First Female Marine

There are reports that the first female Marine cfl Jerseys winnipeg did not serve openly as a female, but was actually disguised as a man. According cfl Jersey store to legend, Lucy Brewer served in the War of 1812 aboard the USS Constitution, although it is rumored that a young Massachusetts writer named Nathaniel Hill Wright created Lucy as a pen name and then wrote a series of narratives originally titled “The Adventures of Lucy Brewer”.

Whether Lucy Brewer was technically the first female Marine or not, it wouldn’t be for another 100 years before any female Wholesale CFL Jerseys could openly, officially serve in the United States Marine Corps, and even then, the positions that women were allowed cfl Jerseys vancouver to serve in were very limited and only clerical in nature.

The first recognized female Marine was Opha M. Johnson who enlisted on August 13, 1918, the day after the Secretary of the Navy granted authority for women to enlist in the Marine Corps Reserve. World War I saw 305 female Marines serving. At that time, there was a military propaganda campaign that showed a now famous Marine Corps poster encouraging women to serve to “free a man to fight”, doug flutie cfl Jerseys meaning that women could perform clerical duties that would allow the Corps to use their male Marines for battlefield positions.

First Female Marine? Lucy Brewer

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  1. Why is it so hard for females to become marines now? It is a very disheartening and constant uphill struggle; especially from male marines Recruiters and Pooles.

    Sincerely, motivated young lady trying to be her uncle’s modern age mulan

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