Denver MEPS Station

Denver Military Entrance Processing (MEPS)

The purpose of the military entrance processing (MEPS) station is to check a potential Marine recruit’s aptitude for service in the armed forces in general, and the USMC specifically. Young people that want to join the Marine Corps must pass physical tests that are required for all people serving in the military and they must pass specific physical requirements of the Marine Corps itself. At MEPS, they also do all sorts of background screenings and mental health tests and a bunch of evaluations to make sure that you can handle the stress of military life.

In Denver, anyone interested in joining the Marines will probably pass through the New Customs House. It has been the home of the Denver MEPS since the mid-1950’s (although it used to be called the “Armed Forces Examining and Entrance Station, AFEES for short. This was when it was part of the Army Recruiting Command). In the 90’s, the New Custom House was renovated. It’s now one of the nicest MEPS stations in the US, which has a total of 65 stations nationwide. The Denver Meps Station also houses the USMEPCOM, a Department of Defense (DOD) Agency.

Denver MEPS Address and Phone Number

721 19TH Street
Suite 275
Denver, CO 80202-2515
Phone: (303) 623-1020 ext. 223
Fax: (303) 623-5506

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