches are a lot less strict. Marines are incredibly strict to alot of things making them The Few and The Proud.

    2. Not true, if they don’t include anything sexist (express nudity), racist, eccentric or offensive in nature, express an association with conduct or substances, illegal, drugs, drug usage, or paraphernalia they can’t disqualify you.

  75. I have a severe penicillin allergy. Will tht disqualify me from enlisting in the marine corps? Or any other branch at all..? Someone please tell me if they know.

  76. I have a kidney problem called IGM Nepropethy I have none of the symptoms. I used to have blood and protein in my urine but I don’t have that anymore. I have no issues with it what so ever and I am really nervous to know if this will DQ me from MEPS someone please respond I would be very great full for some type of response.

  77. My friend keeps on wondering if he could join the marines if he has a peanut allergy. He’s in the 10th grade, physically fit, and has no scars etc.

  78. Are you disqualified if you’ve been in trouble with the law under the age of 18? Seeing as how your records are locked away

  79. Hellp I am very interested in joining the marines. But when I was born I was didn’t have my middle or ring finger on right hand. I was wondering could I get a waiver for it or will they DQ me. (Also I can do anything anyone else can pull ups pushup etc)

  80. I tried joining the marines but when i talked to a recruiter he told me I can’t join because I would get disqualified because I had shoulder surgery on both shoulders but the surgery made me better I can do pull ups, push ups, lift weights better than how I used to. I’m really bummed I can’t join but I don’t think there’s nothing I can do.

  81. Hello, I am currently going through a waiver process for the Marines. I was charged with simple possession of marijuana less than 1oz. 5 years ago. I have no other involvement with the law and there is nothing else on my record. I have been a guest in the dep for about 8 months and the Gunnery SGT at my RS and my recruiter are finally sending my waiver up. They have all of the necessary paperwork stating that my pre-trial diversion program was complete and that all charges are null and void. The Gunny and my recruiter are going to bat for me sense I have shown loyalty to the dep and proven to them how much I want to become a marine. I also hate completed all 3 character references from my past three employers and there statements are very well written. I understand that the military is down sizing and waivers are slim these days but when my waiver is sent up, what are the chances of it coming back approved?

    Thank you,

  82. I was denied by a MEPS Doctor because of being Baker Acted when I was 17. Ive never seen the MEPS doctor, however when my recruiter sent over my medical records, he told me that the MEPS Doctor disqualified me. I dont understand why I was disqualified because I was baker acted unwillingly by my mother out of spite, and the doctors released me because they found that there was nothing wrong with me. I dont know how to get this fixed so if there is anyone out there that can help, please do so because I really want to be a Marine.

  83. I was medically disqualified from the AF (never even went to MEPS). If I went to MEPS with another branch of the military would MEPS find out that I was disqualified from another branch? The AF recruiter shredded my records but could another branch still find out?

    1. Yes, the possibility of them finding out is very high. However you will never know unless you go.

    2. When you take the physical at MEPS, you are taking the physical for all of the branches. In other words, that physical can be used for any of the branches, and if you were DQed for any reason, then you are disqualified from the service. The only exceptions are for specific areas that are service related, such as eye site for Navy aviation, ect.
      There is no such thing as your recruiter tearing up the form. There is a record of it, the recruiter can tear it up all day because he cn’t enlist you anyway, but that record of disqualification will be there forever, the only thing you can do if you still want in is to inquire if your reason for disqualification is waiverable or not. Depending on the levels the waiver will have to go will have a loot to do with weather or not the recruiter will want to take the time to process you for the waiver. Your attitude is very important in this area. I am a prior Navy recruiter in charge from Missouri.

    3. Because you never went to meps and the AF did not send up your paperwork to meps, there is no chance of Marines finding out unless they went and spoke to your AF recruiter face to face.

  84. Hello my names Brandon and I’m 17 years old. I recently tried to join the army but they turned me down due to the fact my mom thought I was depressed and a doctor said I was. So I’m in the process of joing the marines. I’m wondering if they would disqualify me for that as well? Also I had a severe head injury when I was 13 causing brain surgery. (Epidural hematoma) but I made a full recover, no mental or physical problems/ changes to myself before I got the injury. That’s my biggest concern. This is something I’ve been wanting to do since I could remember and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to join the military. Please respond to this as soon as you can, and let me know what information you can offer me. Thank you very much.

    1. Brandon, this is a situation you need to carefully consider because if any situation would trigger stress or psychological symptoms it would be boot camp. I don’t know how old you are, but you sound quite young. Take the time and go to a pshch doctor for a complete evaluation. Be very honest, keep in mind that no one is perfect, we all have issues. The important thing is to resolve them with adequate time so that you can be assured for yourself and the Marines that you will not have any problems. It’s better than having to try and explain later why you are coming home early.
      As for the brain injury, thats a serious matter and it will require complete medical records and at the very least a waiver that will create a lot of time and paperwork for your recruiter. Marine Recruiters don’t mess around, and unless they really have some faith in you, then it’s unlikely that it will happen. You never know though. Keep going to the recruiter and volunteer to participate in the DEP training programs. Do correspondence cources, learn all of your general orders. Impress the heck out of him. While awaiting any paperwork, take a semester of college and enlist at a higher pay grade with an additional 15 credit hours. Don’t do drugs, and work out. You are the best indicator of your own success. Good luck. The Marines are certainly something worthy of your time and attention, and if by chance that hard work gets you enlisted it will be the most rewarding experience of your life.

  85. I have this tattoo of a fox racing head and the word fox on my left inner forearm, and I wanna join the marines but afraid that ill be disqualified and not be allowed to join. Can someone plz give me info on what I should do. Will I have to get my tattoo removed and how much would it cost me to get it done.

    1. If you have tattoos and if they don’t include anything sexist (express nudity), racist, eccentric or offensive in nature, express an association with conduct or substances, illegal, drugs, drug usage, or paraphernalia they can’t disqualify you from any branch of military service.

  86. I have a tattoo on my chest and a small portion touches my collar bone. It does not show when I have on a shirt. Will this disqualify me?

    1. No. I am currently awaiting a waiver approval for a large tattoo on my chest. Though you wont be disqualified, the waiver may take up to months.

    2. If the tattoo is not offensive/derogatory, gang-related, prejudiced, or extreme, and can remain unseen while wearing a shirt, you have nothing to worry about. Just make sure to let the recruiter know about the tattoo when you talk to him/her.

  87. I’m joining the Marines, I passed my physical but I was temporary disqualified from meps because of a disorderly conduct which was dismissed. The doctor at meps didn’t have the papers that were needed to show proof of it so she questioned it and suggested I show evidence of it and plus get evaluated. I had to go get my own psychologist and get evaluated and I passed it. It was sent up to meps but its been a month and a week since we got a response. Why is it taking so long it’s not a bumed but the meps hasn’t responded. I just want to know what are my chances of being permanently disqualified?

    1. A disorderly conduct charge is a legal matter not a medical one. The reasons that led to the charge (the behavior in question) is suspect for them, I cannot think of any other reason for the medical doctor to require any info about a legal charge. You need to be very careful with what you say to the doctor, they can disqualify you for being generally unfit or for being immature. They may suspect a phych disorder. It could also be that they are requesting records themselves. Also you may just want to consider the fact that they may not want to mess with you so they are giving you excuses until you eventually go away.
      There is no such thing as a dismissal of charges in processing for the military. A charge regardless of the outcome is considered an admittance. If you told them it happened, you can consider yourself guilty. Don’t even consider trying to conceal anything, because they may only be asking to see an indication of your honesty and integrity, because they can get all the information on your legal past without your explanation. A lie or non disclosure will get you disqualified quicker than anything. The military is no place for a liar or a theif and for their own safety it’s best they need not apply. In the Navy, rumors were that some of these so called thieves ended up going overboard in the middle of the night. Sleepwalkers I guess. I dunno, just a rumor

  88. My son wants to be a Merchant Marine.
    He is 15 years old and attends the 10th grade. It participates in athletics for two years, is bilingual. He was diagnosed with ADHD at age 5, would be a problem for him.
    Thanks your help

  89. Hello, my name is Shah-Eric Farrar but you can call me Eric I am 19 years old and I am currently attending community college pursuing a degree in criminal justice and I want to enlist into the United States Marine Corps I have 4 years of experience in Army JROTC. My reason for wanting to Join the USMC is to have a career in the Marine Corps and to further my education, when I first went to the recruiters office and had a little interview with the head recruiter I was automatically disqualified because I have eczema and it was really depressing to hear that I can’t join due to medical conditions because I find a career in the Marine Corps the best opportunity anyone can have. I did a little research and found out that if I show a doctors note that says I am clear of eczema then I can request for a medical waiver, will that cut my chances for joining the Marine Corps?

    1. consider going to another recruiter. A good Marine recruiter will want to work with you. It is waiverable. It may not even be disqualifying if it isn’t active at the time or severe. I wouldn’t normally say this, but considering your sons loyalty to what he wants to persue, consider going to another recruiter without telling them you have seen a recruiter already, and leave out that issue, because I developed exema AFTER I got in, so it’s not something they even consider very important in active duty if not severe. Also, if you are up to being able to deal with another branch being really mad, you can take a physical for ant branch of service, then use that physical for the Marines. It will certainly make the other recruiter mad, but you would just have to take the physical, pass, the stick to your guns and tell them you change your mind. Then, go to the Marine Recruiter and they will love the fact that they have someone already pre-qualified. I was a Navy Recruiter for 4 years. Good luck, you sound like an ideal candidate that the Marines would be proud to have. Don’t let a lazy recruiter dissuade you!

  90. i want to join the marine corp, im 17 with a baby girl, me and her mom are still together but not married, does this affect my chances?

  91. Hey everyone, I’m an Irish citizen with a green card. I’m 16 going 17 in August and I have wanted to be a Marine for a majority of my life. 2 years ago I was given a warning for trespassing in Ireland (even though there were no private property signs) but he basically took my name and told me to scram. No court. No police station no nothing. I’m just wondering will this affect my chances being a Marine. I’m afraid that I might have ruined my chances with this warning so can someone please shed some light on this for me thank you everyone 🙂

    1. Just wondering how did you get a green card at that age I am 18, female from Ireland and want to join the USMC. Thanks in advance 🙂

    2. No. Ive had the same situation when I was about 15 years old. Long as it was never submitted as a police report, your in the clear.

  92. I have a low class traffic felony and a pending DUI where I may serve a couple months in jail for if convicted. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about where my life is headed. I had plans to join the military out of high school but my parents were scared of the war, and begged me not to join. Now I’m going on 23 and going through these issues and I don’t like what I may become I don’t want to be trapped in my small town forever wondering what if. With my current legal issues would it be possible to still enlist?

    1. forget about it. A felony is a felony is a felony and there is no such thing as a low class felony. Serve your time, learn from it, and stop putting other peoples lives at risk by being stupid by drinking and driving

    2. They will waive a single felony.
      THE army will waive a few. So after a time you can change branches to MARINES.


  93. My Brother- in- Law told me that when he was 17 he “signed up” with the Marine Corps (this was during the Vietnam War Era) but was imediately (without ever going to boot camp) sent to a board a ship bound for Vietnam. When the ship got to Vietnam, he was among several people who were suppsed to be “grabbed off” the ship and put into a fighting unit. But for some reason, before that happened, he was “transfered” to the Merchant Marine. he served in the Merchant Marine for 38 years, but he swears that he was a Marine first. I just want to know if it is possible for a Marine to transfer to the Merchant Marine.

  94. When I was eleven years old my brother got high on meth and took a razer to my arm(left) and my legs. I have small but noticable scars becasue of this. My family didnt press charges to help my older brother out. While at PT the recriuter noticed, pulled me aside and asked what had happened. So I told him. He then procceded to tell me that my chances of being able to get through meps would be non-existent. Now I’m really worried it. I have family, teachers and my own Doctor that can back, or vouche for me.(If that actually helps.) I have only been in trouble once, for an over-due libarary book at that! Can that really end a career, a few scars? Please note that they arent even all that bad looking. They are mostly able to be covered and do not affect my pyshical preformace in any way. Can that minor imperfection really bring me to a dead hault? I really do need ananswer. Please.

    1. Young man, I do not know who the idiot is that told you this nonsense! I am hopeful you will not let this deter you from your goal. Clearly, the scars you have are not something you consented to and certainly do not meet the standards for disqualification to serve your country! If that does not work I know a couple of recruiters who would appreciate your passion for the Marines!

      1. First thank you for replying. I spoke with my recruiter again and he told me that “The scars along the side of your arm LOOK self inflicted”. I was crushed. He then told me to basically just give up. I refuse to give up. All I want to do is serve, not for the education. I want to serve simply for the fact that I owe my country something. I have let nothing stand in my way. Nothing, but how do you fight. scars? I will take every bit of help I can get. Here is my professional email address. [content removed by site owner]. if you still actively follow this thread please, please email their names and numbers.

        1. Forget that negative recruiter. Find another recruiter that is eager to help you despite what happened to you.

        2. Those scars were no fault of your own; you didn’t do that to yourself, someone else did it against your will. That recruiter doesn’t know what he is talking about. And I don’t see how an overdue library book can prevent you from enlisting into the military as long as you owned up to it, paid your dues and turned it in.

  95. I’m 16 turn 17 in November I was hoping to join the marine corps when I graduated thoroughly the DEP. when I was 13 I fractured my ankle and had screws put in it. The screws are out now but would that keep me from being able to join?

  96. One of my friends is trying to enlist into the Marine Corps but he recently got his 3rd speeding ticket and is stressed that this might disqualify him from enlisting. I looked online but found things to be a bit inconclusive. Is he disqualified or does he need to get a waiver for it? Please, any information will help!

    1. Nope. You will have to fill out paperwork for each ticket and as long as it was only a speeding ticket and has been paid off it is nothing to worry about. I personally can say he will be fine unless the offenses were different than just speeding! Goodluck to him!

    2. It is urgent that he let the recruiter know about this because it can interfere with him trying to get in. It may get him disqualified and now require a waiver. If that happens, hopefully he’ll get it as long as he shows responsibility and pay it off and show the recruiter all the paperwork.

  97. Hello! I recently visited a Marine recruiting station and before going to my scheduled 2nd MEPS trip or even taking the IST, I presented my previous medical history to the recruiter and received a medical DQ. For what, I do not know, I only received the fax coversheet which stated it was medical and to see the Dr.’s note on page 5 which I was never given even after requesting the rest of my review. I was also never told whether or not my DQ was temporary or permanent. How can I go about getting that information, as I am still determined to enlist in the military?.

