Gas Chamber Training Boot Camp Video

Within the first few weeks of boot camp, USMC recruits will learn how to rely on their gas masks and will go into a gas chamber. It’s not a particularly pleasant experience, but it is not deadly and teaches recruits how to avoid panic in the chance that they may have to serve in an environment with hazardous materials.

Watch Marine Recruits Train In The Gas Chamber At Boot Camp

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  1. I remembering being in bootcamp going into the gas chamber and it really seemed like it depended on how well your group did as a team on how long you are in there. Although they made us do jumping jack/side straddle hops and mountain climbers which made us start to sweat opening up our pours which caused the gas to burn even more. So my advice is to dont freak out because the gas does burn and it makes you choke eyes burn bad and could cause some to freak out and puke, but just relax and have mental toughness you will be out of there soon. This training really did not teach me much other than to just get through it! I served as a front-line troop in desert storm and was in mop level 4(gas mask full chemical gear) alot because saddam was shooting chemical weapons toward our positions, but the gas chamber did not prepare me for that at all. It is just another head game training that is required to become a Marine. Mental toughness is the key to all of it!

    Semper Fi

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