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Marine Corps Intelligence MOS

02 Intelligence

MOS 0200 – Basic Intelligence Marine

Gunnery Sergeant-Private

Marines interested in intelligence will specialize in the analysis, counterintelligence, and other intel-related jobs. Marines enter the intel field in MOS 0231 (Intelligence Specialist) or MOS 0261 (Geographic Intelligence Specialist). MOS 2017 cincinnati bengals Jerseys 0211 (Counterintelligence/HUMINT Specialist) or 0241 (Imagery Interpreter) is accomplished by lateral move. All Marines entering the intelligence field will get training in 0200 Basic Intelligence.

Requirements for Marine Corps Intelligence: Must complete a single scope background investigation (SSBI).

MOS 0202 – Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Intelligence Officer

If you want to be an Intelligence Officer in the USMC, then your duties include advising and assisting the commander in carrying out intelligence operations. Intelligence officers are involved in creating policies, making plans, and other duties related to carrying out those intelligence operations. At times, Intelligence Officers fill billets youth cincinnati bengals Jerseys as Battalion or Company Commanders in the Intel, Radio Recon Battalians. They may also server in the Special Ops Command. They are responsible for the discipline and welfare of Marines under their leadership and such responsibilities include evaluating intelligence, , assessing the operational situation, and ensuring the unit’s communication capabilities.

Requirements to be a Marine Intelligence Officer: Must be a US Citizen, pass security clearance, must have a DLAB test score on file, complete the MAGTF Intelligence Officer Course from the Navy and Marine Intelligence Training Center (NMITC) in Dam Neck, VA.

MOS 0203: Ground Intelligence Officer

(Captain to 2nd Lieutenant)

Ground intelligence officers start out as scout sniper platoon commanders. A Marine Ground Intelligence Officer analyze intelligence and the planning, deployment and tactical operations of ground surveillance and recon units. They are also responsible for their unit’s communications capabilities, operational logistics and maintenance.

Requirements to be a USMC Ground Intelligence Officer: You must be a US citizen. Must pass security clearance. Your application SSBi (Single Scope Background Investigation) must be submitted prior to attending the Ground Intelligence Officer’s Course at NMITC in Dam Neck, VA. Must be a male lieutenant to be assigned this as a primary MOS. Must have a Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB) test on file. Must complete the Infantry Officer Course (IOC) and the Scout Sniper Platoon Commander’s Course (SSPCC) at Quantico, VA, as well as the Ground Intelligence Officer’s Course (GIOC) at the Navy Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center in Dam Neck, VA. Marines wanting to be a part of MOS 0203 will also need to complete the Basic Intelligence Officer Course (BIOC).

MOS 0204: Counterintelligence (CI) / Human Source Intelligence (HUMINT) Officer

(Captain to 2nd Lieutenant)

Marines in the Human Intelligence MOS engage in some human intelligence collection for the Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF). Human Intelligence means intel dervied from human sources, often through interrogation and clandestine sources. Counterintelligence activities are meant to prevent non-friendly sources from obtaining info on US operations. MOS 0204 is involved in many legal and liasion issues as well. To be an effective Counterintelligence of Human Intel Officer, you must possess excellent “people skills”. MOS 0204 requires the ability to build and maintain contacts.

Requirements to be a USMC Counterintelligence / Human Intelligence Officer: Must be a US citizen, pass security clearance, must have a DLAB test on file. Must complete the MAGTF/CI HUMINT Basic Course at Navy Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center, must submit to a polygraph test and must complete the Basic Intelligence Officer Course (BIOC).

MOS 0205: Senior All-Source Intelligence Analysis Officer

Senior all-source intel analysis officers plan parts of the intelligence cycle. They oversee analysis over terrain, weather, threats, cultural issues, infrastructure, economic, geopolitical and targeting.

Requirements to be A USMC Senior All-Source Intelligence Analysis Officer: Must pass a special background investigation, have previously served in MOS’s 0231, 0241, 0261 cincinnati bengals Jersey cake or 2629. You must also complete the Marine Corps Intelligence Analysis Career Course
(MIACC) at NMITC in Dam Neck, Virginia.