  98. So, I tried to enlist in the Marine Corps and was well on my way. Then I told my recruiter that I have a heart murmur. It does not impact my physical abilities and doesn’t do anything in general. He told me to get an Echocardiograpgh done so they could have medical proof of no problems. On the result form, it said “slight evidence to suggest mild hypertension”. I was disqualified for that. My problem is I have never once had high blood pressure when I went to the doctor. Why would that show up and why would that be a disqualifying factor even though I am not physically impaired and have played sports for years. Just wondering, whether I can do anything that can change this and if I am permanently DQ’d from all branches of the Military.

  99. My son has joined the Marines and I am wondering how thoroughly they examine these guys before allowing them to join. My son has a family history of mental illness. His biological dad has paranoid schitzoprhenia. My son was not able to be fully vaccinated as a child because he had allergic reactions to the vaccine. He is not immunized for whooping cough. He also has osgood schlatter’s disease. This is a painful and abnormal swelling of the tissues in the knees just below the knee cap.
    Do they require medical records? Will he be thououghly examined?

    1. well the problem with that is if it makes him physically incapable of performing his duties it probrably will be brought up..MEPS is a very precise processing station i went to MEPS about 3-4 months ago. I give him the best of luck though

      1. wow its going to be tough they want records from birth all shot records they dig deep and they sit you down and drill you if you tell one lie your out so he has too tell the truth dont lie too them ,

  100. Someone PLEASE read and advise:

    A family member of mine (he’s 18) wants to join the military very badly, but he has several medical and mental issues. He first tried to join the Air force about1 year ago and left all the medical information blank. I knew this was wrong and after we explained that he had just turned 18 and didn’t understand the questionairre and I gave the recruiter his medical history, he was disqualified.
    Then, this fall he tried to join the army doing the same thing – leaving the med part blank even though I clearly explained to him that it is not legal to outright lie to the government and it could possibly even lead to a dishonorable discharge down the line. He stated that he didn’t care (this immature attitude is most likely attributable to his mild Asperger’s and severe ADHD. When the recruiters visited the house, I told them of his medical and mental issues, and when his psychiatrist wrote a letter to them explaining that when he stopped taking his ADHD medicines (against medical advice) his grades plummeted and he began having behavior problems in school. While on his ADHD meds (from age 6 – 16) he was great. When he refused to take the pills his life went downhill.
    After the recruiters received this letter, I do not know if he was dq’d or if he just gave up on the recruiters (that’s what he told me). Two weeks later I get a knock at my door. A Marine Recuiter is at my house to pick up some paperwork?!? I ask where he is and she tells me MEPS! I asked her if she had his medical and mental history and she said that he told her he had none. I gave her the Army recruiter’s number and she called and was going to ask to have his file faxed to her office.

    After a young man has outright lied to 3 branches of the US Military, has a history of ADHD and some other medical conditions, do you think they would accept him? Or would they realize he has a problem? He wasted a lot of time, energy and money trying to fraudulently enter the service – and we cannot find out why he has this sudden interest. He tells me: “I cannot reveal my motives” every time I ask.
    He so often talks of killing people. He automatically assumes that if you can get in infantry, you WILL kill people, and it seems he’s looking forward to it.
    Does anyone know how I can solve this situation – and by that I mean make SURE that the doctors at MEPS get ALL of his medical and mental history?
    Is there a number I could call?
    Please, any advice would be appreciated.

    1. Thanks for your question and maybe a reader can help advise, but please be aware that this website is not run by the military and is meant to offer some basic information for individuals thinking about joining. We would recommend you contact a local recruiter and speak to them in person.

    2. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but…his chances for enlistment are not looking so good in his favor, unfortunately, I’m afraid. Fraudulent enlistments and are a zero tolerance in the military and they do give dishonorable discharges to those that do get in after omitting their medical history. He’s got to answer that medical prescreen and do it honestly; he cannot leave it blank. In order to be in the military, a person must be mentally fit to serve as well as physically fit with no limitations or preventions from performing his/her duties. With his conditions, it is guaranteed that he will get permanently disqualified from all branches of the U.S. Military: the Air Force most definitely, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and Army. And since the case with his conditions is serious, a waiver for him to join the military is highly unlikely, sorry. Therefore, the best thing for you and your family can do for him is to continue to seek help for him instead of military service. Another thing you can do along with that is help him find a plan B in something he is good at and enjoys.

    3. Meps or the military can not legally have access to anyone’s medical history. Neither will they be able to get it. If the past issue doesn’t affect the person enlisting then they should have no reason to give it out. MEPS will lie and say you can be charged for lying but that is complete BS that’s not even real. If you tell them a do its basically DQs them. Most people enlisting seem to never know that secret.

  101. Yes, I went to a recruiting office today and since I only have the beginning joints on my 3 inner fingers they said I would be disqualified. I have shot rifles before, am in decent enough shape, I don’t back down from a challenge that I accept, and have amazing grip for my right hand. What should I do? I just dropped out of college, and the only routes in my life that I would want to go through are MMA and Military. Please, if there’s anything that you know that could help, please let me know.

  102. Hello my name Austin and I’m 16, I have wanted be a marine all my life but about a year and a half ago I went cliff diving with some friends and messed up my back, I have a herniated disk in my lower back and my doctor said it will be like that for the rest of my life. It isn’t to much pain, theres usually 2 or 3 days out of the year where I can’t stand it but I just wanted to know if this will disqualify me.

  103. I have tattoos on both my wrists on the underside of arms. I also have been to inpatient treatment 2 for drinking. are these disqualifiers

    1. well the wrist tattoos will get you dq and if the forearm is bigger than a hand it will get you dq. idk about the rest but i suggest get laser removal or whatever you do to remove them if you want to join really bad.

    2. yes that would disqualify you sir you cant have tatoos on your wrist, face, neck, mouth, or head and cant have nun below your fore arm.

  104. Hello, i really want to join the Marines but i was wondering about my minor misdemeanor drug abuse charge for marijuana over a year ago, it was less than 2grams. I am going to speak with a county’s prosecutor and apply for my charge to be lessened to a minor misdemeanor disorderly conduct, with some community service hours and diversion. With either charge on my record whther its lessed or not, will this DQ me from enlisting in the Marines?? Also, 2 years ago i had ACL replacement surgery and they used my own pitellar tendon technically making my acl 180% stronger than before. If i can get doctors note or demonstrate that my knee is beyond 100%, will i be fine?

    Please let me know if either of these issues will DQ me or lessen my chances of enlisting!

    Thank You!

  105. I have a “FTW’ tattoo on my upper mid back. Can this disqualify me?? I have never been in trouble with the law or any drug problems. I am really set on becoming a Marine, and hope this will not get in the way. Thank you.

      1. you cant have certain tats on your back it depends on how large your tat is on your back and if its gang related or not but if you have over 4 tattoos your disqualified anyway

  106. Hello, I’m 17 and interested in pre enlistment, I was wondering if meps would disqualify me for not being fully developed. (growth plates) etc. I have at least two more years of growing to do but I can do all the physical activities fine. Is this a problem?

  107. My son is set to ship to bootcamp soon. A girl he knows just informed him she is pregnant and it could possibly be his. He admits this is a possibility but there are others that could be the potential father as well. The child will not be born until after his boot camp is complete. Should he tell his recruiter or just keep it to himself given it’s not a for sure thing? Once the child is born he will get a paternity test and support the child if it is proven that it’s his, however the relationship was just a casual thing and they do not plan to be together. Will this DQ him if he tells the recruiter???

    1. Keep it to your self. If they were married would be different. At MEPS they`re checking health, body, mind that`s it. They don`t give a hoot what car he drives.

  108. If I was arrested for a misdemeanor petty theft charge, is that automatic disqualification? If the charges are dropped, is it worth mentioning to the recruiter?

      1. yes please tell or you looking at dq if you got it dropped or cleared then your good as long as thats it !!!!

  109. When I was 4, my pediatrician put a note in my file “asthma.” He prescribed me an inhaler in 3/2001 (age 7), 9/2003 (age 9), and 7/2005 (age 11). There have been no other such prescriptions nor info re asthma after that. I’ve been reading the DoDI 6130.03 and want to make sure I am interpreting it correctly that because there has been no diagnoses after age 13 that I should meet requirements. Should I get a statement from my Dr to turn in with my DD 2807-1? I’ve copied the part I’m reading below:

    DoDI 6130.03, encl 4, para 11 d (1) says that “Airway hyper responsiveness including asthma (493.xx), reactive airway disease, exercise-induced bronchospasm (519.11) or asthmatic bronchitis (493.90), reliably diagnosed and symptomatic after the 13th birthday…” is disqualifying. Para d (1) says “Reliable diagnostic criteria may include any of the following elements : substantiated history of cough, wheeze, chest tightness, and/or dyspnea which persists or recurs over a prolonged period of time, generally more than 12 months.” Para d (2) says “Individuals DO MEET the standard if within the past 3 years they meet ALL of the criteria in subparagraphs 11.d(2)(a)-(d) ” 11.d(2)(a) No use of controller or rescue medications (including but not limited to inhaled corticosteroids, leukotriene receptor antagonists, or short-acting beta agonists). (b) No exacerbations requiring acute medical treatment. (c) No use of oral steroids. (d) A current normal spirometry (within the past 90 days), performed in accordance with American Thoracic Society (ATS) guidelines and as defined by current National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) standards.”

  110. will i be disqualified from meps if i had history of asthma at 12yrs old. only time i had an attack when i was 12, i still have prescribed inhalers but dont have no use for them, I can run the 2 mile in 16.30 and the 3 mile run in 25.30. if so what would make my chances of getting a waiver the specifics> thanks hope to get an answer

    1. we have three people in my sector in texas that have asthma and they didnt tell the people at meps so if you want to try your luck do it they made it and we had some people graduate bootcamp with it to

    2. not telling you too lie but if its somthing you had as a kid and you grew out of it cool but if you have a inhaler now but dont use it they will find out

  111. I have never been so disgusted with the Marines. And I am going to go to every senator, representative, governor, general, recruitment office and the president. My daughters boyfriend is 18. He list his dad when he was 8 or 10 at which time he said he wanted to be a marine. He is the mist focused on this dream and mission. He wants to be the best Marine, he wants to serve his country. He has been going to PT for almost 2 years, he faithfully runs 4 to 5 miles almost every morning to prepare for this part of his life. He even took what little was left of his dads life insurance and signed up to volunteer in costa rica for 5 weeks and have 4 days home before shipping out. A few months back he stated he lied on a question and felt guilty so he told the truth. He was told that might screw him out of being a Marine. He wrote letters if apology to higher officials before he left to costa rica. Believing everything was good to go he gets a hair cut, clean shave and heads to kc. Rough day for all. The next day my daughter gets a call and he was told as entering the plane he was discharged for lying. He was told he could go back in sept or oct. while very distraught he came back but remained positive and focused to train more and get prepared to do it again. Then 2 days later he goes to pt and it is the hardest he has experienced and at the end if the day he is told he cannot be a marine ever. And only a waiver could help him but they only come to or from generals. He does not have a record. It was marijuana use a long time ago and he lied initially because he was advised to by the recruiter. Of course he will not tell that because he does not want to hurt anyone else and he takes full responsibility for his actions. I am sure the recruiter tells the potentials anything su they can get their damn points or pay. I am so upset. This bit is mentally and physically ready. How can they do this? Drag him along, give false hope and then knock someone down. He sill try other forces but he has been dedicated and focused in the Marines. Please explain. Thank you.

    1. Marines motto; marines dont lie,cheat,or steal..if your caught doing any of these you answer to them. especially if your not even in yet !!!!

  112. My son is 17. we are currently trying to pre-enlist him in the Marine Corps. We just found out that MEPS disqualified him because he has a tube in his left ear. He has perfect hearing and it was put in just to let out fluid that was trapped. The tube will fall out and there will be no lasting problems. What can we do? The recruiter said he has never heard of this happening before.

  113. I’m 19 and graduated from highschool. I was in the process of joining and I got into some trouble in the past . I was arrested but let out within 3 hours . I had no charges and nothing on my record . Wet I meps . Nothing. I was ready to leave. Within months . My recruiter discharged me . Even though he knew and he told me to keep it in. If there’s nothing on my record and I didn’t sign anything . Is it an actual discharge and if there’s nothing on my record can I try joining elsewhere ?

  114. Hello I’m currently receiving ssi benefits does this disqualify me? I’ve been getting advice from a marine at a gym and a friend who spoke to a recruiter, I heard depending on what the condition is I can get a doctor’s consent showing that I am all better that the condition is over with like if I were to not have the condition anymore, does that mean I can still go in? Or does ssi disqualify me anyway even if I managed to pass the pre test before I went on ssi? If the recruiter has any questions about why I have it, I also have medical records to prove it.

    1. They`ll contact SSI to find out the original handicap, then the Dr at meps will review and decide. Meanwhile SSI will know your not needing benefits. Someone might yell fraud, good luck!

  115. just heard back from a recruiter who didn’t want to return phone calls, and still haven’t heard back from a Gunnery Sergeant from RS operations that gave his word to call. I don’t know what has happened to my Corps, but this is NOT what it was. Apparently we have forgotten where we came from. Barbie can have tattoos but Marines cannot? My son is disqualified for tattoos? Unbelievable!!!! You will take a kid who wont make it through 4 years, who will be shaky and probably drop, but you wont take an able bodied son of a retired Marine who has lived the Marine Corps his whole life? Thats ok Ill send him to the Navy.

    1. Good Morning,
      Unfortunately the tattoo subculture has gottn out of control. Too many visible tattoos, too many inappropriate tattoos, and tattoos with meanings that go against our ethos. No wonder the Marine Corps has shunned tattoos. Depending on the tattoo and where it is located your son might still be able to join. If the tattoo is totaly unacceptable by Marine Corps standards then your son can have the tattoo removed using laser surgery if he still wants to be a Marine.


    2. msgt as a fromer recruiter off the streets tattoo policies changes occur on a daily basis. ultimately its up to the rs co to sign off and send it to district and then cmc. when i left it all tats had to be approved by mcrc and not at rs and district level. the biggest ones that hurt individuals is when it is seen outside of standard pt gear and cannot be covered up by individuals hand and have more than four tats.

  116. I’ve heard that when filling out paper work a YES answer means Your Enlistment Stops. NO means Navy Opportunities for you. 😉 It is exciting 2c so many folks interested in being a Marine.

  117. Im 18 years old and I want to continue a family tradition of serving my country in the United States Marine Corp, but when I was a child I was diagnosed depressed and bi-polar. After being put on medication I was hospitalized for observation. During this time I was rediagnosed. It was determined that I was not bi-polar. Would the original diagnosis cause me to be disqualified. I also have ADHD but I have not been on medication for it since i was in 9th grade. I have a clean criminal record. No traffic tickets or anything else.

      1. That really sucks. My daughter has been working day in and day out to be the “Best”. She was diagnosed with ADHD back in 2003 and took medication off and on till 2011. She went to a camp (sort of like mini-boot camp) and graduated Top Honor grad showing great Leadership, Integrity, Physical Fitness, and Respect. She then went to the PA State Police Academy for one week and participated in their mini- physical fitness program. She has since gone back the Camp to be a counselor and has been committed to PT every week for over a year. She may have had a little trouble focusing in school but she Definitely has no problem focusing on the Marine Corps and serving her country. She even has letters of recommendation from State Troopers and a First Sgt and Staff Sgt. She is even in the local MC JROTC program. I think they need to do a more extensive evaluation before disqualifying completely. After all, she was never “CLINICALLY” diagnosed. That is what is wrong with these docs today. Just want to medicate. She performs way above the expectations for a female marine and even some of the men. All I can say is if they don’t let her join, it is definitely a big loss for the Corps and our Country because she always gives 150% everytime.

    1. documentation from your med doctor and school transcripts it should be fine, but its not a guarantee that meps medical will approve. have all medical documents when you go see recruiter so they can do a medical review before they send you to meps

  118. I’m 24 y/o. I’m a junior in college. I have a cleft palate that has not been repaired. It does not effect speech, eating, or breathing. I have no medical conditions. It goes unnoticed unless I tell. I’ve read the medical disqualifying conditions and they state that any condition that effects eating, breathing or speech is disqualifying. I have the cleft palate but it does not effect anything. Is it still disqualifying, if so, is it waiver-able?

  119. im a 21 year old female interested in the marines. I took meds for depression when I was 16 but only took them for a couple months. then I was told I had adhd. I stopped taking adhd meds when before I graduated 3 years ago, and never went back to the doctor. will MEPS find out if I don’t say anything? also, im about 5’6 and 108 pounds so im 9 pounds underweight but it is impossible for me to gain weight due to a super fast metabolism. can this be waived?

    1. i think it means current but i’m not quiet sure. if it is you need medical proof that it is no longer an issue

  120. I am 23 years old and I really want to join. I have a koi fish tattoo thats almost a halfsleeve but does not go around my right arm. Is it possible that I can sign a waiver and still join? i have seen many people from the military with a full sleeve. thanks

  121. 2o years of age i have pending misdemenor chargers and a tattoo that i was told disqualifies me on my fore arm (non gang related) but too big to cover with one hand if removed or made small enough to cover with a single hand am i eligible???

      1. no it wont my friend leaves in april and hand his tattoo removed and had like 3 charges against him he got caught with under age drinking and some other stuff but he still got in

  122. When I was younger I went through alot of crap(drunk father drug addict mother, abuse ect.) and ended up in a phych ward twice I forgot what age I was the first time but I think I was 12 or 13 the second time. Nothing on my record besides that. Would this disqualify me?

    1. I checked and I was actually 11 when I was hospitalised. Should I tell my recruiter? It would be a real bummer if I couldn’t join after all the work I put into joining. I lost 220 pounds and have 30 more to go (you have to be at least 192 if your 5’10 right?) I also started takeing college classes. (I heard you need 15 credits if you have a GED, I have two classes left) Besides that I have one ticket for runing a red light, a ticket for going through the ipass lane from when I loaned my degenerate boss my van, and a domestic disturbance that I pled no contest to when I was 19. Will any of this be a problem?

  123. I am 25 yrs old and I am interested in joining the Marines. I have a G.E.D, and am going in to my fourth semester in college. When I was 19 I got into a fist fight outside of a restaurant. Even though it was a mutual conflict, and the guy I fought had intent to harm me I was charged with misdemeanor assault. The reason being that he did not connect with me and I got the best of the exchange. When the police asked me I did not lie and told them I was never struck. Will this keep me from joining? Any replies will be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

    1. Ryan, as a Marine Corps Veteran and having gone through the background, they will review the incident and ultimately, as long as you have satisfied all court fees and sentences you should be fine. Misdemeanors usually require a waiver but you should be able to get it, especially since its not a serious charge. The military just wants to make sure that you can have one type of security clearance.

  124. Hi Im 23 and in January fractured my scaphoid in my right wrist and it now has a screw in it. The Dr said that after my casting time I should be back to 100% by the end of the year. My question is will this stupid little screw disqualify me at MEPS or is it something I have a chance at getting a waiver for? Im really worried if Ill still be able to get in now.

    1. Document everything. Request medical records from start to finish. X-rays, surgical notes, doctors notes, etc. I was approved with 2 screws from 2 separate ACL surgeries.. You should be fine.

  125. I am considering joining the Marines, but was in a car accident and had to have reconstructive surgery. I now have 11 metal screws in my face. I want to know if this will disqualify me from enlisting?

  126. So I am 18 years old, and have already talked to a Usmc recruitor. He showed interest in me until I told him about my injury. I understand, he’s just doing his job. However I have a section of dead bone at the bottom of my femur, ive already gone through one surgery and had three screws put in. The screws helped to heal three fourths of the defected area, yet there is still a part that’s messed up. In less then 48 hrs I’ll go into another surgery to have bone graft taken from my hip and placed in the defected area, held in place by either screws or pins, and will most likely heal. I’ve already told my doctor of my plans in joining the service, he says I’ll be fine. But idk if I am marine corps qualified, I hope to become an officer, can anyone please tell me if I should even try pursuing this dream with my current medical situation?

  127. I have a tattoo of a dove on my left breast plate. it is about 2.5 inches away from my collor bone. i am worried that MEPS wont accept me into the USMC due to the tattoo being visible whilst wearing the Bravo Uniform. HELP!?

        1. Of course there will be a scar, but the tattoo will be gone. You can remove a tattoo and still join the Military. Talk to your recruiter. Removing a tattoo will be the least of your worries.

  128. I have a slight hearing loss in my left ear, I have about 72% hearing in my left ear and my right is perfectly fine. I’m in very good physical shape but I haven’t talked to a recruiter yet because I don’t know if I would be DQ’d at MEPS for having that loss in my left ear any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, James

  129. Can you become a marine if you had anxiety while you were 13 but stopped medications after a year of use and are now 20?

  130. I am a 21 yr old male that has had 2 marijuana possession charges (both misdemeanors as was under the 2 grams most states deem not distribution) and another one where I had it in my system but no possession. Will these disqualify me?

    1. as long as you dont have any felony charges your good but make sure you tell your recruiter about both cases and try to remember dates and all events that happened prior to charge this will help

  131. Im trying to join the military I’ve had my whole life set on it. I’m in perfect health and received an 88 on my ASVAB and a GT score of 120.the thing I’m worried about is the fact that I have something know as PE it’s a very minor indentation in my chest, can I get disqualified??

    1. I know what PE is 🙂 Pectoralis Excavitis, I have the same issue…Don’t let MEPS scare you, it’s just like going to the doctor…PE is a cosmetic thing and does not affect the health of your body. I’ve had the doctor tell me this multiple times. It’s just where your chest cavity is a bit sunken in. You can definitely check with a doctor first and ask him if it’s a serious medical condition, money says he will tell you that it’s “Cosmetic” and not to worry about it”. I’m on my 5th year in the US Navy :). Join the USMC and have a good run, and remember…don’t lie about anything, but don’t over think statements and reveal non-applicable informtion that makes it look like you have something to hide; just relax and breathe. MEPS personnel have been doing this for MANY years, they know what they are looking for and whats qualification vs non qualification, it’s not your job to tell them what to look for.

  132. im am in the 8th grade and i plan on becoming a United States Marine butt i have controlled asthma and its going away will i be DQd or will i still be able to join? plzz answer this i would highly appreciate it. thanks

    1. Meps will disqualify you permanently from any branch of the armed forces if u have asthma that is diagnosed by a doctor and u have had it past age 12.

      1. But as long as u can make it through a hard workout for a long period of time without having problems i wouldnt tell them anything

    2. Jacob, that is absolutely false. You could have has childhood asthma and still be allowed to serve. I obtained a waiver for my asthma, since the last onset I had was at 13. I served my entire term with no issues, youre going to have to let your recruiter know and he/she should be able to get you a waiver for the condition. It’s better to let them know now, than waiting for them to pull your medical records and find out, if that happens, then kiss your enlistment good bye.

  133. ***Anyone with some info:
    At 17 I enlisted and went through a 1 year DEP program. My ship date was scheduled for the day after graduation. I ended up graduating late and my contract was cancelled. I had already been to meps and everything. I have been pursuing a career with Border Patrol but I’m tired of waiting, I’m 22 and want to try enlisting again. Will they accept me?

  134. The Marine Core took me and approved my paper work. I had heart surgery when i was first born called patent ductus arteriousus. I am currently a poolee but MEPS approved my paper work so they should, take other heart conditions that are minor.

  135. I was denied once because of allergies but I recently went to a different allergist and came back negative for allergies. Can i try to enlist again or no?

    1. Definitely try to enlist again. Make sure you have the papers SAYING YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY ALLERGIES. A lot of times, the MEPS Doc’s get very picky even when there is nothing wrong. Show that paper to them, you’ll be good to go. There is also no reason why they are denying you because of allergies. I think some of the branches are trying to thin out, or at least at the time, so MEPS will be extremely picky, when they do that. Good Luck

  136. I wanted to treat a sore hip, I know I don’t need to see a doctor and just wanted to receive treatment in the form of acupuncture

    Can I visit an acupuncturist while on DEP without telling my recruiter? Or do I need to tell him I’m going? I just wasn’t sure since they’re not considered doctors and its more of a health/spa treatment.

    1. Tell him, you’re going. Be safe about it, don’t do anything dumb and not tell him you’re going to the Doc. Whether it’s a check up or your arm was cut off and you’re trying to get it back on, or your sore hip and you want a little acupuncture whatever that is. In any case, just tell your recruiter.

  137. I’m currently on DEP and am slated to leave for bootcamp in July. I’ve thought about visiting an acupuncturist for a sore back, its not an injury but more of a tightness. Can I visit an acupuncturist while on DEP without telling my recruiter? Or do I need to tell him? I just wasn’t sure since acupuncturist’s aren’t doctors and it seems to be more of a health/spa treatment. Thanks!

    1. Tightness? Have you tried joint mobility training? I highly recomend Pavel’s dvds relax into stretch and super joints. Also you may want to try bridgeing.(it’s a type of back exercise)

  138. i want to join the millitary but i got disqualified for haved screws in my right collor bone 7 screws and a rod i took the asvab and scored 103 for my gt witch is supost to be realy good
    i removed the screws and there arnt any holes in my bone my collor bone is 100 percent perfict but i have a big scar can i join still?

  139. Im 23 years old and I want to join the marines the problem is that my GED is from another country in south america and I do not know if it counts,besides that I live in Bolivia in south america and I do not have an adress in the U.S. I am a U.S. citizen, my police record is clean and I do not have medical issues, can someone advice me about the GED?

    1. Usually, the Marine Corps doesn’t accept GED’s but being it’s from another country I really am unsure of that. You should find and ask a recruiter, he’ll tell you. If he says no, try to get a High School Diploma. If you’re really, serious about it that is.. Otherwise, I hear the Army accepts GED’s from time to time.

    2. You need to take the GED to the Board of Education (every major city in the states has one but might be called differently) and they will tell you if it is equivalent to a U.S. GED. If it equivalent then it will have to be transcribed to a U.S GED which can take weeks. From past experience foreign GED or High School Diplomas are not equivalent and thus the person has to take additional classes in a U.S. school. Also there are very few Marines that join with a GED alone. That GED must be accompanied by a number of college credits and you have to score above a certain amount on the ASVAB test.

  140. my question is, i was told that my juvenile records would not effect me since it happened at the aged of 16, and i was ask if i had any criminal background history and i said no. When my finger prints came in, they found out that i had grand theft auto and larceny and told me i couldnt be processed. But since i was told it wouldnt be in my record and this happened before meps, would i be permanently disqualified to join the military?

  141. I’ve been trying to enlist since January. I have a history of asthma when I was in 5th grade, I got nose surgery in 2009, I had an anxiety attack in November 2011 (but I am not diagnosed with anxiety at all and do not take any meds for it) and I used to go to a neorologist for headaches from 2009-2011 and I had meds for it. I had advised my recruiter about all of this and he said it was fine and we didnt note it down on my paperwork but at MEPS I made the mistake of writing it all down and they made me turn in all my medical records showing proof of all of this. I am perfectly fine now and I have no medical issues now, I also turned in a recent physical showing that I’m fine. My recruiter says that MEPS has still not contacted them. I am nervous bc I think I have a possibility of getting DQd since I didn’t give the records to my recruiter ahead of time and now I think MEPS thinks I’m lying. How much of a chance do I have of getting DQd ?

    1. It will take some time to hear back.. If all else, fails they will probably make you get a waiver. You should, go get checked out from a docter, have him write down every thing. ESPECIALLY about your asthma. Erm.. They don’t normally like it when recruits have had history with asthma. Because if it happens to effect you during boot camp while you’re on depot especially, because of all the air plane fumes. You would have been a waist of time and money. You best bet however is to get a statement SAYING that it will NOT effect you from a doctor. Then you’ll start the waiver process with MEPS. So go to a doctor or a few, get them to say you’re fine healthy ready to go blah blah blah. I mean everything you put down on paper at MEPS, this will help you. If you DO get all of this, they will be nit picky. So don’t give them a reason to say no. Good Luck I hope it works out for you.

  142. I have a quick question. My son just signed up for his 9th grade classes and He is joining the Army JROTC program. My question is that he has only one kidney, does he even have a chance of joining the military? We only found out about him having one kidney 4 years ago when he got kidney stones. He plays football in middle school and is going to play it in high school as well. He also has ADHD and takes meds for that. Should I be steering him in another direction instead of the military?

    1. The Military probably will not take him with one kidney. I had a buddy last year that tried to join, but couldn’t because he had only one kidney but his was surgical. It doesn’t hurt to check with a recruiter, from what I understand about your son, it was natural. So check with them, see what they have to say, bring to MEPS if you have to. It doesn’t hurt, but I’d suggest having him look into other things too, just in case.

          1. Not that I know of because I heard if you haven’t taken any type of medication after a year. You should be fine.

  143. i had minimally invasive surgery done on my back for a herniated disc 6 months ago, im fully healed at 100 percent and my recruiter said i neeed an authorization letter from my DR as well as my full charts regarding my surgery for MEPS, do i have anything to worry about? Im perfectly fine now and scored a 97 on the AVSAB test…

    1. As long as the Doc says you’re alright, you have nothing to worry about. The MEPS Doc will write up a waiver, as long as he says it will not effect your training. You should be good to go.