MOS 0206: Signals Intelligence / Ground Electronic Warfare Officer

Signals Intelligence (SigInt) Officers / Ground Electronic Warfare Officers use field skills and technical knowledge in a physically and mentally challenging job. It is an officer position that provides a chance to lead some of the Marine Corps most brilliant-minded Marines. It involves a lot of technical know-how and you will be taught communications theory and LAN/WAN basics that are not taught at Officers’ boys cincinnati bengals Jersey School. It is a job that requires the ability to live in the field, while also being able to effectively communicate with top-level military personnel.

Requirements to be a USMC Signals Intelligence Officer or Ground Electronic Warfare Officer: Must be a US citizen, pass security clearances, must have a DLAB test on file, must complete the Signals Intelligence Officer Basic Course (SIOC) at the Navy Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center (NMITC) in Dam Neck, VA. Marines must also complete the Basic Intelligence Officers Course (BIOC).

MOS 0207: Air Intelligence Officer

Air intelligence wholesale cincinnati bengals Jerseys custom officers perform intelligence billets within the air wing. Billets include targeting officer, collections officer, dissemination officer, S-2 officer of a fixed-wing or rotary wing squadron, and intelligence officer at an intelligence battalion.

Requirements to be a USMC air intelligence officer: Must be a US citizen, must pass top-secret security clearance, must have a DLAB test score on file, must be a lieutenant to be assigned as a primary MOS, must complete the Air Intelligence Officer Course (AIOC) and the Basic Intelligence Officers Course (BIOC).

0210 Counterintelligence/HUMINT Specialist

Counterintelligence officer officers require extensive technical knowledge to plan, direct, lead and execute CI and HUMINTintel operations. they support the commander’s operations and provide counterintelligence support to HUMINT operations. Counterintel specialists advise commanders on enemy counterintelligence activities.

Requirements to be a USMC Counterintelligence Specialist: Must pass top-secret security clearance, must hold PMOS 0211 with two years of experience in mos 0211, must be a US citizen and must be willing to submit to a polygraph test.

0212 Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Specialist – MSGT-SGT

0231 Intelligence Specialist – MSGT-PVT

0241 Imagery Analysis Specialist – MSGT-SGT

0251 Interrogator/Debriefer – MSGT-CPL (No longer assigned)

0261 Geographic Intelligence Specialist – MSGT-PVT

0282 Tactical Debriefer (TD) (FMOS)

0283 Advanced Foreign Counterintelligence Specialist (AFCS)

0287 Military Source Operations Specialist (MSOS) (FMOS)

0289 Strategic Debriefing Specialist (SDS) (FMOS)

0291 Intelligence Chief (PMOS)

0293 Advanced Military Source Operations Specialist (AMSOS)

0291 Intelligence Chief – MGYSGT

Enlisted Marine Corps MOS | Personnel, Intelligence, Infantry

When enlisting in the Marine Corps, you will have the opportunity to apply for your choice of an chicago bears Jerseys 2017 MOS, which stands for Military Occupation Specialty. You may not get the MOS you choose and you may not be eligible for a few of them, but the Corps does generally speaking attempt to get you into the MOS that you want to be in. During their military careers, many Marines have more than one MOS. MOS’s are identified by a four digit code. The first two digits designate a specific occupation field (OccFlds) and the last two digits identify specific jobs.

01 Personnel & Administration

The personnel & administration Marine Occupational Field involves administrative and clerical duties. This includes postal service. To qualify, you must be qualified in basic clerical skills including typing and communications. Often, these jobs involve record keeping and filing jobs management. Recruits entering this field will receive basic administration Marine training before going on to a more specialized billet.

0100 Basic Administrative Marine: GySgt – Pvt

0121 Personnel Clerks: Sgt-Pvt

Job Description: Personnel clerks are responsible for personnel and general administrative duties. This job includes using information systems to prepare and maintain documents and records and audit pay and personnel information.

Job Requirements: GT Chicago Bears Jersey Score of at least 100, completion of Personnel Clerk Course or demonstration of satisfactory performance on VIOJT, must be able to type minimum of 25wpm.

0111 Administrative Specialist

Pvt to MGySgt (Private to Master Gunnery Sergeant)

In June 2010, MOS 0121, 0151 AND 0193 merged into the new MOS 0111. MOS 0121 was the “Personnel Clerk”. MOS 0151 was the “Administrative Clerk” and MOS 0193 was the “Personnel/Administrative Chief.”