  144. I am a 17yr old junior in HS, with a 3.0 and scheduled to graduate 5/13. I am getting ready to go to meps & take my asvab. I have never been in trouble with the police, have no tickets of any kind. However i am a football player and have broken my 5th metatarsal in my foot 2 years ago and tore a tendon in the same foot that required surgery last year. I did not need any screws or plates , I just have a nice scar around my ankle. But I am 100%.I want to be a US Marine. I am 6’0 225lbs. I know I have to lose a few pounds, but other than that, do you think i will be ok medically with my foot..
    If anyone can answer me on this I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    1. You will definitely need to let your recruiter know of your previous medical history. You will also need to get all medical records pertaining to this injury. The medical personnel at MEPS will know what appropriate measures need to be taken at that time. You may, or may not have to be submitted through a Med/Rep program to ensure that this injury will not hinder you through your training. Don’t be discouraged if this happens as this is common with athletes such as yourself. The good thing is the injury does not sound too severe as no pins or plates were needed to reconstruct your ankle. I myself was a Marine Recruiter several years ago and had several applicants with much more aggressive injuries who were able to serve their country. Semper Fi

    2. as long as your foot is completly healed and there was not skrewed into your foot if your foot is 100% just like a normal foot you should have no problem,
      dont worry about weight as much just get you endurance up do some pre boot camp PT

  145. I’m a female that wants to join the Marines and I have a tattoo on my foot that could be seen while wearing the dress blues. Does anyone know if I could get a waiver for this or would I be disqualified?

  146. hey my name is daniel, ive wanted to join the marine corps since i was about 16 and now im 19 the only reason i have not joined yet is for 2 reasons, 1, 1 just had my second lateral miniscus tare on the same leg and just had surgury for it about 3 days ago, and im left with verry little on one side of my knee, would this disqualify me at mepps ?,2 im about 10 pounds over weight but i have been working out with a trainer and am close to meeting the ist goals, anny sugestions and or ideas, thanks

    1. hey I just got out of meps last week. All medical history will be documented and they will see the records of theropy . Talk to a recuiter about it their job is to do everything to get you in meps job is to find something wrong with you . The corps awesome cause most things can and will be waivered . Talk to a recuiter for any issues or worries because if its something that could disqual you they will get it waived before you go to meps . For instance im allegic to pennicilian which is auto disqual. Went to my docs. Over a note saying what happens when I get it and sent it to meps and boom I took an oatn im in to go to PI . Dont lie cause itll only harm you later . They do this so they know your history so insurance will save your ass and the military intrust you with an investment hope it helps . Devil pup out !

      1. i have talked to the recruiters and when i told them all the surguries ive had they didnt give me any answeres.given i have not had any surguries since i was in 5th grade except my 2 miniscus surguries they didnt have an answere forr me. and shit im alergic to peniccillin as well.

        1. I had torn the medial meniscus in each knee this past year. The Marines denied me without even letting me go to MEPS. the army however accepted me until they discovered something else wrong with my knee. bottom line – Marines is probably a no- go but the Army probably will. I know it’s not what you want to hear man, good luck with recovery and enlistment, i’ve been through the exact same thing my friend

  147. I have a medical condition with my kidney. I dont want to lie at MEPS, but im afraid to get disqualified, without the chance of getting a waiver. this is especially scary when the corps has more marines than quota, which gives MEPS more reason to disqualify you. what should i do?

  148. Hey, i have an important question…
    Okayy..i got called on friday and was informed about one open stop for marine resers..i go monday gt info and i said yes.
    On tuesdayy..i got out from work at 3:30 and my recruiter picked me up. We went to go check my criminal record ad from there i went for my asvab..after..arround 7pm i was picked up nd taken to the recruiting center..i was tired,hungry and thirsty..i wanted to leave asap. I took my pre-screen nd jus answered everything no because they told me..wednsday i went to meps and got my physical..i discloesed that i had 2 speeding tickets and that ii had gone to the er 2 yrs ago nd went to a psycologist…is that bad?
    My recruiter told me that i can’t join but since everythng was done in a hurry..i messed up..i dont wanna get fined or sent to jail..i was jus trying to be honest and avoid problems…please answer..i need proffesional help
    I am sad and nervous right now..

    1. i dont know why they would just say no right away besides the whole psycologist part if you said you had depression or any mental instability what so ever it could be why or the ER depending on the reason

  149. I just graduated from school,and have been wanting to join,i used to smoke cannabis yet i have no record with the police,no depression or any health issues,will having used cannabis dq me?

    1. It will not disqualify you, but as long as their is no record of it, it is best to keep it to your self and avoid further obstacles. As long as you don’t use it any longer you will be fine.

    2. no it will not, just as long as you do not continue its use. although the use of ANY other drugs will dq you immediatley.

    3. If you haven’t talked to a recruiter yet, usually they will call you first if you make an account on the marines website. Once they’ve contacted you they will ask you a series of questions “to see basically if you worth their time” but illegal substances will be one of they’re questions and if you honest with the recruiter they wave it. So just remember to be honest with them in all the questions.

    4. everything is NO NO NO NO NO NO NO to meps or you will be DQ .. the military doesnt need you right NOW .. if we go to WW3 .. then their not gonna give a shit if you smoked weed or crack .. or what ever

    5. no, if you use it then try n join and it test positive then yes you will be instantly DQ i would go with if you havnt smoked in 3 months and you feel the marines as a career choice is for you and is more important that weed then go for it

  150. i have already sworne into the Marine Corps DEP program and have my ship date but have recently recieved 2 speeding tickets that i have paid off. will i get my ship date pushed back or will i not be allowed to join period?

    1. Brother no worries on the speeding tickets just make sure you pay them before you ship to recruit training and also let your recruiter know as soon as possible.
      That why he can document it and he will most likely have to run another police check on you before your ship date to make sure all your tickets are paid off in full.

  151. I want to know if id be pdq. I use to cut myself freshmen year. I was a stupid teenager. All it was. Not crazy at all just stupid. If I got a phycologist to profesionaly say I’m sane not depressed an a normal working non suicidal person( because I’m not suicidal) would I be able to join. Ive wanted to join since I was little like 8. Im 18. It been 4 years. Anyone please insight… I don’t want to ask my recruiter because I may cover it with a tattoo If I can.

    1. well if you cover it with your tattoo you will have to make sure it’s not in a spot where they can disqualify you for it and my advice would be to tell them a different story on how you got the scars..just being honost

  152. I have one tattoo on the top of my hand behind the thumb. It is a chinese symbol of strength. And it is also no bigger than a dime. Will I be DQ’ed?!?! I really want to be a marine

  153. Someone please answer this I’m stressing the F out ok so a couple years ago I brought my ADHD meds to school because I forgot to take them and when I got to school I told my friend and he asked if he could have them and at the time I had no idea that this was a felony but he got caught with them and told the principle that I gave them to him and I got charged with distribution of a controlled substance and had to go to an alternative school for 90 days but since I have had no criminal record before hand my record was cleared. I am a good kid I’ve never done any type of drug in my life and have wanted to join the marines my whole life will this get me DQ’d? Someone please answer

  154. Hello I have a question for the public. I’m 17 going to be 18 very soon back in 2oo8 I caught the MRSA virus from my step dad. I had no flare ups or problems with this. Will me having the MRSA strains disqualified me for joining the USMC at all. Thank you

      1. Hi Will,

        Just wondering if you were ever able to join the Marines. My daughter had MRSA years ago and is also interested in joining but is afraid she will be disqualified. Let me know how your situation turned out, I hope it is positive!

        1. Hello thanks for the responds about the topic keep you updated as of 3/30 I do not think that I would be dq for mrsa since my was treated with meds and antibiotics I’m still waiting for meps me to get a date scheduled. I believe that if your daughter has been. Cleared from having mrsa then she will be fine. Hope everything works out for your daughter as a marine and for me as well. Thank you again !!!!!

      2. MRSA is a type of staff infection. It’s a pain to get rid of but can be treated with antibiotics. Think of it like having the chicken pox or a bad flu. Taking medication for it you will get past it without any issues. So as soon as it clears up there should be no reason for you to not be able to get into the military.

  155. Hey. I’m heading to RS Columbia this coming Sunday and Monday for MEPS. I wear contacts and when I had glasses I can see just fine. However I have a slight astigmatism will that be a DQ for the Marines?

    1. I also have an astigmatism and it wasn’t a problem. In theory, rules could have changed, but I think you’ll be all right.

  156. So about 7 months ago i had my earing ripped out it got stitched and is completely closed and the other side is burned shut and is in the process of healing, ive only had one small run in with the cops retail theft, i didn’t have any possession of any of the items a friend did nor did i know he took them, i have no health issues what so ever internal just the ears. Would i be disqualified?

  157. I had a very quick back surgery right befor I turned 19 (6 months ago) they didn’t use any screws or anything but I also went to an adolescent substance abuse program a year prior for marijuana and haven’t smoked since. Do you think the marines will let me in?

  158. Can I join the marines if I get disqualify form the air force but I have no bad records wih the police I am clean they only want me to disqulify cuz I have been late on my dep meeting idk if it’s possible if I can rejoin in he Marine

  159. My first semester at college in South Carolina I had a really hard time. My parents were getting divorced, I tore my rotator playing rugby, and as a result became depressed and ended up in an in-treatment for a week after trying to kill myself. I never went on anti-depressents, but went home and went to counseling. Now, I have no psychological issues. How long does it take for a problem like this to be considered resolved with out DQing me from MEPS.

  160. Hi, I was born with Crouzons Syndrome. would I be able to join the military? I already went the the Army, Navy, and Marines, they all sent my documnets out via fax and said they would call me when they heard something back. But no calls yet… Can anyone help me?

      1. If it is documented on medical records they have to know, or ANY legal (like criminal history) records they have to know or they will find out. And if you do not disclose before you leave MEPS to go to boot camp, you can and possibly will be discharged for fraudgulet enlistment and can be punished for it. Like paying back the money they have already spent and paid to you. “Fudging” some things is ok, like work history or addresses you’ve lived at. That is not “important” history. I went to Marine Boot Camp, Parris Island, SC. I was discharged (for undisclosed reasons) but the week I was in RSP waiting to go home there were several that were being discharged for fraud. It is VERY VERY important (considering where the boot camp locations are and the intensity of training) if you or your child has or has ever had asthma or had to use an inhaler that you tell your recruiter and/or MEPS doctor. There have been people that have died at recruit training from asthma attacks, because they did not disclose that information. *Alex* it is possible that you will be disqualifed to enlist BUT that does not mean don’t bother trying, you will probably have to be seen by a doctor and have your medical records reviewed before they can say yea or nea… Hope that helps!!

  161. hey i want to join the marines but i dont know if i can because i have a suicide attempt on my record when i was 14 and was prescribed pills but i droped them within a month. am 18 now and now am wondering if what i did when i was 14 will come up and disqualify me???

  162. I was wondering if I could get in if I do not have a ged or diploma. I have 21 college credits. I got into a community college by taking their entrance exam. I have gotten these credits but I want to join. Is this possible?

    1. You have to have a High School Diploma. Even if you have 21 college credits you have to have that HS diploma, you can’t have a GED.

      1. The military considers 12 college credit hours to be the same thing as a high school diploma. So lets say that you have a GED and you also have 12 credits from a community college. Than they consider it the same thing as a high school diploma. If you have an associate degree or higher and never graduated high school (like I did) than no one really cares.

  163. i was at meps the other day and did everything i had to do and got enlisted that day, but i forgot and didnt tell them that i had a underage drinking ticket and a parifinalia ticket in a diffrent state do i have anything to worry about, would they have enlisted me if they found out about the tickets i forgot to tell them about?

    1. You have alot to worry about!! Not to sound so, scary. You better get that straightened out before you leave for boot camp or you could be discharged for fraud. There were people that had made it to T-10 and got disharged for not disclosing information.

    2. Yes. It’ll come up in your background investigation and create complications and/or even discharge. But disclosing now could u waivers waivers

  164. Hi I am tryingto gt some opinions on my situation. I am trying o join th USMC and go into OCS. I graduate this May, but I ad a back injury two year ago that is DQing. Now it is called a “Parr’s Deffect”, and its scientific name is Spondylolysis. This is a disqualifying aspect, yet I am fully recovered, no pain, no surger needed, and have been cleared by the civillian doctors (whom did a write up for me). I had my MRI’s and exrays sent to the MEPS doctors for clearence. What do you think is going to happen? Will I get in? This has been stressing me for 2 monthes now. I am a college wrestler and am more than fine physically, I plan on flying.

    1. Hey man I am going through exactly the same situation as you. I have to go down to get all my stuff done after i get a doctors approval from a spine specialist. which isnt till next month. Please let me know if you hear anything cause the waiting is killin me probably like its killing you!

    2. Hi! I am trying to join the military but I was DQed because of Spondylolysis. I had a stress fracture two years ago and I don’t have any symptoms from it. I was wondering if you were still able to get in?

  165. Hi, I’ve wanted to join the USMC ever since a child. I had a few issues with school & ending up dropping out, going to an alternative school & receiving my GED before my graduating class. The first time I went to speak with a recruiter they had told me I would need at least 15 college credits towards a college degree in order to even be eligible to enlist in the USMC. I went to college for an associates degree in Criminal Justice & although I haven’t finished my schooling due to running into financial issues, I do have 29 credits towards that degree. When I most recently went to talk to a recruiter, (yesterday) they had me take a practice ASVAB in which I scored 36. Also they told me I am going to need two waivers. One for a tattoo that takes up most of my forearm and the other for an underage drinking charge I got about 6 months ago. The recruiter also told me I will need to score above a 50 in the ASVAB. My question is, what are my chances of getting these waivers and not ending up being DQ’ed. I’ve never wanted anything more in my life than to join the USMC & serve our amazing country.

    1. It depends on how bad they are needing people, honestly. If they have someone who doesn’t need a waiver at all, then they’ll go before you. Waivers used to be given out by the Marine Corps like crazy, now with budget cuts and all… It really does just depend on the recruiter… If he/she feels like sticking their neck out for you to get in. Wish you all the best!

  166. My son is 18 and meets every physical and mental requirement to enter the Marine Corps and scored very high on the ASVAB, except that he is 8 pounds underweight for his height of 5’10”. He is strong and has been a competetive athlete in high school ice and roller hockey since 7th grade. Would this be likely to hold up his enlistment?

    1. He’s good. No, you do not need to “fatten” him up. It’s a simple waiver. I, as a recruiter supervisor will take an under weight applicant Vs overweight any day.

  167. i have a imperial german eagle tattooed on my forearm, no swastika or anything. But it often gets mistaken for a symbol of racism even though i just got it because im german, will this disqualify me??

  168. hey im from Louisville Ky and I have tattoos on my top part of my arm im getting Laser treatment to remove them I have a Clean Background and I am in College and have enough credits to meet Regulations to Join Any Marine In Here have advice and Honestly what are my chances of getting in….Thank You

  169. I tore my meniscus a little over four years ago. I haven’t had any problems with my knee at all and I feel no pain when I run or exercise. My physician passed me. Am I still able to be DQ?

  170. I went to MEPS about a year ago and I got DQ’d for “tightened airways.” During my physical my doctor said he could tell I have constricted airways. He asked me if I’ve ever used an inhaler and I said that I did when I was young. I had asthma at a younger age but I grew out of it. I ran Cross Country and Track in High school and I never had any breathing problems. I haven’t used my inhaler in years. I had a pft (pulmonary function test) and I had great results. (I do not have sports induced asthma to my understanding). My lung capacity and oxygen intake was fantastic (according to Pulmonary specialist). However, I just took a metacholine challenge and I’m diagnosed with mild leaning towards moderate asthma. The Marines at the recruiting station said I have a little chance on getting in. I haven’t sent my results yet to the Dept. of the Navy but is it possible to get waivered? Or am I permanently disqualified not alone the Corps but every branch?

  171. I just want to know if going to therapy ruin my chances of joining the Marines??. My parents think it will help because i don’t “open up to them ever”, but I am perfectly fine and happy…I am not depressed nor do i have an illnes of any sort, I’m just not great at talking, and both my parents have an OCD, so they always want to know what I’m thinking.

    1. Well if you want to be a Marine you better get damn good at Shouting at the top of your lungs and talking…if not you wont make it. Also tell your parents to chill the fuck out.

  172. Hi I have a expunged paraphernalia and dismissed unruly charge as a juvenile, I also have a dropped dui and dismisssed resisting arrest chage as a adult. I really want to join the marines however I tryed to get a waiver from a recruiter and he pdqed me before hearing me out. He told me that he had allready tryed to waiver 3 people and he wouldnt put in the man hours because he knew it wouldnt work. Do you think that it’s possible to get it waivered? I can provide information of why I have these charges, I went through some rough stuff after my father commited suicide and after I did a interview of how he dyed. Please someone provide me a answer. Please.

    1. I’ve heard of people getting waivers for stuff like that, but I also know the Corps doesn’t need huge ranks right now and is therefore able to be choosier in who it accepts. You’ll need to work with a recruiter on this; you try speaking to the head recruiter in your area if you think your recruiter isn’t being fair or doing his/her job. Good luck

  173. Hey ive wanted to join the Marines for as long as i can remember my whole family is Marines but i have a needle phobia and faint after every shot i get will this DQ me from joining?

    1. I know of someone who fainted when he had to get a shot, so I don’t think it’s a dis-qualifier. You’ll have to get shots for sure though. Check with your local recruiter for a definitive answer.

    2. No that is not disqualifying… When I was there, I didn’t tell them and many other recruits didn’t either, of needle phobia. Our first night there, we went to medical the first shot they give you is Pincillin. There were about 12 of us who couldn’t handle it. They make you pull your pants down just enough to get to your cheek, give you the Pincillin shot (i made about 2 steps and a Navy personnel caught me) and many others did the same. They took us out of line and to the big blue mat, laid us down, proped our feet on a stool. After about 10-15mins (after they got done with our paltoon) the Navy nurses came over and said “Well lets all just get our shots laying down today” and two Navy nurses at a time came to each person and administered our shots… Needless to say this didn’t help matters of the “feeling” but we got to lay there til we felt better and joined our platoon. Sitting Indian style rocking back and forth, its to help with the Pincillin shot.. “Working it into the body”

  174. I know this is generally for people looking to go enlisted, which I may well revert to. The following question has to do with my attempt to go for OCS.

    I am/was trying to go to OCS. I graduated from college and all I wanted to do was join the USMC. However I have some problems in my background that I was told disqualify me and I was wondering if the information I was given is correct.

    Legal: I have two legal problems in my past. A traffic citation and a misdemeanor charge for “use/possession of drug paraphernalia” (marijuana bong) which was pled down to disorderly conduct and I, on the advice of my lawyer simply paid the fine. I know that in the eyes of the Corps that means I pled guilty to the original charge.

    So I went to see my OSO (a Captain) and he looked through my records (including court documents) and asked a few questions about the moving traffic citation then noted that a waiver was needed for the criminal stuff on the bong beef. An appointment he had then walked into the office, so he passed me off to a SSgt. saying basically “everything here seems in order, we need to get a couple waivers but I’ll pass you off to the SSgt. and we’ll get the ball rolling” [My paraphrase, but darn close to what he said].

    The SSgt, takes me into his office and can’t find any of my records (medical, references etc.) and seems to get flustered. He then asks for the paperwork I have with me. He immediately flips to the “Traffic/Non-Traffic/Experimentation with Controlled Substances” page, frowns and tells me that my 2007 misdemeanor completely disqualifies me from not only OCS, but also enlistment. He went on to state that because I admitted in the “be honest” section for “experimentation” that I tried “magic mushrooms” in high school that I can’t get into OCS or enlist in the Corps and that there is NO waiver for such behavior. Even if I never had any criminal charges, admitting I ever tried a “hard” drug absolutely disqualifies me from any sort of service in the Corps.

    My question is this: Is this true? I know I need waivers, especially for the “hard drug” experimentation, but I was unaware that it was an immediate disqualification. Further, my research online suggests that it is not.

    My understanding was that this had to do not so much with what you did, but under what circumstances. I was most definitely peer pressured into drugs after changing high school’s when my parents moved to a new town full of what I would now call “hippies”.

    So what’s the real deal here? Was this SSgt. telling me the truth and my OSO just stringing me along, do I need to prove I’m clean with drug tests, or are my indiscretions as a minor combined with my foolishness as a college sophomore a brick wall?

    In short: Is there a way around this, or did I kill my chances of being a Marine Officer before I ever applied?

    1. Well, I’m not 100% sure about this, so I hope other members weigh in here…but it doesn’t sound right to me. If this is something you’ve been wanting to do with your life, then by all means, don’t give up based on one person’s assessment. Talk to another recruiter and see if you can’t speak with the head recruiter.

    2. Yeah you blew it as far as the marines. You could try another service branch. And if there is no criminal record the correct answer to anything but alcohol or marijuana is that you NEVER tried any other drugs EVER! Marijuana you tried a FEW times and got caught because you were young and stupid. Unless you have a drug problem now than no need to disclose that.

    3. You could try other branches. But you’re thinking of becoming a 2nd Lt. while at the same time you succumbed to peer pressure and used drugs ? Forget about it. If you used drugs and are feeble minded you have no business leading a platoon of 16+ Marines to their possible demise. Thanks.

    1. It shouldn’t. There should be no tattoos on your head, neck, hands, and fingers, you should be good.

      Anyways, a lot of Marines get tattoos on their forearms.

  175. My future son in law told me the other day he has plans on joining the marine corp but delayed on entry because of ADHD.Will this disquaify form for enlistment?Is there such thing as a medical clearance to make his way through the recruitment process?What is the next step for him? Thank You!

    1. I’m not sure about ADHD, but there are definitely medical waivers. He should talk to a recruiter about it. If he’s diagnosed with ADHD, he’ll have to be forthcoming with it and they’ll check out his medical records anyways.

  176. I’m sure people are getting sick of answering questions like these on here but I really just need a for sure answer. I’ve talked to my recruiter about this and he’s been kind of short on his answers. I leave for basic on March 12th and would like to get a new tattoo but i don’t want it to set my deployment date back. I have a half sleeve and would like to get some work done right underneath it. I’ve marked it and wrote down the description on the sheet you had to fill out at meps and the tattoo will be close to the same spot and will only be an outline so it will be totally healed by the time I ship. I guess what I’m asking is what are the chances that the people at meps will notice? I know the question might sounds stupid but I honestly don’t think they will be able to tell.

    1. The people at MEPS will look for ANYTHING that will disqualify you or delay you. It’s their job. I got held at MEPS for an entire extra day because I had wax in my ear. They wouldn’t allow me to join the Delayed Entry Program until it was gone and referred me to a nearby medical clinic. A tattoo will not go unnoticed. If you’re serious about joining the Marines, don’t do anything you wouldn’t tell your recruiter and if you aren’t sure, ask your recruiter first.

  177. I dreamed of enlisting in the marines my entire life, unfortunately my senior year of higschool I experienced two full meniscus tears witch both required arthoscopic surgery and physical therepy. It was the same knee both times, once in January and again in July. I was just recently cleared from orthopedic care, and now I’m wondering if enlistment is still an option for me.

    1. You’ll most likely need a waiver; you’ll need to ask the recruiter what you’d need from the doctor. Don’t lie though, it’s already in your medical record and lying will not help you.

  178. I had an asthma attack once when I was a like 8, I was given an inhaler,but didn’t have to use it. I’ve played football through out my high school years with out any breathing problems. I am 20 now been running everyday trying to get myself ready for camp. I still don’t have breathing problems till this day. Will I get dq’d for having that asthma attack when I was younger!

    1. If it is in your medical records, you have to tell them!! Because, whether you go to Parris Island, SC or San Diego, CAL the training is INTENSE!! And on the East coast the air is humid VERY humid!! You may not have had problems recently but considering the training, you may have one and if you don’t tell your recruiter or the MEPS doctor. You could possibly have one at boot camp and die. Asthma does not always disqualify you, an evaluation will be needed. Good Luck, BTW Talk with a recruiter, they will be able to give you more information!!

  179. Hi,

    I am a concerned future member of the armed forces.
    I have been to meps, taken phyiscal done my dd 2807-1 and 2807-2,
    have all my waivers and am told I may leave as early as april.

    I had cut my finger while cleaning a knife.
    Went to nurses office, and when they finished cleaning it out.
    I looked at it and felt light headed and dizzy and fainted.
    they said I was out less than 1 minute.
    The problem is I didn’t think about it until I started going through my SF-86 and writing all my employers down, that I remembered the incident.

    My concern is,
    I forgot to mention this on DD-2807-1 and DD-2807-2.
    Should I mention at meps, or wait till MOT.
    Will this DQ me if I admit to meps or just delay?


  180. Got dq’d from the marines a couple days ago, but does that mean that I still cant try to join any of the other armed forces?

    1. Definitely not; the different branches have different rules and qualifications. Talk to recruiters from whatever branch you’re interested in and they should be able to give you specific information.

      1. I was DQ’d from the army last march. Would I have a chance of enlisting in the marines? I’m in good shape and have been clearned by my doc for everything i was DQ’d for.

  181. Hello,

    Names Blake and this is my long journey starting back in July 2010 when I stopped into the Armed Forces Career Center in Dubuque, Iowa. At the time I was 20 with two years of college under my belt. I wanted one thing and one thing only to become a Marine. Know active duty Marines and retired Marines want to join for the brotherhood and to better myself not for the pay or the college money like most. I am a highly motivated person and have a hard time being told no. I went down to MEPS the first chance I could on Sept. 1st passed everything did well on my ASVAB. Surprisingly my 7 big tattoos cleared “gauged/stretched ears” weren’t to cool to them. A few months prior to going down to MEPS I removed my jewelry keeping them stretched. Obviously this process takes longer than two months to completely close your ears to normal. So they didn’t let me enlist that day. Not a big deal went back to Dubuque had my tattoo and piercing shop cauterize “basically burn the back of my ears shut” with a piece of stainless steel rod and a blow gas blow torch (I was desperate to make it to MEPS the next month to enlist). That didn’t work so I had an ear surgeon cut them a little and stitch them shut. Problem solved went back down to MEPS after the stiches came out and enlisted on Nov. 1st under an open contract. Now for the bad I work at a physically demanding job lifting a lot of things from the ground up. Noticed back pain and pain shooting into my leg a month after enlisting making it impossible for me to attend PT and even preform my job. Met a highly recommend surgeon hours away from Dubuque had an MRI done prognosis was a “herniated L4/L5 disc. No other way to solve the problem besides being put to sleep and have the surgery. Keep in mind this surgery has nothing to do with pins or metal of any kind being placed in my body. They just go in and relieve pressure on nerves in your spine canal from the disc herniation. I was on my feet hours after the surgery and denied any pain pills (have an awkwardly high pain tolerance) if you can’t tell by the ear situation and loads of tattoos. Spent one day in the hospital because I had to and was given no pain meds via the iv just antibiotics. Two weeks later pain free and almost 100% physically. It left me with a 1inch incision on my back and 5 staples that were removed 10 days post-surgery. Today Jan. 5th I my recruiter who has be extremely helpful with everything. We called my surgeon to release all of the medical documents pertaining to the surgery and after care and faxed them to the MEPS center in Des Moines. He made it sound like I will be no longer qualify for recruit training date on May 7th because my disc has the potential to “re-herniate” in training. He also said if I still qualify I will be asked to be monitored by a board of high up Navy Medical docs periodically for 12 months then I may leave for recruit training and a set later date. By then I will be 22 not cool :/. I wrote all of this wanting to know another person’s take on this predicament, to find out sooner than my recruiter can, and to inform others who are thinking about enlisting of these issues (i.e. gauged/stretched ears and herniated disc surgery) . Lastly just want to throw in the fact that I’m 6 foot 165 pounds in perfect shape with only minor speeding tickets on my record. So it’s not like the USMC nor my recruiter will be taking a chance on a chubby out of shape non motivated criminalized individual. It will be devastating news after all I have done in these crazy months going out of my way to make things work and missing a lot of my full time job. He doesn’t want to give up on me because he knows I’m one crazy dedicated SOB 😀 😀 😀 with potential to be a leader. Unfortunately this might be out of his and my hands.

    , Thanks for reading hope it helps someone else out!!!

    1. It sounds like you can still enlist, just not as soon as you’d like. Speaking from experience, you don’t want to mishandle lower disc issues; they are highly prone to getting worse over time. You’re lucky enough to be young and fit; if you take care of your back now, you might not have major future disc problems. 22 might sound like a long time from now, but it’s really not. You have time on your side. My advice is to definitely listen to your doctors on this issue. Recruit training is demanding and if you suffer disc problems there, you’re more likely to be SOL.

      1. i had broncho spasms at 12 and had to use an inhaler for 2 weeks. Then I had a hernia at 15 and got surgery for it. Then I found out I had an astigmatism…my vision is -1.50 but corrects to 20/20 . None of these affect me. They are a thing of the past. I spent my whole entire life and childhood wanting to enlist…if they reject over something stupid like this I don’t know what I’m gonna do.

  182. I want to get back into the marines. I was separated out of boot camp for Plantar Fascitis (a foot condition that arises from lack of activity to extreme activity; ex: from studying to boot camp). I have been going around in circles with numerous recruiters telling me that they would help me but by the time that I get the paper work all sorted out, a new recruiter takes their place and/or they “misplace” my paperwork.

  183. I was enlisting for the marines. When i got to M.E.P.S. i had told them i smoked marijuana for a year long but that was over 2 years ago but they still said i have a co dependency on it but i told them that was part of my past right now there telling me that there not signing any wavers for it so I’m wondering how long would i have to wait before I’m able to enlist because right at this moment I’m looking for other options but I’d rather do the marines they have all the training that I’m looking.

    1. There’s no time frame on stuff like this. It tends to depend on whether or not the Marines need to beef up it ranks or not. Right now, it’s pulling back so the armed forces get pickier and provide fewer waivers.