MOS 0149 – Substance Abuse Control Specialist: MGySgt – SSgt

Master Gunnery Sergeant to Staff Sergeant

In the USMC, MOS 0149 are the substance abuse control specialists. They run substance abuse education & prevention programs, perform urinalysis screening and other substance abuse related matters.

MOS 0149 Requirements: You should have 6 months experience in a full-time or additional duty substance abuse prevention billet. You’ll need to complete the Unit Substance Abuse Program Management Course.

MOS 0160 – Postal Officer: CWO-WO

Chief Warrant Officer – Warrant Officer

Postal officers manage the postal operations at various installations and commands. They make sure that the Official Mail Cost Control Program (OMCCP) works. One of the responsibilities is to represent the commanding officer to the other services, tenant activities, the DOD, and the US Postal Service.

MOS 0160 Requirements: Must have security clearance, experience as a postal clerk (MOS 0161) and have a clean record. You must complete the Postal Operation and Supervisors courses at Fort Jackson, SC.

MOS 0170 – Personnel Officer: CWO5-WO

Chief Warrant Officer 5 – Warrant Officer

Personnel Officers supervise and manage an admin office’s personnel matters functioning as a supervisor, Coordinator and administrator of manpower, personnel and pay info. Personnel Officers are responsible for being knowledgeable on the specific job duties of MOS’s 0121, 0151, 0171 and 0193. If you Choose this MOS, you will advise on matters related to personal affairs, benefits and privileges.

MOS 0170 Requirements: Must Complete the Advanced Personnel Administration Course (APAC) Conducted at Camp Lejeune, NC -OR- have 3 years of experience in a personnel admin center with the rank of sergeant or higher.

MOS 0171 – Manpower Information Systems (MIS) Analyst

Master Gunnery Sergeant to Corporal | MGySgt – Cpl

Manpower information system analysts manage a region’s fielded Manpower Information chicago bears Jersey toddler Systems. Marines in MOS 0171 performs management for the Marines Corps Total Force System (MCTFS). They help manage records and reports within the MCTFS, the Diary/Marine Integrated Personnel System (UD/MIPS), the On-line Diary System (OLDS), SABRS Manpower Analytical Retrieval Tool System (SMARTS), and other automated manpower information systems.

The MCTFS manages personnel and pay data.

Requirements for MOS 0171: You must a year of OJT in a Manpower Information System Support Office (MISSO) with chicago bears Jersey for dogs approval of the officer in Charge of the MISSO and CMC (MIO).

Visit MISSA/MISSO online.

MOS 0180 – Adjutant: LtCol to 2ndLt

Lieutenant Colonel to 2nd Lieutenant

A USMC adjutant Cheap Chicago Bears Jerseys Coordinates administrative matters of internal staff sections and external agencies at the staff level. They supervise policies, receive and route correspondence, handle and protect Classified materials, prepare responses for special Correspondence and additional responsibilities. Marine adjutant’s are often responsible for Casualty reporting, awards and decorations, fitness reports, legal matters and postal responsibilities.

MOS 0180 Requirements: Must Complete the Adjutant Course at Camp Lejeune, NC.

03 Infantry

0300 Basic Infantryman – SGT-PVT

0311 Rifleman – SGT-PVT

0312 Riverine Assault Craft Crewman

0313 LAV Crewman – SGT-PVT

0314 Rigid Raiding Craft (RRC) Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) Coxswain (FMOS)

0316 Combat Rubber Reconnaissance Craft Coxswain (NMOS)

0317 Scout Sniper – GYSGT-LCPL1 [formerly 8541]

0321 Reconnaissance Man – MGYSGT-PVT

0323 Reconnaissance Man, Parachute Qualified (NMOS) [formerly 8652]

0324 Reconnaissance Man, Combatant Diver Qualified (NMOS) [formerly 8653]

0326 Reconnaissance Man, Parachute and Combatant Diver Qualified (NMOS) [formerly 8654]

0331 Machine Gunner – SGT-PVT

0341 Mortarman – SGT-PVT

0351 Infantry Assaultman – SGT-PVT

0352 Anti-tank Missileman – SGT-PVT

0369 Infantry Unit Leader – MGYSGT-SSGT