  184. It’s probably getting annoying for you admins to answer questions from concerned wannabes like me but I have another one. When I was 13 I was diagnosed with mild depression and was hospitalized for less than a week. I had to see a psych for a month or two after that and took meds I didn’t need for a little while. All in all I spent about 3-4 months going through administrative bullshit. In all honesty, it’s because I was too immature at the time and wanted attention. Not gonna lie. Anyway, would this DQ me? I mean, it’s not like I have a history or anything, it was a brief spell and I haven’t had any issues with it before or since then.

  185. So I began my journey to become a marine over a year ago, I’ve lost 80lbs, I met all the requirements, and yet they say I must wait another year to join because I was prescribed hunger suppressants to help me control my appetite. Why are they making me wait? It makes no sense to me, it’s not like the suppressants are addictive, I’ve been off of them for about 3 months, I can maintain my weight without them and only took them because the last 30lbs were becoming difficult to lose. I began taking them in July and stopped in September. So can anyone explain why they’re making wait!?

    1. Because you where an admitted, “LARD-ARSE” and the Marine Corps , “HATES” fat-people (unless you are aStaff NCO or above, then its cool for you [kind of]). Gotta keep that, “spit-shined” and polished appearance. Who wants to see a big ass dude in Dress-Blues? It’s all about, “image!” then comes the, “Honor, Courage, and Commitment” kind of stuff.

      Sorry dog!

      1. That is not accurate, the Marines place Honor, Courage and Committment above all else no image. Its very disrespectful to make such statements and completely unappreciated not to mention it doesnt help answer his question at all. The fact is that because you were overwieght and needed assistance shows a weakness that needs more than a couple months to assure that you have it under control. That is a lot of weight to have lost and they want to make sure you are keeping it off not just for “image” but for your health. The basic Marine training is very intense and will push you to above your limits until you reach new limits continuously. Keep your focus on your dream and it will come to you. The longer you have before they do let you in the better shape you will be in and ready for what is in store, so keep running and work on your pull-ups and push-ups. Dont get discouraged so easily you will be fine.

        1. Elise, thanks for the more useful answer. It’s always appreciated when someone just answers the question without baggage.

  186. I experienced anxiety years ago and saw a therapist because I was laid off, owned a house, was trying to find a job and then found a job, and had to drive during the worst winter ever. You mean to tell me that since Im better and done with all of that, I cant become a Marine Reserve?!?!? It was three years ago!

  187. Hello,
    I am very interested in joining the United States Marine Corps after college, and I am a long distance runner. I had a case of “runners knee” and it went away …now my knee feels weird, doesn’t hurt, just weird. I can still run without pain and do everything. I was wondering if I joined, and I went to a physical therapist will the Marine Corps Disqualify me?

  188. I was PDQ’d on my pre-screen for a thyroid condition that I was diagnosed with when I was 19, but I no longer have it. Would I be able to send in another pre-screen after a certain period of lapsed time that states that I don’t have it? Or will the old pre-screen always be on record? I was going to join the marines, but now I’m seeing if I can join any branch at this point.

  189. I want to join the Marine Corps, but i fractured my 4th metatarsal about 3 months ago. I am fully recovered and am able to do physical activity with no pain at all. The recruiter requested for the pathology report on the fracture. Will that disqualify me at MEPS?
    I haven’t started any paperwork with the recruiter. I just contacted him letting him know that I wanted to join. Should I just get another recruiter and not mention it?

  190. I want to join the Marine Corps, but I fractured my 4th metatarsal about 3 months ago. I am fully recovered and am able to do physical activity with no pain at all. My recruiter requested for the pathology report on the fracture. Will that disqualify me at MEPS?

  191. I am very concerned reading the questions posed by these potential applicants. Any psychological issue should be a disqualifier due to the stressful situations that our military are exposed to . In addition, any drug use, or arrest wether it be for a misdemeanor or felony is a lapse in judgement and conscience. The rules are the rules and should’nt be compromised for ones own needs. The best interest of our troops is to have only highly qualified applicants. Marines work as a team and must be sure that recruits embody strength motivation and integrity as team members. Their lives and the lives of those they protect depend on it.

    1. You will probably need

      1) Documentation of the DUI

      2) Possibly a waiver for the DUI

      3) You will more than likely have to see a psych consult for that DUI

  192. Hey i also have hernia, I used to be allergic to apples but not anymore, I had bronchitis at 12 and had to use an inhaler for around 3 months and had to take wisdom teeth out and had an iron deficiency but not anymore…many of this stuff is the past….can I still enlist

      1. Hi Travis,

        Nothing you listed seems like it would inherently disqualify you. I especially wouldn’t worry about bronchitis/wisdom teeth/iron deficiency as long as those are no longer ongoing issues.

        I believe there are some cases where a hernia could be an issue; you’ll need to ask about it. Sometimes things like that aren’t necessarily disqualifiers, but you may have to get it taken care of prior to enlisting.

        Don’t be afraid to ask about it; you’ll have to submit your medical history anyways and you’d be tested to make sure you’re healthy before you enlist. Sometimes you can get waivers as well.

  193. -just a curiosity; im going to MEPS very soon. however, about 5yrs ago, i was going through a “teenager” phase. I was admitted at a behavioral hospital for only 2 weeks, because i just had bad anger at the time, the hospital put me on meds, and the doctor diagnosed me with bipolar. The meds. didnt help a thing, so i stopped taking them, without doctor’s permission, even my family encouraged me to, because they were making me worse. Eventually, i grew out of this “teenager” phase in about a month after being discharged, only being there 2 weeks. Bipolar is lifelong, obviously i dont have it. My life has been great, ever since that small incident. I dont want to lie at MEPS; but i dont want to bring up unnecessary subjects that happened years ago, that will be difficult to explain, and i defintely dont want to be disqualified for something long ago that wont effect me now. I was wondering, if i just didnt bring it up; if there was a way that MEPS WOULD find out about it. I know they will ask for paperwork and since my doctor never allowed me to get off the meds, i dont want to get DQ’d just because a doctor assumed i was bipolar. Or, worst-case-scenario not being able to enlist because of that past history. anyway around this?

    1. If you were admitted for mental rehab, then yes, you will most likely get DQ, and if you lie and say you weren’t and they find out you were. You are screwed, then you can get Dishonorbly Discharged. You don’t want that, best thing to do is be upfront with them.

    1. Hey Jeremy,
      I was also afraid of this and I had stage four bunions in both feet. So to avoid any reason at all for DQ I have undergone one surgery and the next is in three weeks. They were fine day to day, but for the marines, marching, running, training in general; I knew I would have pain. My suggestion- Have them removed and your feet honestly do feel a lot better. Downtime is 6 weeks. However, if your feet are not crippling to your performance IN ANY WAY. It shouldn’t be a problem.

  194. My son was PDQ recently for the Marines. I am going to see the recruiter Tuesday to see why he was disqualifed. This is the situation so far. I sent all his paperwork up to the MEPs. He is now 20 years old. when he was a teenager he played basketball and football a lot. He got banged up and I took him to see his primary care doctor for knee pain and shoulder pain, each on different times, but only one occurence. He was around 15 henall this happened. He had a chest pain which turned out to be muscle spasm. He was scared because of so many young people dying of heart attachs, he wanted to the doctor to check. As a teenager my son and I was going through some rough time, so I had him evaluated and the dr said he had ADD. He was on concerta for 1 month in 2006 and then it was discontinued. He never had any treatment our counseling at all. After male family got involved, he completely turned his life around. He was re-evaluated and the diagnosis was overturned indicating that his symptoms were a major part of his family situation at home. Since then he has finished high school and has been working since he was 16. He is 20 years old now and has had no major health issues.

    Once I find out why they PDQ, can we ask for a waiver and if so, could this waiver be used for another branch. Please advise.

  195. I have a son interested in the Marines. He has had a major history of Vasovagal Syncope(Neurocardiogenic Syncope)(Cardiac fainting) with 3 times having to be resuscitated. He was on medicines for it. He has had no sign of this for atleast 3 years. I am nervous with him joining. I really don’t know if he could or would faint again.

    1. My son also has neurocardiogenic syncope. He had one episode 6 yrs ago, docs said he could “grow out of it”, and has been symptom-free until this month, so we thought it was a one-time thing. Has had a couple of episodes (dizziness, loss of vision, some fainting), but is now contracted for the Marines. Concerned this latest flair up will negate his contract. It’s easy to see why it would, but I’d like some definitive input before we inform his recruiter.

      1. Ok, after my last post, scrolled down and found a reference to this pub , a PDF called “Medical Standards for Appointment, Enlistment or Induction in the Military Services”. (I couldn’t link to it in this reply, so Google it). It lists all the disqualifying medical conditions, and under the “Heart” chapter (Section 12, para r.), it notes that recurring syncope or presyncope is disqualifying unless no recurrence for 2 years while off all meds. Bad news, but it is what it is.

  196. here’s the deal….the Corps is full right now so they are going to pick at every little thing they can find not to let new recruits in. so its kinda like dont ask dont tell policy well it aint in affect any more but u know what i mean if it aint bad and not very many ppl know then dont tell…stfu and go throught meps like your the s**t.

    thank you for your service, 2002-2006 CPL Deal

  197. My son has passed all parts of entry for the marines except for one part. When he got to meps they disqualified him due to an astigmatism that they said he has in one of his eyes. Everyone says that it shouldnt have disqualified him because glasses or contacts can correct the issue. What can be done to get him in now?

    1. I can personally attest to the fact that, at least ten years ago, astigmatism was not a disqualifier because I was eligible with astigmatism in my left eye. What you should do is first talk to the recruiter about what you need to do to get it waived. If the recruiter isn’t helping or tells you there is nothing you can do, request to speak with their supervisor. It really typically is not a complete disqualier to the best of my knowledge, so keep at it.

  198. I go to meps in aweek. I have a burn scar on the to right of my wrist about a quarter size. Its not like a little burn I touched something n it left a mark. I was at work n I mess with hot parts n my arm got stuck between something and a part and its a bad scar. Will this DQ me? I’m self conscious about it n wear a watch over it. I know I’ll have to get over this but will it affect me military wise

  199. I had lung pain for a couple months, so my doctor prescribed me an inhaler to check if I had asthma. It turned out I did NOT have asthma, because the inhaler did not help at all, it was something else and it has been fixed since then, the pain does not occur anymore. Will the prescription of that inhaler DQ me, even though I do not and never had asthma?

  200. Hey I am very interested in the marines and had 2 surgeries on my knees as a kid for bone spurs from growing to fast then another on my arm for a nerve in entrapment but no limitations and I want to know if I could possibly be disqualified been told I would be fine

    1. most likely not. it depends on if your able to get dr notes and proof of everything that happened leading up to why you had the surgerys and then a note saying you’re okay after and have had no problems after. my bf had a kidney surgery and has gotten copies of the surgery details and notes saying hes been fine since and he got approved.. it took forever though. and it only realy matters if there are scars from the surgery.

  201. So 4 years ago I had 2 stress fractures in my lower spine and had to wear a back brace for 6 months. I was completely cleared by the doctor and to this point I have had zero problems. I submitted all of my medical records for review by the doctor at meps and just found out today that I am disqualified. Is there anything I can do?

  202. Last time I’ve taken the ASVAB for the Marines was Nov. of 2009, and I’ve took it a total of 3 times including National Guard and passed the medical/physical exam at MEPS. Highest score I’ve made was a 26 AFQT. After a couple years of learning the basic math, studying word knowledge, and finding out what I want to do with my life, I’m ready to take the test again. I want to earn the title of Marine – back 2 years ago when I first graduated high school I was undecided which branch to join. I am motivated!

  203. At MEPS, in the questionnaire you have to fill out, it asked me if I had ever intentionally cut, burned, or basically harmed myself. I did once when I was 12, it was my first relationship and I didn’t know how to handle the ups and downs at the time, so I cut my forearm one time, and decided it wasn’t for me. I have a 1/2″ scar that is very unnoticeable. I told the doctor that, and showed him the scar, and he DQ’d me. The doctor said I’d have to get a waiver. The Gunny at MEPS told me I would be fine with a psychological eval and a waiver, but me recruiter told me that the doctor said I had suicidal thoughts and attempted to kill myself, which was definitely NOT the case. I had no intention of killing myself, I just heard that some kids do that when they feel down, so I tried it once and decided it wasn’t for me. Is there any way I can get this waived? My recruiter told me I’m completely DQ’d for the Corps and I’ve been looking into the Navy, but I ran into the SSgt from the USMC station and he told me that if I got medically DQ’d, I’m out for every branch. What can I do? What should I do? Am I still able to join the military?

    1. By the way, I am in great physical condition and scored an85 on my ASVAB. No drug use at all whatsoever, and no criminal history. I’m also the Senior Class President at my school.

    2. Wow, I was just about to post something very similar to this, I’m in the exact same boat as you are right now, and got no word from my recruiters bout it

    3. Dude. Why would you tell meps that? I know lieing isnt a good thing but come on. Just dont say anything and you will be good. They try to scare you with all of the punishments and it scares alot of applicants. But the smart people that know the military choose to lie. Now dont lie over asthma or something that you can get caught by. Make a story and stick with your story. Never ever change it

      1. Well, one thing to consider, especially if its in any of your past medical history, is that if your past does come out, you could get disqualified for it…after you’ve spent most of your enlistment expecting to be honorably discharged. Your time is valuable, so consider the risk. Not to mention, if a person in the military is prone to any sort of mental health issue, military life can really up the ante for it to happen again with its stress, obligations and often loneliness. For some people, it can be a pretty dangerous place to be.

        1. Yeah, when I was in 8th grade I did this thing called the Eraser game with a friend and it scared over, and it’s when you basically erase your skin will I get DQd?

  204. Here is my situation. I tried to get into the Marines when I was 17 but I was on probation for marijuana. So I couldn’t, I tried at 26 to get into the Marines I have a conspiracy of drugs felony on my adult record, but my recruiter said as long as it wasn’t distrubution you got a chance to get in. He got me in, and told me that your felony is ok and your good to go and can leave for boot camp, you won’t be able to get some of the jobs but other then that its ok, but I would have to meet the Major or some officer of a higher rank and have a meeting. Of coarse I said OK no problem. Then the Major looked into my record and found out I had a probation vilolation (it was just an extention, most people go to jail or prison if they violated probation, but the judge and probation officer knew I was far from a violent criminal, just a stupid kid who tried to be cool) and denied me entry into the Marine Corp and wouldn’t even have the meeting with me, but he didn’t take into consideration that I also got an early dissmisal from probation do to good behavior and the probation officer even said I became a decent member of society I was working at the time, and I earned 22 credits at college. My dreams of being a Marine was crushed and destroyed. I talked to my recruiter and he said new Majors come in and out of the office, and he would ask the new Major that was coming in, and he would try to fight for me to get in every time a new Major came into the recurting station. Also I think he was trying to get a promotion to Major. He would keep fighting for me but I lost contact with him. He was a good guy a great Marine and a special recruiter. His name was Sergant Gonzales he was a firemen in the Marines and worked out of the Edison NJ recurting station and he was orginally from California. Does anybody know where he is now? or is he still in the Marine Corp.? I am now 30 years old a grown man, and I still want to be a Marine my friend who was in the Marines said he went threw Bootcamp with grown men that were 30 years of age and even older, but they got waivers. I went on the Marine Corp website and saw that a case bay case waiver for 30 year olds can be considered. I don’t care about my age ” I WILL BE THE OLD MAN OF THE MARINE CORP.” My record was from almost 10 years ago when I was 21 or so. I have not been in any trouble since. I am not a stupid kid anymore I am a grown man with a high standard of morals , I am 30 years old. I would like the privledge of talking to a Major or someone who handles waivers or set up the meeting with the major that I was supposed to have to state my case and ask for his approval, but I was denied. I told my recrutier I was try for an expungement but it costs thousands of dollars, plus lawyer fees, I work low paying jobs and can’t afford that right now. Can someone help me or give me advice on what to do. The Army said they would take me years back but I didn’t go my heart is with the Marine Corp. Oh Yeah, I DONT GIVE UP WHEN IT GOMES TO THAT I AM STUBBORN AS AN OX , I am a grown man and have every right to follow my dreams and thats to me a Marine. but I am getting old quick. I would appreciate if someone would email me back with advice. [email address removed]
    Thank You for your consideration and all that the Marine Corp. does. GOD BLESS THE MARINE CORP!!!!!!

    1. That sucks, I am in a similar situation. I would say, give it your all for the Corps, otherwise try to get into something high-speed in the Army. Talk to an Army recruiter and see if you are eligible for the 18X option of trying to qualify for Special Forces upon enlistment. There is always the French Foreign Legion.

  205. If I am currently diagnosed with minor ADHD but can remain concentrated and am not impulsive without my medication (the only difference is that I laugh and eat more) will that disqualify me. I have been on medications since I was in Kindergarden but have learned how to control my symptoms over time. I am now going into my sophomore year of high school and am hoping to be a ROTC student in college. I really hope that I’m to be able to be a marine, I know it would make my grandfather proud if he was still here with me today.

  206. I broke my hand in 8th grade i have three screws in it now the doc. said that the bone will grow over it i have wanted to be a marine my whole life im 15 and counting down till im 18 do you think i can still be a Marine?

  207. I had a stress fracture in my back when I was in 8th grade. I’m currently a freshman in college. I don’t experience pain from the fracture anymore. What I’m wondering is, will this disqualify me from the Marines, or will I be okay to enlist?

    1. I am joining the army right now. I have meps in a few weeks. I recently went through a back surgery 5 months ago. It will be very difficult to get into the Marines if you even can. It would be easier to get into the Army. They nit pick surgeries and broken bones especially pertaining to the back. I wanted to join the Air Force which is harder to get into then even the Marines when it comes to bones and surgeries. They made it seem impossible for me to get in and told me before they would even look at my I would have to have 6 months under my belt after my surgery. But the best thing to do is call your local Marine Recruiter and see what he says. That’s the only way to get a for sure answer. It won’t take longer then 10 mintes on the phone to know. Not sure if this helps. Good luck though!

  208. My boyfriend is currently in marine training, but his mom wants him to see a therapist or a doctor about his anger issues, he doesn’t want to go because he’s afraid it’ll DQ him from becoming a marine. His anger issues aren’t terrible, but he can be slightly bipolar at times too. Will this ruin his chances of becoming a marine?

  209. I am 16 years old, I just joined cross country running. I ran all throughout the summer, right at the beginning of the season i had a muscle spasm in my back the doc said i will most likely grow out of it, i dont feel it much anymore. Will this halt my enlistment into the corps at all?

    1. No it shouldn’t as long as its healed properly and you pass a physical exam. The bigger problem would be that once you have a back injury, you may be more prone to have it again…so you HAVE to take it seriously and make sure you’re strengthening your core and back muscles and using good form and posture, otherwise when under a lot of physical stress (like at boot camp), you could re-injure yourself.

  210. I had torn my meniscus my freshman year of high school and had arthroscopic knee surgery to cut out and clean the small part of torn ligament. The recovery time for this surgery was only 2 weeks, and went back to sports right after the 2 weeks were up. I have had no problems with it. Will the USMC waiver this?

  211. Hello,
    I have been trying to join the Marines for two years. To make a long story short: I processed at MEPS in March, and was disqualified for two misdemeanors: One a theft (a package of beer from my college town liquor store), and two a public intoxication charge. I incured both on the same night in 2008. I am a high school graduate with 15 college credits and I scored a 96 on my ASVAB. I have seen a couple of guys ask questions about similar situations, but I didnt notice any response to this kind of issue yet. I’m waiting pretty anxiously to hear back from this waiver, to be honest. Do you know what my chances are?

  212. I went to MEPS today for Marines, and they temporarily DQ’d me for hardware in my leg because they said they could feel the screws through the skin and told me that they were worried about the screws rubbing through the skin when i wear combat boots… Would this be likely to happen if i were to have 1 or 2 pairs of long socks on with my combat boots? Not that it really matters because i know theres no arguing with the MEPS personnel, and this is something i want bad enough that i’m considering getting the screws and plates removed if the surgeon would clear me. Any advice you have would be appreciated.


    1. To be honest with you. Your in a tight spot. It would be very difficult to when an argument with MEPS and at the same time if you go in for surgery to get the screws and plates removed you have to wait 6 months after surgery before you will even be looked at… its a tough call…

  213. when i was born i had heart sugery to close a partaly open valve and it worked never had probblems with it and stuff am i DQ???? the army Natilonal guard turned me away cuz they dont give out medicale wavers in utah they said so am i done????

  214. What are the Medical condition history that disqualify you??? I was diagnosed with MS but I am doing fine did not have to take any medications after I was doing ok. It was just a small episode. Would this disqualify me.???????

    1. It’s my understanding that Multiple Sclerosis is a medical disqualification for all of the armed forces. Definitely consult with a recruiter before giving up on the idea though. Even if you are disqualified, you may be surprised by the number ways you can still be involved in service.

      You can view a PDF called “Medical Standards for Appointment, Enlistment or Induction in the Military Services” and search for “multiple sclerosis”. It’s the Department of Defense’s instructions from April 2010.

      “o. Chronic nervous system disorders, including but not limited to myasthenia gravis (358.0),
      multiple sclerosis (340), tremor (333.1), and tic disorders (307.20) (e.g., Tourette’s (307.23)).”

  215. Hi, I’m 18 wanting to join the Marines. I’ve had a surgery across my stomach and now i cannot throw up but it doesnt bother me. I’ve had 2 hernias niether bother me. And Would they disqualify if i don’t smoke but have thc in m system?

  216. im trying 2 enlist i only have 2 charges on me first i was charge wit petty theif n i had a dime of weed on me cops because i was sell it 2 a friend this was bout last yr i trying 2 be a msg plus i was on ssi for yrs but i dont get it anymore so can i join

    1. I dont think you will be able to join I’ve seen people with lesser charges be DQ’d… My recruiter told me I could not join if I had any charges of theft on my record and that is for the Army… Hope this helps

  217. i got my eye refraction on monday what are they gonna do i got 20/200 i wear glasses can they pass me or am i just screwed

  218. hello my name is eric salinas i wanted to know the tattoo policy for the marines i have a tattoo removal one and a half inches above my wrist bone its not gang related its no longer a tattoo its a prior service and im trying to go active with the marines should this be a problem

  219. Hi,
    I experimented with a drug that was supposed to be out of my system before i completed my meps drug test. It was a horrible mistake and I have not touched drugs since. I ended up failing the drug test. That was 2 years ago. Am I disqualified from the enlistment process forever?

  220. I had a history of depression. I took Welbutrin XL through high school. I became interested in the Marines and I dropped the medication cold turkey. There was no effect what so ever, physically or mentally. I stopped years ago. How bad will this hurt my chances?

    1. dont mention it to them, the usmc has no way of looking into your backround unless they suspect it and with your concent, dont sweat it at all ur fine

  221. Hi, I am attempting to enlist, but i’m having some problems. During the initial interview when asked about prior drug use and/or criminal charges I, because I greatly value honesty, was truthful and told my recruiter that I had been charged with a “Minor Possesion of Marijuana” (under one ounce) when I was 13. I am 19 now and have not touched marijuana, or any other mind altering substance, since. Also, my record was exponged for exceptional behavior one year after the charge, and then sealed when I turned 18. Today I called my recruiter to check in and he told me that the Executive Officer for my district will not sign off on a waiver for my enlistment. I know that I will be a good Marine, I’m fit, smart, and dedicated. On the EST test I scored an 86. My recruiter told me to that I should speak with the Exec. Officer in one month and ask him/her to reconsider a waiver. Can anyone give me suggestions on what I can do to better my chances of a waiver?

    1. If your trying to join and have a history it will always pop due to criminal background check through FBI but just tell them and ask for a drug test to prove your not in it anymore and usually it will pass the officer to higher command

  222. Hello, i am 18 years of age. i have 8 screws and a plate in my left arm… i am intrested in joining the marine corps. the medical documentation say’s i am 100% good to go, no limitations. i also have a screw in my right wrist… again the paper work says i am 100% good to go, no limitations. My recruiter, told me that if the medical documents say im 100%, and the MEPS doctors read it as such, then i should be good to go for service in the marine corps…. is this anything i need to worry about?

    1. There are two major reasons why all branches of the services have such stringent medical requirements. Actually, when you are taking your physical, the physician that examines a Marine applicant is more likely than not, the same physician that will examine a Navy, Army, or Air Force applicant. The first reason is because military service is both physically and physiologically demanding. Think about the cost involved to recruit, transport, train, test, uniform, provide dental care, feed and to educate each enlistee. An estimated $40,000 plus per applicant. Imagine what the taxpayers would say if after all that money spent, you had to be discharged for the same medical reason you had prior to your enlistment. That now brings me to my 2ND point. Regardless of how much time you had on active duty and the fact your injury was prior to your enlistment, you would be entitled to Veteran’s Disability Payments, for the rest of your life. It’s about the Benjamin’s!!! Also, recruiters make mistakes, but they have both an Officer and a Senior Enlisted Personnel, checking on “What it takes to get you in the service”. Don’t forget, their job as a Marine is to GET YOU ENLISTED. I am a formal Marine Recruiter (Retired) Be patient. Follow instructions to the letter so your application process will not be delayed any longer than necessary. Remember, not everyone can serve.

      1. I have been taking psych meds for 8 years. I have gone off of them recently and am doing great. I want to be a officer in the marines but am 30. If i wait the year for both waivers I Am sure to be denied due to my age. Is it possible to conceal the info about meds without ever getting caught?

    2. PART 2
      If you are employed, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR JOB until you are enlisted. If you are honest with your employer, they will more likely than not, support you for trying to enlist. If you are waiting for medical clearing and need a job, GET A JOB. Once again, if you are honest with your employer (Regarding medical examines, Doctor visits, etc), most employers will be supportive of your intentions. Part of being a Marine, is being honest. More importantly, being a man, is being honest. Regardless if you are enlisted or not, being honest is the best virtue of any man, regardless of his age. Employers today are more military friendly, more so than ever before, in US history. If you have questions about the Corps, I may be able to help. send me an email to or

  223. I started the recruit process several months ago (September 2010….) but have had issues with MEPS approving my medical paperwork. I had surgery to repair a torn meniscus on my knee back in May of 2004. I talked to my doctor’s office and requested all paperwork available for the surgery, they provided it, and I submitted it. I didn’t get a response for about 3 weeks. The response I got was that they needed more paperwork, I again went to my doctor and requested to get everything they had on record for me. I submitted that, again several weeks went by and my recruiter finally called me to let me know that MEPS had misplaced my paperwork but before misplacing it they had asked for a letter from my doctor’s office stating that all paperwork had been provided. So I again went to my doctor’s office, got a THIRD copy of the paperwork as well as the letter. I submitted both items. About two weeks later I found out that my recruiter had only submitted the letter and not the paperwork, so they re-submitted the paperwork just for me to find out about a week ago that MEPS has declined it stating that they need the paperwork from the E.R. and my PCP. My PCP’s involvement was limited to referring me to the specialist that did the surgery (the doctor whose paperwork I had already submitted.) In the paperwork it clearly states on the first page, that I am under no restrictions due to the surgery and that I can pretty much do whatever I want again. I don’t think my recruiter is following up properly and I don’t believe everything is being communicated properly to MEPS. I would prefer not to go through another recruiter as I don’t want to be disrespectful, but I’ve been pretty much putting my professional carreer and academic carreer on hold because of this. I was originally scheduled to go to MEPS in December and be in bootcamp by January. I’m 26 years old and I know I’m somewhat running out of time to get in. Any advice?

    1. Hey Bill i am going through the same thing with the medical records. I had surgery for a benign bone tumor when i was seven years old and everything went perfectly. It was a minor surgery and I have never had any problems but MEPS required that i send them the records for it stating everything was fine. I requested the records from the hospital and they responded that they dont have them. I then request them from my dads VA records because he was in the army at the time and my records were also not with his. Then I needed to send MEPS a verification from both places stating that they indeed do not have the records. After that they still did not accept me so now my recruiter has put in a complaint to the record keeping at the hospital my surgery occurred at. He says a reply may take months and I have turned down numerous job opportunities in hopes that something will happen. I am almost 25 so I feel like time is running out too and its extremely frusterating nothing can be done. Cant MEPS do their own evalutation on my arm to find out if it is ok or cant they ask me to go see a doctor to be checked? Because if these records are gone with the wind I dont know what is going to happen.

    2. well that sounds unprofessional, if it was me id get all my paperwork again and go to a diffrent recruiting station and put it down, bada bing bada boom. its not disrespect its un-professional and you gota do what you gota do

  224. ok, when i was like 10 or 11 i was taken away from my real mom, after about a month or two at my real dad house my step mom convinced him i needed to see a phyciatrist, Idk if i was diagnosed with depression or not but i do know that i took the medication for it, i dont take it or see the guy anymore. Me seeing him only lasted like 3 or 4 months and i never realy took the meds, only when my step mom told me to. if i was diagnosed will it show even if i dont tell the meps. i am 19 now and i know i dont have depression even if they say i do. Can i still join i have devoted the past 9 years of my life to joining, doing clubs and meetings, studying, and even running with the poolies since i was like 13. then i heard about the depression thing thing today when i told my parents what i was doing, btw they always thought i was doing drugs when i left to go run and to the events. lol. shows how much they know.

  225. Does having webbed toes disqualify you? There on the middle toes and do not affect anything. (physical activities, Shoes, clothing)

  226. I was wonderinf if i will be able to joint the marine corps if i had open heart surgery to repair a subaortic stenosis i had my surgeon told me that i was good to do whatever i wanted without limitations but im not sure if the marines let people in after heart surgery

    1. no they will not due to a major heart problem. to big of a risk. i am sorry to inform you this but that is the military

  227. Hello, I’m very serious about joining the Marines. i have a hernia and will require surgery to repair. Will having this on my medical record be a disqualifier in the future for me?

  228. I’m 23 years old and I have wanted to become a marine since I was a little boy. My uncle has been in the marines since 1991 and is now First Sergeant and acting Sergeant major for his marine regiment. Anyways, when I was 18-19 tees of age I mad a stupid mistake that caused me to get a misdemeanor theft record. Since it was my first offense the judge gave 40 days of caltrans and 3 years of summary probation. This all occured while working at my first job that I had for about 3 years. One day my brother caused me to get a $700 phone bill on our family. Share plan and since I was the only one working, I was really worried on how to get the money. I resulted to stealing the money at work just to pay the bill. It was a stupid mistake that I regret every day of my life, I lacked maturity. Now about for years later after the fact, I am the father of a 6 month old boy which I love so much. I took the military test and scored a 75. I just need to know if a misdemeanor will disqualify me from doing something in my life that would really be positive and something I’ve dreamt about since I was a little boy. Please Reply Thank You.

  229. I got permantly disqualified for having consoling. In the consoling review it said i had deppression and i have never been diagnosed with it or been on medication for it. The doctors at meps disqualified me for that review from the consolers although i have not ever been diagnosed with it. How can i fix this or get ahold of someone at meps to talk to and explain what is going on? and could i possibly fight this in a federal court? Thank you for your comments if anyone can help me.

  230. Hi,

    A month ago I threw a party and got a disorderly conduct ticket when the cops were called. I ended up getting a 6 month deferment and my Marine Corps recruiter said he was having problems getting me in. Well last night I ended up at another party was there for 30 minutes to pick up my friend because he was in no condition to drive and the cops came and gave me another disorderly conduct ticket as well as one for unlawful possession of a beverage even though I didn’t drink. So my question is can I get disqualified from the Marine Corps for this I really want to become a US Marine and don’t want this to ruin my chances please if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated thank you.

    1. prabably not, the situation where you picked up your friend and got in troubble is not a major offence, a public intox in only a class c offence which is viewed the same as a speeding ticket, i would suggest going to a new recruiter and also lookin into yoru charges and see if you can get any taken off through the court, but i dont think its a major deal breaker

    1. yes they can, but your only temporarly disqualified so get your sergery keep your paperwork and recover then go back, theyll take a good look at yoru eyes if theyre fixed and you should be good

  231. I have been in the DEP since July 2010, this past January i received a burn from a lighter on my forearm and it has left a small, round, reddish scar. i have not mentioned it to my recruiter. is this something that could potentially DQ me when i go to MEPs to ship in June?

    1. depends, on the severity and what if any types of medications you have to use or take. tell you recruiter everything, because if you don’t it could get you dq’d and doesn’t even give him/her (recruiter) to help you out. usually its nothing, but an extra piece of paperwork.

  232. My freshman year of college I made a very stupid mistake and was charged with attempted theft, the lowest form of misdemeanor theft. I am now about to graduate college, I do not do drugs, and I have a pretty good gpa. Will this still dq me from OCS?

  233. If any illigal drug is found in your system you are perm. Dq’d. From all military service forever. Marines do not do drugs therefor they can not accept anyone who “pops hot” on a drug screen. It is taken vary seriously.

    1. yes its very serious, alot of times for some odd reason ppl jerk off before goin to meps and oddly enough if you do itll show up as thc in your system, so keep it calm down there

  234. I am looking to join the Navy and go into the Seals. When I was in 9th grade my parents took me to a counselor over depression and acting up ( I disliked school and truthfully upset over a lost girlfriend). That is long ago and of course I am not a depressed person and have never been on any medication. Will the counselor visits in my health records disqualifiy me?

    1. yoru best shot is saying that you didnt have depression problems just attitude problems aslong as you didnt take meds, if you did take meds, theyll find out so dont lie, just see what happens

  235. I have a question. I went through recruiting, passed all my tests then went to MEPS. Found I needed a higher score on my ASVAB and needed eye glasses. Got a letter from DoD that said I was disqualified for 45 days, because they found marijuana in my system. Then my recruiter told me i was permanently disqualified for ALL branches because of this. Any ideas on how I can fight this?

    1. marijuana a big disqualifier now, any kind of marijuana even the artificial stuff will pretty much kill any dreams of going in, thats mostly from what i heard when i was at meps. but i think you can probably write in a statement or two, it might help. just ask your recruiter if he can get you it.. im goin to basic 25 July. I hope you will find your way there too.

  236. Myname is Matt and my recruiter told me that meps could disqualify me for good if I reset my date to go down there

    1. Rescheduling MEPS dates does not disqualify you from joining the Marines. Chances are the recruiter wants to nab another gold star for signing up another recruit within a certain time frame that makes them look good. Rescheduling could cause disqualifying if other circumstances are involved…like you’re about to pass the age of active duty enlistment or something, but in general, you should be able to reschedule.

      1. Marine recruiters get no extra pay for enlisting you nor do they get any paid vacations to the Carribean… they do have a lot of hard work, when both future Marine and recruiter do “it” right, to prepare you for bootcamp and the Corps. His real task is to do just that… prepare you the best he can to “EARN THE TITLE MARINE!” which means you have to go to bootcamp and graduate. So the decision to “back out” from you commitment to service is what concerns me. And could you “back out?” Yes – but there are rules yo ushould follow. Ultimately you should talk to the Commanding Officer to discuss your change of mind. It’s a mature, professional courtesy. Perhaps there was a misunderstanding on your part that cna be clarified and resolves your concern. Perhaps you had a shoddy recruiter and feel shafted. Maybe you just inherited 1 million dollars… But it allows the truth to be heard, problems fixed, and brings a mature, professional resolve to “why is this young Man changing his mind on such a good deal.” Yeah – the Commanding Officer will ask you to uphold your decision. But he won’t kiss your butt to be part of The Few, The Proud, The Marines!!! That’s what’s nice about the Marines… it’s a special title that not everyone can have. And knowing that those who have joined did so “willingly” ensures a Force that has no bad grudges about being Marine. It’s all volunteer & that’s a good thing. Go talk with you recruiter & the NCOIC (his boss). You had a reason to be a Marine in the first place & I doubt that 1 big reason has changed… usually family or friends are not as supportive as we get closer to ship to bootcamp. That fear of the unknown has grown closer & scares us… which is all the reason to spend lots of time with your recruiter… to prepare now so when that “moment” comes you are already introduced to it & you utilise Marine courage, poise, & self confidence to approach the situation at hand successfully. I hope you stay with your Marine decision. I’m in my 26th year as a Marine. It’s been the best of times & the worse of times. Good & bad just like everyone else in the world has in their life. It has given me what I wanted in life, though. Sometimes it’s hard to get those things joining the work force right away or college right out of high school… but it has been very fulfilling. And the Pride lasts a lifetime!!! Good luck with your decision.

  237. There is a young man that enrolled in delay entry. Unfortnately, he dislocated his shoulder last weekend during a softball game. He will report this May 2011 and we foresee he will recover from this injury. Does this disqualify him and what medical testing will be done at the MEPS due to this injury.

    1. The Marines have strong concerns for maintaining one’s health. We want to build you up; not break you down. Bootcamp is demanding!!! Prior to shipping ot bootcamp the future Marines see the MEPS physician one more time to review his current health and anything that may have occured during his time in the Delayed Entry Program (DEP). This future Marine needs to have good contact with his recruiter about the injury. Usually the recruiter with contact the individual’s person physician & obtain the appropriate medical documents regarding his current or final disposition. Obviously the intent is “not to send an injured (temporarily disqualified) Recruit to bootcamp. “Shipping dates” can be adjusted to ensure the future Marine heals prior to departing to bootcamp. A few injuries can still allow a future Marine to ship on time & bootcamp will make adjustments for him/her (although this is rare). ANd some ailments end up being a total disqualifier fo rthe future Marine. But he will be in good hands with the recruiter. Recruiters know what is needed; make sure he sees his recruiter & discusses this.

  238. I am currently not enlisted. I have had one blemish on my criminal background history. I have been tried as a juvanile on a sexual misconduct misdomeanor. I have been told this is a permanent disqualification for the Marine Corps. I have many troubles dealing with this issue and believe that my one juvanile blemish during my adolescents of life, should not withdraw my chances to defend my country. I have heard of felons being waved off and able to enter the military. I am completely uphauled with this decision that a felon can enter the military but not a person with a slight severe misdomeanor. That is the only problem with my record and believe that this should not DQ my rights to enlist. I have been to counciling for my actions as a minor and have amazing grades and knowledge in academics and military. So my question is; Is it possible to be waved?

    1. The US Marine Corps has worked hard to enlist & maintain highly qualified individuals within it’s ranks. We are not the most perfect organization in the world, but our problems are less than society as a whole. If I had to pick a college graduate or a High School graduate… I’m going with the one that chose a higher education & proven discipline for additional growht development. Likewise… when we look at potential applicants that have serious or minor infractions with the law, the one with the none wins. Since the US marine Corps has not had problems meeting its recruiting goals & filling its ranks, it continues to chose a better quality individual that is mentally, physically, educationally, and morally sound. True that some negative faults with a person happened in their juvenile years when perhaps that person was around poor influence & lacked mature judgement, however – some offenses we do not wish to waive; period! Crimes of a sexual nature are one of them. Obviously who you were then – may not be who you are now… but it is a rule we do not bend. We do wish you the best in your endeavours. Perhaps another service may consider you??? We have the greatest Army, Navy, & Air Force in the world you know!

  239. My ex-boyfriend/friend is thinking of joining the marines. I don’t feel too strongly about his choice, but I will support him although I do not think he qualifies to join. He is suffering from depression and is going to counseling for it. He was taking medication but he took himself off of it cold turkey. He still struggles with depression even though he won’t tell anyone. He also has a heart condition called syncope (sp?) And he gets light headed and dizzy frequently and has fainted from it. Does he qualify? I don’t want him to join and then be turned away.

    1. Some prescribed drug use must not have been taken for over a year before one is eligible for enlistment. Additionally – counseling records must be made available as well. And although I’m not a doctor, I’ve screened enough potential Marines that if one came to me with a bad heart, he’s not going further with me to consider joining. Marine bootcamp is vigorous!!! Demanding!!! Bad hearts don’t do well there. I’d disqualify him. If he’s insistant, then we get the medical records & let the MEPS doctor decide. As for him choice on the Marines, though… I’d have to disagree with you. I think it’s a great choice!

      1. ok, im not going to tell you what you want to hear but the odds are highly against him, heart problems are almost 100 percent a dissmissal and if he lies and they find out he will be dishonorably discharged, and on the papers he will fill out he will haveto write all that stuff down and either initial by it or fingerprint it.

  240. i had went to MEPS and got disqualified for telling them i HAD asthma and grow out of it they asked when was the last time i had a asthma attack in the past years but during this the said “every thing your telling us the truth known to MY knowledge” and i told them i think i had a asthma attack in the past years when in fact i didnt i went to my doctor and a specalist had a note writen out and gave it to my recruiter to sent it out it has been aroud 4 months already since me sending it out

      1. Asthma is a disqualifier. Asthma like symptoms usually are not. A note from the doctor and/or specialist helps… not to mention all your medical records since birth so the MEPS physician can be sure. Sometimes the MEPS send you out for a consult to a specialist (on the Marine Corps dime) to make sure. But if the recruiter isn’t jumping on the chance to process you when you have a doctor’s note saying your do not have Asthma or another breathing condition… then that leads me to believe you are disqualified for some other reason & the recruiter just isn’t telling you why. Did you do drugs???, 1 too many parking tickets??? Low ASVAB score??? Only a GED vice a HS Diploma??? There’s another reason for his absence.

  241. My son is in 8th grade and will be attending high school next year. He is very adement about joing the marines after high shool. He plans on being in the ROTC program. I am request as much information as you guys have to offer for him at this age. He has told me this for years now and I want to support him. Is it to soon for him to talk to recruiters so he can be prepared when he is able to join?

    1. Hello! Congrats to both you and your son. He absolutely can go ahead and talk to a recruiter because they can give him lots of great information on what to expect and how to prepare. It wouldn’t hurt to have him talk to other recruiters from other branches as well, that way he can get a less biased opinion. This website is not affiliated with the Marine recruiting program however, so you should contact the recruit station nearest to where you live and ask them if they can send something out in the mail and/or meet with you.

      1. seen this kid a million times when I was on the streets recruiting! And I ad “kudos” the parents who are so supportive of their family & the military. Thanks. When the young man is a sophmore is a good time to kick the tires of the military. Let him have a chance to have a girlfriend and change what he’s like to do in his life first. He’ll see the recruiter at high school visits when the recruiter hands out pamphlets at lunch. Maybe he’ll see the recruiter at a school function or in the hallway & can approach him them. They’ll be pamphlets in the counselors office, too. But 8th grad is too young to have a discussion with a recruiter. (But do stop by the office & get a bumper sticker, key chain, or sports bottle…) To be honest in the explanation… the recruiter has to go thru thousands of people each month to find that one or two people who are ready (and qualified) to join the Marines. That task alone takes 25 hours to complete and we only have 24 hours in a day… so the recruiter (without being rude to you or your son) won’t have but a minute to be friendly & talk. When he is a junior in high school the recruiter will have his eyes & ears open for those interested in serving. And as soon as the school considers your son a High School Senior I guarantee the recruiter will be highly interested in giving your son & yourself all the time in the world. And let me say again… it is always a pleasure to meet a parent who is so open to supporting the consideration of their child to serve their country. God bless!

        1. I am raising 4 kids with one on the way right now, I strongly encourage my kids to join the military. My 14 year old son is currently in JROTC program and in the 9th grade. Talking to a recruiter is not in his best interest yet as the above person mentioned but it really did come out kinda heartless. They are very busy and all but mostly your son will change between now and then so the best support you can give is to do the research yourself or with him online and make sure to guide him to the right choices until he is in his junior or senior year. Make sure he understands the importance of avoiding drugs and alcohol and any kind of police record as well as tattos and such. The Marines are the elite of the military and they are held to the most extreme honor code. It is part of what makes them the best of the best and the most respectable branch by far. It truely is an honor to be a part of this group. Make sure he understands early what the honor code is and how to apply it to every aspect of his life starting now and it will make it much easier for him to get in in the future as he will have a leg up already. God bless our Marines, those who have paid the ultimate price for us all and those still fighting for us.

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